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Index to Other Wars and Battles Combatants

& nbspGilmour, Alexander, of Craigmil (1758)
& nbspJackson, John Montresor, 6th Bt
& nbspPizey, Mark
& nbspPrice, Vivian Franklin Lyon Ro (1909-1914)
& nbspPrice, Vivian Franklin Lyon Ro (1903)
& nbspRamsden, William Havelock Chap (1939), he was mentioned in despatches
& nbspSivewright, George Vivian

100 Years War
& nbspWorsley, Geoffrey

1641 Uprising in Ireland
& nbspMassy, ​​Hugh (1641), which he helped to put down

1715 Uprising
& nbspCongalton, Alexander (1715), for the Jacobites
& nbspHaldane, John, 2nd of Lanrick (1715)

1745 Uprising
& nbspHaldane, Alexander (1745), after which he escaped to the Continent
& nbspHaldane, George (1745), against the Jacobites
& nbspHaldane, John, 2nd of Lanrick (1745)
& nbspMacdonald, John, 8th of Morar (1745)

1st Seige of Limerick
& nbspBlakeney, Robert, during which he was wounded

2nd Anglo-Chinese War
& nbspHamilton, John Fane Charles (1856)

Abor expedition
Becher, Henry Sullivan (1911-1912)
& nbspCave-Browne, William (1911-1912), where he was mentioned in despatches
& nbspCourcy, Michael William Robert (1911-1912), where he was mentioned in despatches
& nbspMolesworth, Alec Lindsay Morti (1911-1912), where he was mentioned in despatches

Abyssinian Campaign
& nbspBagenal, Beauchamp Frederick (1868)
& nbspChapman, Edward Francis (1867-1868)
& nbspHughes-Young, Michael Henry Co
& nbspJohnstone, John Douglas
& nbspKnox, William George

Abyssinian expedition
& nbspCampbell, Alexander
& nbspGoring, Craven Charles, 10th Bt (1868)
& nbspNapier, Robert Cornelis, 1st Ba (1867), as commander
& nbspWyndham-Quin, Windham Thomas, 4th

Abyssinian War
& nbspBoughey, William Fletcher, 6th
& nbspHogg, Adam George Forbes (1867-1867)
& nbspHozier, Henry Montague
& nbspRoberts, Frederick Sleigh, 1st (1868)
& nbspSt. John, Oliver Beauchamp Cov (1867-1868)
& nbspThesiger, Frederick Augustus, 2 (1867-1868)

Aden Campaign
& nbspAylmer, John Anthony (1966-1967)
& nbspCarleton Paget, David Derek By (1965-1966)
& nbspClark, Hamish Douglas (1967), where he was mentioned in despatches
& nbspClark, Hugh Lothian (1967)
& nbspClark, Ian Campbell
& nbspDarling, Peter Henry (1967)
& nbspGregory-Hood, Charles Hugh (1904)
& nbspHill, Rowland Clement Ridley (1904)
& nbspWright, John Graham (1962-1963)

Aden hinterland operations
& nbspDobbs, Charles Fairlie (1903-1904)
& nbspMaunsell, Edward Charles Cecil (1903-1904)

Admiral of the Fleet
& nbspBeauchamp, Thomas, 11th Earl of (b Mar 1353), from the mouth of the Thames towards the West
& nbspBeauchamp, Thomas, 12th Earl of (1377), towards the North

African Coast campaign
& nbspSeymour, Edward Hobart (1870), where he was wounded

Afridi expedition
& nbspMethuen, Paul Sanford, 3rd Baro (1897)

Afridi's expedition
& nbspCampbell, Edward Fitzgerald, 2n (1850)

Aghan War
& nbspFoley, Algernon Campbell

Akha expedition
& nbspCubitt, William George, V.C. (1883-1884)
& nbspSale-Hill, Rowley

Akha, Abor and Mishmi Expeditions
& nbspMolesworth, Edward Hogarth

Albanian Campaign
Gotti, Enrico

Algerian expedition
& nbspOrléans, Louis Charles Philipp (1836-1841)

Algerian War
Orléans, François Gaston Miche (1960)

Ambeyla Expedition
& nbspBrownlow, George Henry (1863)

American War
& nbspMacdonald, Alexander
& nbspMacdonald, Alexander, in Butler's Rangers
& nbsp Macdonald, Allan, 4th of Culach
Macdonald, Donald
Macdonald, Hector
& nbspMacdonnell, John Æneas, 5th of

American War of Indepence
& nbspFinch, George, 9th Earl of Winc

Americna War of Independence
& nbspMurray-Pulteney, James, of Dune (1775)

Anglo-Persian War
& nbspAshburner, William (1856)

Anglo-Zanzibar War
& nbspRaikes, Arthur Edward Harringt (1896)

Arab Rebellion in Iraq
& nbspEustace, John Patrick Leonard (1920)

Arbor expedition
& nbspBirdwood, Gordon Travers, where he was mentioned in despatches
& nbspDuff-Sutherland Dunbar, George, where he was mentioned in despatches

Archangel Campaign
& nbspMeade, John Windham (1919)
& nbspYoung, Edward Hilton, 1st Baron, where he was commander of an armored train

Archangel Expedition
& nbspListon Foulis, George Herbert (1918-1919)

Armeno-Russian War
& nbsp Baldwin, Oliver Ridsdale, 2nd E (1921), where he was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks and Turks

Armeno-Turkish War
& nbspBaldwin, Oliver Ridsdale, 2nd E (1920)

Aro and Niger Expeditions
& nbspD'Oyly, Warren Hastings (1902), where he was mentioned in despatches

Ashnati Campaign
& nbspFremantle, Edmund Robert (1873-1874), where he was severely wounded
& nbspWood, Henry John Lindley (1874)

Assault on Gwalior
Rose, Wellington (19 Jun 1858), when his kinsman Sir Hugh Rose, afterwards FM Lord Strathnairn, took that fortress

Atbara Campaign
& nbspMaitland, Alfred Henry

Attack on the North Fort of Mocha
Atkinson, Robert Gordon (4 Dec 1820)

Austrian War
& nbspSt. John-Mildmay, Edmund Henry (1869)

Austrian-Prussian War
& nbspO'Donell, Henry, Count O'Donell (1866)

Austro-Italian War
& nbspVansittart, Nicholas (1849)

