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How to change the name of the dragon in Dragon City game

Video How to change the name of the dragon in the game Dragon City

The names of the dragons in the game Dragon City may vary depending on the taste of the player. This is one of the cute and interesting features that makes players feel close and enhances the experience of playing this lightweight strategy game.

Dragon City is a Game about Dragon City Build with fun graphics and pretty playful colors. With a long list of dozens of different types of dragons, players can freely evolve them to increase their power as their cities continue to develop.

Change the name of the dragon to Dragon City

Dragon City

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Step 1: You are accessing the game Dragon City and touch or click on the icon of one of the Dragon breeder (if you install and play the Dragon City game on the computer).

Step 2: At this point, the list of all dragons is displayed on the start page at the bottom of the screen. Select the dragon that you want to rename.

step 3 : The user interface with detailed information about this kite is shown as follows. To change the dragon's name, just touch the pencil icon in the default name.

Step 4 : Now just enter the new name and touch the multiplication symbol in the right corner to close it.

Do the same with all other breeders' dragons to get all dragons in Dragon City rename .

Once you're done and back to the main interface, your changes will appear.

Although a tactical action game, but Dragon City is very gentle, fun, also suitable for the children. This Dragon City game is also rated as one of the best weekend entertainment games for all ages.