Palma Dutch Masters wholesale

Dutch Masters Cigars Palma Box of 55

Made to appease those that enjoy their smoke without any additional flavoring, the Dutch Masters Palma Cigars boast an amalgamation of smooth tobaccos that bond perfectly with the smoker’s senses. Grown on the legendary lands of the Dominican Republic, each of the ingredients that go into these sticks are perfectly ripened and expertly cured. Cloaked in a Natural Connecticut Shade Wrapper, each of these cigars are debuted with a mild in strength delivery of the tobacco flavors, sponsoring an evenly circular ring gauge and a comfortable overall design that boasts sturdiness and solidity of construction.

You need not worry about your surroundings too much, for these products produce low room notes and are likely not to offend bystanders. Brought to you by Altadis USA, these Palma sticks are packed with Caribbean Basin Cuban seed tobaccos that are Dominican grown but assume the same, high American standards that have been treating the smoking community with much respect for over a century.