Austro-Prussian War
& nbspBeamish-Bernard, George Adderl (1866)
& nbspHozier, Henry Montague (1866), attached to the Prussian Army

Azores expedition
& nbspHoward, Thomas, 1st Earl of Suf (1597), as Vice-Admiral

Balkan War
& nbspMartin-Leake, Arthur, V.C. and (1912-1913)

Baltic Campaign
& nbspTowry-Law, Edward Downes, 5th B (1855)

Baltic expedition
& nbspChatfield, Alfred John (1854)
& nbspRodney, Lennox George (1855)

Baluchistan Campaign
& nbspLegh, Hubert Cornwall (1882)

Baron's War
& nbspLucy, Fouk

Barrosa Heights
& nbspTalbot, John Malpas (1811), where he was wounded

Basuto Campaign
& nbspMunro, Hugh Thomas, of Linderti (1880-1881)
& nbspWavell, Archibald Graham (1880-1881)

Basuto was
& nbspHartley, Edmund Baron, V.C. (1879)
& nbspRobinson, Joseph Benjamin, 1st

Batlic Campaign
& nbspSeymour, William Frederick Ern (1854)

Battel of Zutphen
& nbspWingfield, John (1586)

Battle at Leimaneich
& nbsp Báetán II, High King of Irela (586)

Battle at New Ross
& nbspHarvey, Beauchamp Bagenal (5 Jun 1798)

Battle near lounger
& nbspDouglas, Charles, 2nd Earl of S (1695), where he was wounded by a stone splinter in the head

Battle of Solway Moss
& nbspMackay, Donald, of Strathnaver (1542), following which King James V granted him various lands

Battle of Aboukir
& nbspLudlow, George James, 3rd Earl (1801)

Battle of Abu Klea
& nbspBurnaby, Frederick Gustavus An (17 Jan 1885)

Battle of Acre
& nbspFurnivalle, Gerard (1191)

Battle of Adowa
Baudoin, Giuseppe Antonio (1896)

Battle of Adwalton
& nbsp Cavendish, William, 1st Duke of (1643)

Battle of Agnadel
& nbspStuart, Robert, 5th Seigneur d '(1508)

Battle of Algers
& nbspPerceval, George James, 6th Ear, where he commanded H.M.S. Infernal, one of the bombs

Battle of Aljubarrota
& nbspPereira, Nuno Alvarez (14 Aug 1385), where he defeated the Spanish

Battle of Alkmaar
Balfour, John Edward Ligonier (19 Sep 1799)

Battle of Almanza
& nbspBarry, James, 4th Earl of Barry (25 Apr 1707), where he was taken prisoner
& nbspCarpenter, George, 1st Baron Ca (25 Apr 1707), where he helped to mitigate the English defeat
Erskine, Henry (14 Apr 1707)
& nbspFitzJames, James, 1st Duke of B (25 Apr 1707), where he defeated the Anglo-Portuguese army
& nbspKilligrew, Robert (25 Apr 1707)
Lindsay, James (1707)
Macdonald, Allan, 15th of Clanr (1707), where he was wounded
Ramsay, James (1707)

Battle of Almenara
& nbspCarpenter, George, 1st Baron Ca (27 Jul 1710), where he was severely wounded

Battle of Almernara
Nassau de Zuylestein, William, (27 Jul 1710)

Battle of Alost
William III 'Clito', Comte de (27 Jul 1128)

Battle of Alrgs
& nbspDunbar, Patrick, 6th Earl of Du (1263), as commander of a division of the Scottish army in the victory over Norsemen

Battle of Ancaster
& nbspWilloughby, Francis, 5th Baron (Jan 1643), where he defeated a royalist contingent

Battle of Annan
Balliol, Henry (16 Dec 1332)

Battle of Antietam
Beamish-Bernard, Richard

Battle of Antrim
& nbspMurray, John

Battle of Ardee
Muircheartach 'na Cochall Cr (Mar 943), against Blacar, King of Dublin

Battle of Ardnurcher
Butler, Thomas, 1st Baron Dunbo (10 Aug 1329)

Battle of Ardskull, County Kildare
Bruce, Edward, 1st Earl and las (Jan 20, 1316), where he defeated Edmund Butler, Justiciar

Battle of Arkinholm
Douglas, Archibald, Earl of Mor (1 May 1455)
& nbspDouglas, Hugh, 1st Earl of Ormo (1 May 1455), where he was captured by King James II of Scotland

Battle of Arluex
& nbspChurchill, John, 1st Duke of Ma (5 Aug 1711)

Battle of Ascalon
& nbspCourtenay, Josselin, Seneschal (1176), against Saladin

Battle of Assandun
& nbsp Edmund II 'Ironside', King of (18 Oct 1016), where he was defeated by Cnut
& nbspSveynsson, Canute II, King of E (18 Oct 1016), where he defeated King Edmund II

Battle of Asserghur
& nbspClarke, Marshal

Battle of Atbara
& nbspBeatty, David, 1st Earl Beatty
& nbspStewart-Murray, John George, 8t

Battle of Ath-dara
& nbsp Lóegaire, High King of Irelan (457), where he was captured by the Leinstermen

Battle of Athenry
& nbspBurgh, William, Liath Oughter (1316), which he won
& nbspTalbot, Richard fitz Milo

