What does distant land mean

flindersia Another great album from Sturm Café, their strongest and most consistent album to date, classic old school EBM with killer retro synth hooks, great music and strong vocals, even hints of Elegant Machinery on this album which is a good thing too. Favorite track: acting.
drone Jag tycker att den här musiken är väldigt bra, det gör mitt hjärta snabbare, yes! Favorite track: acting.
Fishermang Although I must admit I really miss the original energy and restlessness of So Seelisch So Schön album, this new release has to be seen as something different. I like it a lot, it is playful and catchy, has a lot of energy. My favorite element is how Sturm Café have their own sound on it, there is nothing that sounds quite like it out there. Favorite track: Ready to radio.