How to extract GPS data from photos

GPS data: How to put your photos on the map

Photo files contain much more than just the picture. It also stores technical information about the recording, such as the camera model, exposure and time. But there is more: You can even save information about the location of the picture in the image file.

Most smartphone cameras do this automatically. With conventional digital cameras this works with special GPS devices. How to combine photos with the location data and then, for example, show your vacation route on a map, you can read in this guide.

How do the photos get on a card?

On the PC, you can display "localized" photos on a map using programs or Internet services such as Picasa web albums from Google, for example to track your travel route.

If you do not take photos with a smartphone, but with a conventional camera, you need a GPS tracker. Such "loggers" automatically save the current location data several times per minute with the respective time. The data then result in your route.

With smartphones, this route recording works with additional apps, for example the free "TrackRec". Then link geodata and photos with the "Geosetter" program.

Put your photos on a map in Picasa Web Albums

Smartphones automatically save photos with location data if the device is set accordingly. This is how it works: On the iPhone in iOS 6, for example, open the "Settings" and press privacy and Location services. In the list that then appears, the switch next to "Camera" must be blue. If your photos have location data, you can display them on maps at lightning speed using Picasa Web Albums. That's how it's done:

1. Go to and sign in to Google. If you do not have a Google user account yet, click on in the upper right corner to register and then follow the instructions on the page.

2. To create a new photo album, click on Upload. Enter a title for the new album. click on Select photos from my computerand mark the photos you want. After clicking on to open the photos are loaded. Click at the bottom of the page OK. If you are not using Chrome as your browser, you will then have to click on the Picasa logo and on the preview image of the new album.

3. If the photos contain geodata, you will see an overview of the locations on a small map in the sidebar on the right. Click below Show map, Picasa displays the photos as thumbnails on a large map or on a satellite image in Google Maps. After clicking on a thumbnail, the recording appears larger.

4. To make an album available to friends, click in the album view share and Share by email only