Battle of Aughrim
Bellew, John, 1st Baron Bellew (12 Jul 1691), where he was wounded and taken prisoner
Bellew, Walter, 2nd Baron Belle (12 Jul 1691), where he was severely wounded and taken prisoner
Bingham, Charles (22 Jul 1691)
& nbspBingham, George, 4th Bt. (1691), where he deserted from King James II's army
& nbspBourke, John, 9th Earl of Clanr (12 Jul 1691), where he was taken prisoner
Bourke, Ulick, 1st Viscount Gal (12 Jul 1691), in command of a Regiment of Foot for King James II
& nbspBrown, William
& nbspBrowne, Valentine, 3rd Bt. (12 Jul 1691), where he was taken prisoner by the English and Dutch forces
Burke, Ulick (Jul 12, 1691)
Butler, Edmond (Jul 12, 1691)
& nbspCreighton, Abraham (12 Jul 1691), where he commanded a Williamite regiment
& nbspCreighton, James (12 Jul 1691), as a Captain in his father's regiment
Dillon, Theobald, 7th Viscount (Jul 12, 1691)
& nbspFrench, John 'Tierna More' (1691), where he commanded a Williamite troop of Enniskillen Dragoons
Goulding, Richard (1691)
& nbsp Hamilton, Claud, 4th Earl of Ab (12 Jul 1691), where he commanded a regiment of horse
& nbspHamilton, George, 1st Earl of O (1691)
& nbspHamilton, John (12 Jul 1691), where he was wounded
Herbert, Charles (12 Aug 1691)
& nbspMacDermot, Hugh, where he was taken prisoner
O'Connell, Maurice (1691)
& nbspO'Donnell, Manus (1691)
O'Kelly, James (Jul 12, 1691)
& nbspO'Kelly, William (1691)
O'More, Charles (Jul 12, 1691)
& nbspO'Neill, Felix (1691)
& nbspO'Neill, Gordon (1691)
Osburn, unknown (Jul 12, 1691)
& nbspReede, Godard, 1st Earl of Athl (12 Jul 1691)
Talbot, James (Jul 12, 1691)

Battle of Auldearn
& nbspAbercromby, Alexander, of Birch

Battle of Austerlitz
& nbspJenkinson, Charles Cecil Cope, (1805), a volunteer with the Austrian Army
& nbspO'Reilly, Andrew (2 Dec 1805)

Battle of Avigliana
& nbspMontmorency, Henri II (1630)

Battle of Baesweiler
& nbspDampierre, Guillaume I, Comte d (1371)

Battle of Bantry Bay
& nbspHerbert, Arthur, 1st Earl of To (1 May 1689)

Battle of Bar-le-Duc
Dammartin, Manassès (15 Nov 1037)

Battle of Barfleur
& nbspWheler, Francis (1692)

Battle of Barossa
& nbspCathcart, Charles Murray, 2nd E (6 Apr 1812)
& nbspGough, Hugh, 1st Viscount Gough (5 Mar 1811)
& nbspRussell, George William

Battle of Bassein
Gordon, John James, 4th Bt. (1781)

Battle of Batoche
& nbspStraubenzee, Bowen

Battle of Bayonne
Shiffner, John Bridger (Apr 14, 1814)

Battle of Beachy Head
Fitzroy, Henry, 1st Duke of Gra (1690), where he distinguished himself
& nbspHerbert, Arthur, 1st Earl of To (30 Jun 1690)
& nbspWheler, Francis (1690)

Battle of Bealach-Nam-Brog
& nbspMunro, George, 10th of Foulis (1452)

Battle of Beaugré
& nbsp Carmichael, William, of Carmich (22 Mar 1421), on the French side, where he is supposed to killed the Duke of Clarence

Battle of Beaugé
& nbspFitzWalter, Walter, 7th Lord Fi (22 Mar 1421), where he was captured by the French
& nbsp Forbes, Alexander, 1st Lord For (1421), in the Scots contingent of the French Army
Gray, John, 1st Comte de Tancar (22 Mar 1421)
Lumley, John (22 Mar 1421)
& nbspRos, John, 7th Lord de Ros of H (22 Mar 1421)
Swinton, John, of that Ilk (22 Mar 1421), where he rode down and killed Thomas, Duke of Clarence

Battle of Beaumont
& nbspHanover, Frederick Augustus, 1s (26 Apr 1794), where he won a notable victory

Battle of Beaumont Hamel
& nbspMedlicott, Walter Barrington, where he was badly wounded

Battle of Beauvais
& nbspBeauchamp, Richard, 13th Earl o (1431)

Battle of Belgrade
& nbsp Taaffe, Nicholas, 6th Viscount (1738), against the Turks

Battle of Benburb
O'Donnell, Manus (1646)
& nbspO'Neill, Owen 'Roe' (1646), where he defeated the Scots in Ireland

Battle of Benburgh, County Tyrone
& nbspBlayney, Henry, 2nd Lord Blayne (5 Jun 1646)

Battle of Bergen
& nbspPercy, Hugh, 2nd Duke of Northu (Apr 1759)

Battle of Bergen op Zoom
& nbspCarmichael Smyth, James, 1st Bt, where he was commander Royal Engineers in Netherlands under Lord Lynedoch

Battle of Big Bethel
& nbspKilpatrick, Hugh Judson (10 Jun 1861)

Battle of Blackheath
& nbspBoleyn, Thomas, 1st and last Ea (1497), where he helped defeat the Cornish rebels
& nbspCourtenay, Edward, 1st and last (22 Jun 1497), against Perkin Warbeck's forces
& nbspFiennes, Thomas, 8th Lord Dacre (1497), where he helped defeat the Cornish rebels
& nbspGrey, George, 2nd Earl of Kent (1497), against the rebels
& nbspNeville, George, 3rd Lord Aberg (17 Jun 1497), against the Cornish Rebels
& nbspPaulet, John (1497), where he commanded King Henry VII's troops
& nbspPercy, Henry Algernon, 4th Earl (1497), where he helped suppress the uprising of Cornishmen
& nbsp Somerset, Charles, 1st Earl of (17 Jul 1497), where he was a Knight Banneret
& nbspStanhope, Edward (1497)
& nbspVere, John, 13th Earl of Oxford (1497)

Battle of Blackness
& nbspCuninghame, Alexander, 1st Earl, where he crushed an uprising against King James III
& nbspInnes, James, 12th of that Ilk (1488)

Battle of Blarnan leash
& nbsp Cameron, Ewen, of Lochiel, 13th, where he fought with Clanranald against the Frasers

Battle of Blenheim
& nbspAbercrombie, James, 1st Bt., as Aide-de-Camp to the Earl of Orkney
& nbspBlakeney, John
& nbsp Blakeney, William, 1st and last, during which he was wounded
& nbsp Blood, Holcroft, during which he commanded the artillery under Marlborough
& nbspBoileau, Charles, Seigneur de C (13 Aug 1704), where he commanded a core of French gentleman under the Duke of Marlborough
& nbspCadogan, William, 1st Earl Cado (1704)
& nbspChurchill, Charles
& nbspChurchill, John, 1st Duke of Ma (Aug 13, 1704), against the French, whom he soundly defeated
& nbspLigondes, unknown (1704), where he was captured and held prisoner in England
Maclaine, Charles (1704)
& nbspMordaunt, John, Lord Mordaunt (1704), where he was wounded
& nbspNorth, William, 6th Lord North (1704), where he lost his right hand
& nbspO'Brien, Charles (1703)
& nbspUssher, John

