How to use shrink bands on glasses

How exactly do the shrink caps work?

I'm getting married in August and would like to give our guests small bottles filled with liqueur as "guest gifts". Now I've seen that your shop has shrink caps. How do I have to apply or shrink this exact? Are these caps relevant for shelf life? Thank you already .. Regards Steffi

Hello Steffi, thank you very much for

Hello Steffi, thank you for your question. Shrink capsules are used to show that the bottle is original, so the customer in the shop can see that the bottle has not been opened or refilled. Shrink capsules have no effect on the shelf life of the product. The capsules are applied as follows: Place the shrink capsule over the mouth, buy a hot air blower - to remove paint - if you don't already have it - at the hardware store (20 euros) or, even better, borrow it from a neighbor (usually costs nothing) and briefly use it Hold capsule. Since the capsule is made of a special thermoplastic material, it hugs the bottle mouth. For private use, e.g. at a wedding, I would save these capsules. Many greetings Iris

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