Baby stick out tongue while eating

Baby sticking out tongue does that mean he's hungry?


good morning dear team,
My baby 7 weeks, coming Friday 8 weeks old, after swtillen, sticks out his tongue as if it was still out. Does it mean he is still hungry or does he just want to suckle z. b. on a pacifier?
can it also be that he sticks his tongue out again an hour after breastfeeding?

by nick08092011 on October 18, 2011, 9:15 am


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Baby sticking out tongue does that mean he's hungry?

Dear nick08092011,

this does not have to automatically indicate a problem and even after the first four weeks it is no longer a reliable sign of hunger when the child begins to put his fingers or hand in his mouth or to play with his tongue. The baby then begins to perceive and explore itself and its surroundings and the mouth is a very important organ when it comes to exploring and understanding.

List a baby's signs of hunger:
o sucking movements
o suction noises
o Licking lips
o stick out your tongue
o Rapid movements of the eyes
o Turning the head back and forth (searching movements)
o restlessness
in newborns it is also a sign of hunger when they put their hand to their mouth, later
However, if this is no longer a sign of hunger, since then the coordination of eye and hand is practiced

But it is also possible that the child is actually hungry!
Such a small baby wants an average of eight to twelve times in a 24-hour period. Breast milk is digested within 60 to 90 minutes and a baby's body is prepared for frequent meals. It is not always the case that a child drinks quickly for twenty minutes and then moves the next time after three hours; instead, there are repeated episodes of silence that go like this: the child drinks for a short while, stops, dozes maybe even away and start drinking again, etc. This cluster feeding is absolutely normal for small babies and especially in the late afternoon and evening such cluster phases occur more frequently.
From a purely scientific point of view, your baby stimulates your prolactin secretion through the breastfeeding marathon and thus ensures that milk production is stimulated and enough milk is available for the child.

You can tell whether your child is thriving in a fully breastfed baby by the following signs:

o Has at least five to six wet disposable diapers (to see how wet "wet" is, you can put six tablespoons of water on a dry diaper). However, this rule only applies to fully breastfed children, i.e. the baby does not get anything except breast milk (no water, tea, juice, etc.).
o At least two to four bowel movements per day for the first six weeks (later bowel movements less frequently are normal)
o an average weekly weight gain of at least 110 g per week based on the lowest weight (the average weight gain decreases with age),
o a good skin color and firm skin,
o Growth in length and increase in head circumference
o an alert and lively behavior of the baby during the waking phases.

As long as these criteria are met, everything should be fine.

LL Greetings
Biggi Welter

by Biggi Welter, lactation consultant on October 18, 2011

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