Battle of Bloody Bay
& nbspMaclean, Ewen, 2nd of Ardgour (1482)

Battle of Bloody Creek
Pigou, Pierre (1757)

Battle of Bologne
& nbspMacDonald, Alexander 'Both-fhl (1549)

Battle of Bordeaux
& nbspBasset, Ralph, 3rd Lord Basset (8 Jan 1356), in the army of the Black Prince

Battle of Borodino
Bagration, Peotr Ivanovich (12 Sep 1812)

Battle of Borough Muir
& nbspRamsay, Alexander, one of the Regent's chief commanders

Battle of Boroughbridge
& nbspBadlesmere, Bartholomew, 1st Lo (16 Mar 1322), where the rebellion was defeated
& nbspBeaumont, Henry, 1st Earl of Bu (16 Mar 1322)
& nbspBerkeley, Thomas, 3rd Lord Berk (16 Mar 1322), and was taken prisoner
& nbspBotetourt, John, 1st Lord Botet (16 Mar 1322), on the side of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster's rebels
& nbspBradeston, Thomas, 1st Lord Bra (16 Mar 1322)
& nbspBurghersh, Bartholomew, 1st Lor (16 Mar 1322), where he was taken prisoner, and later restored by Isabel, the Queen Consort
Camoys, Thomas, 2nd Lord Camoys (16 Mar 1322), with the barons opposed to King Edward II's favorites
& nbspClifford, Roger, 2nd Lord Cliff (16 Mar 1322), where he was taken prisoner, after joining Thomas, Earl of Lancaster's rebellion
& nbspClinton, John, 2nd Lord Clinton (16 Mar 1322), with the royal army which defeated King Edward II's cousin Thomas, Earl of Lancaster
& nbspCromwell, John, 1st and last Lo (Mar 1322), on King Edward II's side
& nbspDarcy, Norman, 2nd Lord Darcy (16 Mar 1322), where he was taken prisoner along with his father by King Edward II's forces
& nbspDarcy, Philip, 1st Lord Darcy (16 Mar 1322), where he was taken prisoner by King Edward II's forces
& nbspGoring, George, Lord Goring (Feb 1643), joint commander of the royalist forces
& nbspHarcla, Andrew, 1st and last Ea (16 Mar 1322), where he routed the insurgents, and took the Earl of Lancaster prisoner
& nbspHoland, Robert, 1st Lord Holand (Mar 1322)
& nbspHotham, John (16 Mar 1322)
& nbspLatimer, Warin (16 Mar 1322), against his cousin, William le Latimer, 1st / 2nd Baron Latimer of Corby
& nbspMowbray, John, 2nd Lord Mowbray (23 Mar 1322), where he was captured
& nbspNeville, John, Lord of Hornby (16 Mar 1322), where he was taken prisoner. He saved his life and lands by a fine of £ 500, of which he paid £ 50
& nbspTalbot, Gilbert, 1st Lord Talbo (Mar 1322)
& nbspVere, Thomas (Mar 1322)
& nbspZouche, Eon
& nbspZouche, William, 1st Lord Zouch (16 Mar 1322)

Battle of Boroughbridge
& nbspLatimer, William, 1st / 2nd Lord (16 Mar 1322), against his rebellious cousin, Thomas, Earl of Lancaster

Battle of Bothwell Bridge
& nbsp Gordon, Alexander, of Earlston (1679), after which he escaped to Holland
Gordon, William, of Earlston (Jun 22, 1679)
& nbspRamsay, William, 3rd Earl of Da (23 Dec 1679), where he was second in-charge of the Earl of Mar's Regiment

Battle of Bouchain
& nbspChurchill, John, 1st Duke of Ma (13 Sep 1711)

Battle of Boulogne
& nbspThrockmorton, Clement (1549), with distinction
& nbspThrockmorton, Nicholas (1549), with distinction

Battle of Bouvins
Courtenay, Philippe, Marquis de (1214)
& nbspCourtenay, Pierre II, Emperor o (1214)

Battle of Boyne
& nbspBlacker, William (1690)
& nbspBlood, Holcroft, during which he was wounded
& nbspDane, Paul (1690)

Battle of Bramdene
Stuart, John (29 Mar 1644)

Battle of Bramham Moor
Bardolf, Thomas, 5th Lord Bardo (19 Feb 1408), where he was defeated and mortally wounded

Battle of Brechin
& nbspBaillie, Alexander, of Dunain (1452), under his maternal cousin 1st Earl of Huntly
& nbsp Carnegie, Walter, of Kinnaird (May 18, 1452), with the Royalists against the Earl of Crawford
Gordon, Patrick, of Methlic and (18 May 1452)
& nbspIrvine, Robert (1452), the Royalist defeat of rebel earls
& nbspLindsay, Alexander, 4th Earl of (18 May 1452), where he was defeated by the Earl of Huntly, and was declared forfeit
& nbspOgilvy, Alexander
Seton, William, of Meldrum (May 1452), under his brother, the 1st Earl of Huntly

Battle of Brenneville
& nbspGiffard, Walter, 2nd Earl of Bu (1119)

Battle of Brooklyn
& nbspCoote, Eyre (27 Aug 1776), where he bore the 37th Regiment colors
& nbspMackintosh, Æneas, of Mackintos (1776)

Battle of Brunanburgh
Elfwine (937)
Ethelwine (937)

Battle of Brückmühle
Twisleton, John (21 Sep 1762)
& nbspTwisleton, Thomas, 7th Baron Sa (21 Sep 1762)

Battle of Bucharest
Gordon, David (24 Oct 1771)

Battle of Buda
& nbspForbes, Arthur, 2nd Earl of Gra (1686)

Battle of Buenos Aires
& nbspPersse, William (1807)

Battle of Bunas
& nbspBest, Thomas Charles Hardinge

Battle of Bunker's Hill
& nbsp Howe, William, 5th Viscount How, where he commanded the British troops

Battle of Boers
& nbspCathcart, William Schaw, 1st Ea (8 Jan 1795)

Battle of Byland
& nbspRandolph, Thomas, 1st Earl of M (1322)

Battle of Byland Abbey
& nbsp Cobham, Ralph, 1st Lord Cobham (14 Oct 1322), under the Earl of Richmond

Battle of Cadiz
& nbspWishart, James

Battle of Cagliari
& nbspBlakeney, George (1708)

Battle of Cailloch
& nbspMackintosh, Lachlan, of Gellovi (1441), where he was wounded
Mackintosh, Malcolm (1441)

Battle of Calcinato
& nbspO'Neill, Felix (1706)
& nbspVendôme, Louis Joseph, Duc de V (1706), where he defeated the Austrians

Battle of Caldiero
& nbspO'Reilly, Andrew (30 Oct 1805)

Battle of Callan
Barry, David (1261)

Battle of Cambrai
Caulfeild, Gordon (Nov 1917)
& nbspTuchet, James, 3rd Earl of Cast

Battle of Camden
& nbspCornwallis, Charles, 1st Marque (16 Aug 1780)
& nbspRawdon-Hastings, Francis, 1st M (16 Aug 1780), where he commanded a division

Battle of Camping
& nbspDawnay, Henry Pleydell, 3rd Vis (16 Oct 1760)

Battle of Camperdown
& nbspBlaquiere, Peter Boyle
& nbspDuncan, Adam, 1st Viscount Dunc (11 Oct 1797), defeating the Dutch fleet off Camperdown
& nbspFairfax, William George (11 Oct 1797)
& nbspOnslow, Richard, 1st Bt., as second in command
& nbspWestropp, Amos Freeman

Battle of Campo Santo
Bourke, Edward (7 Mar 1743)

Battle of Camposanto
& nbspO'Neill, Felix (1743)

Battle of Cape Francois
& nbspSuckling, Maurice (21 Oct 1757), where he defeated a larger French force

Battle of Cape Henry
Manners, Robert (5 Sep 1781)

Battle of Cape Pesaro
& nbspByng, George, 1st Viscount Torr (31 Jul 1718), where he defeated the Spanish fleet

Battle of Cape St Vincent
& nbspKnowles, Henry Charles, 2nd Bt. (1797)

Battle of Cape St. Vincent
& nbspAffleck, Edmund, 1st Bt (16 Jan 1780), where he distinguished himself
& nbspDown, Edward Augustus
& nbspManners, Robert (1779)
& nbspMcNamara, James (1797), as captain of H.M.S. Southampton
& nbspTroubridge, Thomas, 1st Bt.
& nbspWaldegrave, William, 1st Baron (14 Feb 1797)

Battle of Caprino Bergamasco
Visconti, Ambrogio (17 Aug 1373)

Battle of Carbisdale
Douglas, John (27 Apr 1650)

Battle of Carlaverock
& nbspBalliol, Alexander, 1st Lord Ba (1300)

Battle of Carlingford
& nbspSt. Lawrence, Christopher, 9th, where he commanded the rear of vanguard against the rebel Earl of Tyrine

Battle of Carlisle
& nbspDrummond, James, 3rd Duke of Pe

Battle of Carrickfergus
& nbspHart, Henry (1697)
& nbspMansfield, Charles (1596), after which he escaped
& nbspMaunsell, Rees (1596)

Battle of Cartagena
& nbspBeauclerk, Aubrey (24 Feb 1741)
& nbspBlakeney, George Augustus
& nbspOsborne, Henry (1757)

Battle of Castelnaudary
Bourbon, Antoine, Comte de More (1 Sep 1632)
& nbspMontmorency, Henri II (1 Sep 1632), where he was defeatd and captured

Battle of Castillon
& nbspHungerford, Robert, 3rd Lord Hu (1453), where he was taken prisoner

Battle of Castle Townsend
O'Donovan, Doughs (1660)

Battle of Cawnpore
& nbspHill, Arthur Blundell George S

Battle of Chancellorsville
Butler, Henry Blake

Battle of Charleston
Carden, John William (1781)

Battle of Chattanooga
& nbspGrant, Hiram Ulysses Simpson (Nov 1863)

Battle of Chesapeake Capes
& nbsp Graves, Thomas, 1st Lord Graves (5 Sep 1781), where he failed against de Grasse

Battle of Chesterfield
Ireton, Henry (1264), in the Baron's War between King Henry III and his nobility

Battle of Chilianwala
& nbspTennant, James, commander of artillery

Battle of Chillianwala
Manson, James Alexander (13 Jan 1849)

Battle of Cilluaindaighri
Brega, Fiann

Battle of Ciudad Rodrigo
& nbspDobbs, Joseph
Talbot, Neil (11 Jul 1810)

Battle of Claussen
& nbspLindsay, John, 20th Earl of Cra (17 Oct 1735), with the Imperial Army

Battle of Clifton Moor
& nbspBland, John

Battle of Cluantarbh
Murchad (23 Apr 1014)
Cennetig, Brian Bóruma, High Ki (23 Apr 1014), against the Danes

Battle of Cocherel
Brienne, Louis II, Viscount de B (6 May 1364)

Battle of Colenso
& nbspCharley, John Francis William (15 Dec 1899), where he was mortally wounded leading his regiment
& nbspLong, Charles James (1899)
Roberts, Frederick Hugh Sherst (17 Dec 1899)

Battle of Collin
Talbot, Nicholas (Jun 18 1757)

Battle of Consuegra
Díaz de Vivar, Diego Rodriguez (15 Aug 1097)

Battle of Conyers
& nbspBruce, Edward, 1st Earl and las (10 Sep 1315), where he defeated the Earl of Ulster

Battle of Cork
& nbspRycaut, Philip (1690), where he was captured

Battle of Coronel
Gaskell, Gerald Bruce (Nov 1, 1914)
Straubenzee, Percival (Nov 1914)

Battle of Corriche
& nbspStewart, John, 4th Earl of Atho (1562)

Battle of Corrichie
Macpherson, Donald 'Og', 6th Ch (28 Oct 1562)
& nbspStewart, James, 1st Earl of Mor, where he commanded Mary Queen of Scots forces to victory

Battle of Coruna
& nbspDisney, Moore (1809)

Battle of Coteau
Mansel, John (25 Apr 1794)

Battle of Crecy
& nbspBeauchamp, Thomas, 11th Earl of (1346)
& nbspFurnivalle, Thomas, 3rd Baron F (1346)
& nbspGruffudd, Hywel y Fwyall (26 Aug 1346)
Harcourt, Jean IV, seigneur de (1346)
& nbspHoland, Thomas, 1st Earl of Ken (1346)
& nbspMontmorency, Charles, seigneur (1346)
& nbspOglander, Henry (1315)
& nbspPercy, Henry, 3rd Lord Percy (1346)
& nbspSeymour, Nicholas, 2nd Lord St. (1346)
Valois, Charles II, Comte d'Ale (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspWilloughby, John, 2nd Lord Will (1346)
& nbspZouche, Alan (1346)

Battle of Crete
Acheson, Nicholas Archibald Ed
& nbspPack-Beresford, Denis John
Wuthenau, Carl Adam

Battle of Cropedy Bridge
& nbspCornwallis, Frederick, 1st Baro (30 Jun 1644)

Battle of Crown Point
& nbspBlakeney, John

Battle of Crecy
Rudolf, Duc de Lorraine (28 Aug 1346)
& nbspAnyers, Thomas (1346)
& nbspBagot, John (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspBasset, Ralph, 1st Lord Basset (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspBeauchamp, John, 1st Lord Beauc (26 Aug 1346), where he carried the Standard royal
& nbspBerkeley, Maurice (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspBermingham, Fulk (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspBourchier, Robert, 1st Baron Bo (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspBrereton, William (1346)
& nbspBurghersh, Bartholomew, 1st Lor (25 Aug 1346)
& nbspBurghersh, Bartholomew, 2nd Lor (25 Aug 1346)
Camoys, Thomas, 2nd Lord Camoys (1346)
& nbspCarew, John (1346)
& nbspCourtenay, Hugh (1346)
& nbspCulwen, Gilbert (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspDarcy, John, 1st Lord Darcy de (1346)
& nbspDarcy, John, 2nd Lord Darcy de (1346)
& nbspDespenser, Hugh, 1st Lord le De (1346)
& nbspFitzAlan, Richard, 3rd / 10th Ear (26 Aug 1346), where he commanded the 2nd division
& nbspGrey, John (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspHastings, Hugh (1346)
& nbspLatimer, William, 3rd / 4th Lord (1346), in the first division
& nbspLeigh, Piers (1346), where he bore the Black Prince's standard and captured the Count de Tancarville
& nbspLestrange, John, 2nd Lord Stran (1346)
& nbspNeville, Robert (II), Lord of H (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspPoyntz, Nicholas, 4th Lord Poyn (26 Aug 1346)
& nbspSay, Geoffrey, 2nd Lord Say (1346)
& nbspStafford, Ralph, 1st Earl of St (1346)
& nbspStonore, John (1346)
& nbspTalbot, Richard, 2nd Lord Talbo (1346)
& nbspVere, John, 7th Earl of Oxford (1340)
& nbspWake, Thomas (1346)
& nbspWarre, Roger, 3rd Lord la Warre (26 Aug 1346), in the retinue of the Black Prince
& nbspWest, John
& nbspWest, Thomas, in the second division under the Earl of Arundel
& nbspWrottesley, Hugh (1346), in the Black Prince's division

Battle of Cuddalore
Hamilton, John (1783)

Battle of Cuidad Rodrigo
& nbspPersse, William (1812)

Battle of Cul-Dreimhe
& nbsp Domnall 'Ilchegach', High Kin (561), where he defeated Diarmaid, High King of Ireland (head of the southern Ui Neill)

Battle of Cadiz
& nbspBlakeney, George (1702)

Battle of Dalry
& nbspMacdougall, Alastair (1306)

Battle of Deeg
Faithfull, Charles Complin (13 Nov 1804)

Battle of Deig
& nbspStuart, Charles Nicholas, and subesquent capture

Battle of Denain
& nbspKeppel, Arnold Joost, 1st Earl (13 Jul 1712), where he was defeated while fighting for the Imperialists, being taken prisoner by the French
& nbspNugent, John, 5th Earl of Westm (1712)

Battle of Derry
& nbspBrown, William

Battle of Dettingen
& nbspAmherst, Jeffrey, 1st Baron Amh, serving under Ligonier
& nbspBlakeney, Robert
& nbspBland, John
& nbspCampbell, James (1743)
& nbspCathcart, Charles Schaw, 9th Lo (16 Jun 1743)
& nbspCrosbie, John, where he lost an arm
& nbspDalrymple, John, 2nd Earl of St (1743), 2ic to King George II
& nbspDalrymple-Crichton, William, 5t (1743), as Aide-de-Camp to his uncle, 2nd Earl of Stair
& nbspHaldane, George (1743)
& nbspHoward, Charles, where he commanded a Brigade
& nbspKeppel, William Anne, 2nd Earl (1743)
& nbspLennox, Charles, 2nd Duke of Ri (1743)
& nbspLindsay, James, 5th Earl of Bal (1743), where he commanded a squadron
& nbspLindsay, John, 20th Earl of Cra (16 Jun 1743)
Menteth, Robert (1743)
& nbspO'Brien, Charles (1743)
& nbspRamsden, Frescheville (27 Jun 1743)
& nbspRamsden, Robert (27 Jun 1743)
& nbspRollo, Andrew, 5th Lord Rollo o (1743)
& nbspSpencer, Charles, 3rd Duke of M (27 Jun 1743), where he distinguished himself
& nbspTownshend, George, 1st Marquess

Battle of Devizes
& nbspLong, James, 2nd Bt. (Mar 1645), where he was defeated

Battle of Doemitz
& nbspRuthven, Patrick, 1st and last (1635)

Battle of Dominica
& nbspCornish, Samuel Pitchford (Apr 12, 1782)
& nbspManners, Robert (12 Apr 1782), where he lost a leg

Battle of Donauwerth
& nbspChurchill, John, 1st Duke of Ma (Jun 2, 1704), against the Bavarians, whom he defeated

Battle of Dornoch Firth
& nbspCampbell, John, 4th Earl of Lou (Mar 20, 1746), again beaten by the Jacobites

Battle of Down
& nbsp Aedh 'Buie', King of Ailech (1260), where his people were weakened by losses against the English

Battle of Downpatrick
& nbspO'Neill, Brian 'Cathan an Duin (1260), against the English

Battle of Drumbanagher
Ancketill, Matthew (13 Mar 1688)

Battle of Dryfe Sands
& nbspGrierson, William, 9th of Lag (1593), 'escaped only by the fleet-ness of his horse'

Battle of Dunabr
& nbsp Donald, 6th Earl of Mar (27 Apr 1296), after which he was captured, and renewed his allegiance to Kign Edward I.

Battle of Dunamace
& nbspCosby, Richard (1606), where we won over the O'Mores

Battle of Duncrub
Duncan (c 965)

Battle of Dundall
& nbspBruce, Edward, 1st Earl and las (14 Oct 1318)

Battle of Dungan Hill
& nbspNugent, Richard, 2nd Earl of We (8 Aug 1647), where he was captured

Battle of Duplin
& nbspDundas, George (11 Aug 1332)

Battle of Dupplin
Bruce, Robert, Baron of Liddesd (10 Aug 1332)
Drummond, Gilbert (1322)
& nbspDunbar, Patrick, 8th Earl of Du (1332), where he commanded Scottish troops
Stewart, Murdach, 8th Earl of M (12 Aug 1332)
& nbspStrathbogie, David, 11th Earl o (12 Aug 1332), victory over the Scots

Battle of Dupplin Moor
Scrymgeour, John, of Dudhope (1332)
& nbspTalbot, Richard, 2nd Lord Talbo (12 Aug 1332)

Battle of Durham
& nbspAtholia, Duncan, of Glenerochie (17 Oct 1346), where he was captured by the English with his son Robert
& nbspAtholia, Robert, of Glenerochie (17 Oct 1346), where he was captured by the English with his father Robert
Drummond, Malcolm, 10th Thane o (1346)
Fraser, Simon, 2nd of Lovat (1346)
& nbspFraser, William (17 Oct 1346)
& nbspHaliburton, Walter, of that Ilk (1346), where he was taken prisoner
Randolph, John, 3rd Earl of Mor (17 Oct 1346)
& nbspStewart, Robert II, King of Sco (17 Oct 1346)
& nbspWalter, David, 2nd of Cadzow (1346), where he was captured by the English

Battle of Edgcot
Conyers, John (26 Jul 1469)
& nbspHerbert, William, 1st Earl of P (24 Jul 1469), where he was captured by the pro-Earl of Warwick faction

Battle of Edgcote
Neville, Henry (26 Jul 1469)

Battle of Edge Hill
& nbspShuckburgh, Richard (22 Oct 1642)

Battle of Edgecot
& nbspHerbert, Richard (1469)

Battle of Egmont op Zee
Bainbrigge, Philip (1799)

Battle of El Teb
Slade, Montagu Maule (29 Feb 1884)

Battle of Ellendum
& nbsp Beornwulf, King of Mercia (825), where he was defeated by Ecgberht, King of Wessex

Battle of Empingham
& nbspWelles, Robert, 8th Lord Willou (12 Mar 1470), where a commanded a Lincolnshire contingent of Lancastrians

Battle of Emsdorf
& nbspFloyd, John, 1st Bt. (1760)

Battle of Enzheim
& nbspChurchill, John, 1st Duke of Ma (1674), under the command of the French under Vicomte de Turenne

Battle of Espierres
& nbspDuff, Hugh Robert, 3rd of Muirt

Battle of Evesham
& nbspArden, Thomas (4 Aug 1265), where he was taken prisoner
& nbspArgentine, Giles
Astley, Thomas (4 Aug 1265)
Balliol, Guy (1265), where he was standard bearer to de Montfort
Basset, Ralph (Aug. 4, 1265), against the King
& nbspBerkeley, Thomas, 1st Lord Berk
& nbspDespenser, Hugh, 1st Lord Despe (4 Aug 1265), for Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester against King Henry III
& nbsp Gurdon, Adam (1265), after which he fled with a band of followers to the New Forest, where he was defeated in single combat by Prince Edward (later Edward I), who pardoned him, made him Keeper of the Forest of Wolmer and employed him in high military commands
& nbspHastings, Henry (1265), where he was wounded and captured
Montfort, Henry (4 Aug 1265)
Montfort, Piers (4 Aug 1265)
& nbspMontfort, Simon, 6th Earl of Le (4 Aug 1265)
& nbspSegrave, Nicholas, 1st Lord Seg (1265), where he was wounded and captured
& nbspVaux, John (1265), presumably for the King against Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester

Battle of Famars
& nbspDoyle, Wellbore Ellis

Battle of Fellinghaussen
& nbsp Campbell, Patrick (15 Jul 1761), against the French

Battle of Ferozshah
& nbspStannus, Robert Trevor

Battle of Festubert
& nbspAlexander, Walter Lorenzo (15 May 1915)

Battle of Finisterre
& nbspAnson, George, 1st and last Lor (May 1747), where he completely defeated the French fleet, taking six men of war
Sausmarez, Philip (14 Oct 1747)

Battle of Flanders
& nbspLeslie, David, 5th Earl of Leve (1692)

Battle of Florennes
& nbspLouvain, Lambert I (12 Sep 1015)

Battle of Fontenoy
& nbsp Louis XV, Roi de France (1745), where he was the last French king to lead his army
& nbspAmherst, Jeffrey, 1st Baron Amh, serving under Ligonier
Baird, David, of Saughtonhall, (Apr 30, 1745)
& nbspBland, John
& nbspBourbon, Louis Ferdinand, Dauph (1745)
Bourke, William (11 May 1745)
& nbspBoyle, John, 3rd Earl of Glasgo, where he was wounded
Campbell, James (11 May 1745)
& nbspCampbell, James (1745)
& nbspCampbell, James, of Aberuchill, (1745), with the Scots Grays
& nbspCarnegie, James, of Pittarrow, (1745)
& nbspCathcart, Charles Schaw, 9th Lo (30 Apr 1745), where he was dangerously wounded
Cathcart, Schaw (11 May 1745)
& nbspCholmondeley, George, Viscount, as a volunteer
& nbspCholmondeley, James (11 May 1745)
Cockburn, Alexander, of Langton (11 May 1745)
& nbspColville, John, 8th Lord Colvil (1745)
Dillon, James Denis (Apr 30, 1745)
Douglas, Robert (30 Apr 1745)
& nbspGordon, Alexander (1745)
& nbsp Gore, Ralph, 1st and last Earl (1745), where he was severely wounded
& nbspHaldane, George (1743), where he was wounded
& nbspHay, Charles (30 Apr 1745), where he led the English Guards
& nbspHennessy, Richard (1745)
& nbspHoward, Charles, where he commanded a Brigade
& nbspKeppel, George, 3rd Earl of Alb (1745)
& nbspKeppel, William Anne, 2nd Earl (1745)
& nbspKerr, William Henry, 4th Marque (1745), where he was wounded
& nbspLeighton, Daniel (1745)
& nbspLindsay, James, 5th Earl of Bal (30 Apr 1745)
& nbsp Lindsay, John, 20th Earl of Cra (30 Apr 1745), where he conducted the retreat in excellent order
MacLeod, John, 5th of Glendale (11 May 1745)
& nbspMunro, Robert, of Foulis, 6th B (1745)
& nbspNugent, John (1745), where he distinguished himself
& nbspO'Brien, Charles (1745), when his Irish troops were instrumental in defeating the English
& nbspO'Conor, Thomas (1745), with King Loius XV's Irish Brigade having played a large part in brining success
& nbspPollock, John (1745)
& nbspPrevost, Augustine (1745)
& nbspRamsden, Frescheville (11 May 1745)
& nbspRamsden, Robert (11 May 1745)
Ross, Charles, 15th of Balnagow (30 Apr 1745)
& nbspSackville, George, 1st Viscount (1745), where he was wounded
& nbsp Sandilands, Andrew (1745), where he was wounded
& nbspSempill, Hugh, 12th Lord Sempil (1745)
& nbspStanhope, William, 2nd Earl of (1745)
& nbspTownshend, George, 1st Marquess
& nbspWaldegrave, John, 3rd Earl Wald (1745), where he was wounded
& nbspYorke, Joseph, 1st and last Lor (1745)

Battle of Formigny
& nbsp Herbert, William, 1st Earl of P (1450), where he was captured by the French

Battle of Fuenterrabia
O'Neill, John (1638), against the French

Battle of Furnes
Artois, Philippe, Comte d'Artoi (1297), where he was wounded

Battle of Fécamp
& nbspPlantagenet, Richard, 3rd Duke (1436)

Battle of Gate Pa
& nbspHamilton, John Fane Charles (29 Apr 1864)

Battle of Gaza
& nbsp Walter IV, Comte de Brienne (1244), where he was captured by the Mamelukes

Battle of Genappe
& nbspClayton, William Robert, 5th Bt

Battle of Germantown
& nbspCoote, Eyre
& nbspHowe, William, 5th Viscount How (Oct 1776)
& nbspTone, Andrew

Battle of Gibraltar
& nbspBlakeney, George (1704)
& nbspByng, George, 1st Viscount Torr (1704)

Battle of Gladsmuir
Halkett, Peter, of Pitferrane, (1745)

Battle of Glasklune
Ogilvy, Walter, of Auchterhouse (1392), against Highland invaders

Battle of Glen Shiel
& nbspMacGregor, Robert 'Ruadh' (1719), where he was badly wounded

Battle of Glendalough
& nbspO'Byrne, Feaght Mac Hugh (1580), where he defetaed Arthur, 14th Lord Gray de Wilton, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland

Battle of Glenlivet
& nbspCameron, Allan, of Lochiel, 16t (3 Oct 1594), where he joined his fellow-rebel 1st Marquess of Huntly in defeating King James VI, and lost part of his estates when King James VI reasserted himself
Campbell, Archibald, 2nd of Loc (4 Oct 1594)
& nbsp Gordon, Alexander, 4th of Aberg (1594), fighting for the! st Marquess of Huntly
& nbsp Gordon, George, 1st Marquess of (3 Oct 1594), where he overcame the Government force under the Earl of Argyll
& nbspHay, Francis, 9th Earl of Errol (3 Oct 1594), where he risen up in rebellion against Parliament
& nbspMaclean, Alexander, 5th of Doch (3 Oct 1594)
& nbspMaclean, Lachlan 'Mor', 10th of (1594)

Battle of Glenmalure
& nbspCosbie, Francis (25 Aug 1580)

Battle of Gloucester
& nbspFock, John Henry, 2nd Baron de (3 Oct 1781), where he was wounded in the leg when his horse was shot under from under him

Battle of Grosmount
& nbspTalbot, Gilbert, 5th Lord Talbo (11 Mar 1405)

Battle of Guildford
& nbspCornwallis, Charles, 1st Marque (15 Mar 1781)
Home, William, Lord Dunglas (15 Mar 1781)
Stuart, James (15 Mar 1781)

Battle of Gujerat
& nbspTennant, James

Battle of Halidon
Abernethy, William, 3rd of Salt (1333)

Battle of Harlow
& nbspOgilvy, Alexander, of Auchterho
Ogilvy, George

Battle of Hastenbeck
& nbspAmherst, Jeffrey, 1st Baron Amh, serving under the Duke of Cumberland

Battle of Hastigns
& nbspEstouteville, Robert (1066)

Battle of Hastings
Gyrth, Earl of East Anglia (14 Oct 1066)
Leofwine, Earl of Kent (14 Oct 1066)
& nbsp William I 'the Conqueror', Ki (14 Oct 1066)
& nbspBraose, William (1066)
Godwinson, Harold II, King of E (14 Oct 1066)
& nbspGrandmesnil, Hugues (1066)
& nbspMalet, William, Lord of Gravill (1066), where he accompanied William the Conqueror
& nbspMortimer, Roger (1066)

Battle of Hattin
& nbspMowbray, Roger (1187), where he was captured by Saracens and was ransomed

Battle of Havana
& nbspTaylor, Wittewronge (1 Oct 1748)
& nbspYoung, George (1762)

Battle of Havannah
& nbspBlakeney, John (1763), wounded at Las Navira
Leith, Alexander (1763), Commanding the Artillery

Battle of Heroes
Hay, Lewis (27 Aug 1799)

Battle of Hobkirk's Hill
& nbspRawdon-Hastings, Francis, 1st M (25 Apr 1781)

Battle of Hochkirch
& nbspKeith, James Francis Edward (14 Oct 1758)

Battle of Hochkirck
Browne, Josef Ulysses