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Young love hamsters

I currently still have a few young, dear dwarf hamsters from my small hobby breed. The animals are now 5-6 weeks old and can move out at any time. The little ones are social ...
€ 20 | 48612 Horstmar

Dwarf hamster cubs

We have some young dwarf hamsters who are looking for a new home. Our little protégés are nourished appropriately and are species-specific! The nice thing about this dwarf hamster species is that ...
€ 20 | 48231 Warendorf

Campbell dwarf hamster hamster

Sell ​​from our hobby breeding various young animals from 6 weeks old
25 € | 48329 Havixbeck

Campbell dwarf hamster

Sell ​​Campbell dwarf hamsters. A male in the color Choco, 8 weeks old for 20 euros A male in the color Choco, one year old ...
€ 20 | 38176 Wendeburg

Campbell dwarf hamster boys

From my small, loving hobby breed, four boys are looking for a new, loving grain giver. My breed has existed for many ...
25 € | 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

Jungarian dwarf hamsters

I am selling our little dwarf hamster babies (4) Born on March 25th, 2021 2 females and 2 males The mother is in the picture ...
€ 20 | 97478 Knetzgau

Dwarf hamster Stella from foster home is looking for a loving home

Little Stella is looking for a loving new home for life! She came to us from a group with 6 other dwarfs. She is approx.
€ 20 | 58455 Witten, Germany

Djungarian hamsters

Small animals 6 months old are very nice and healthy
15 € | 33100 Paderborn

Satin Campbell dwarf hamster looking

Update: Since August 1, 2014, it has become mandatory to provide information on animal husbandry when placing animals, regardless of whether ...
25 € | 20259 Hamburg

Campbell dwarf hamster hamster

There are several hamsters for sale in disappearing sizes. From 6 weeks old to 3 month old hamsters. We have colorful and natural-colored ...
25 € | 48161 Münster, Westphalia

Jungarian dwarf hamster male

1 male jungle hamster is looking for a new, loving, species-appropriate home. He is trusting and tame. Who is interested ...
€ 10 | 01189 Dresden

Dwarf hamster

Hello, I am selling my dwarf hamster here, she is 7 weeks old. Please report any further questions!
5 € | 58840 Plettenberg

Jungarian dwarf hamster female

1 female jungle dwarf hamster is looking for a new, loving, species-appropriate home. She was born on March 15th, 21st. She is trusting ...
€ 10 | 01189 Dresden

Golden hamsters and dwarf hamsters are looking for new granulators

Hello dear prospective customers, in our little hamster foster home, golden and dwarf hamsters are always looking for a new granule dispenser. ...
€ 30 | 95119 Naila

Give up sweet dwarf hamster

I would like to give up my little hands full of love, he is tame and eats from the hand. S He was born on April 15th, 21st. Is also ...
18 € | 22926 Ahrensburg


Roborowski hamster babies from June
€ 20 | 85077 Manching, Germany

Djungarian hamsters

Little hamsters are looking for a new and loving home, the little ones are already 5 weeks old and can be picked up immediately (on the ...
€ 20 | 45881 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

** Baby's Jungarian dwarf hamsters **

Hello, From our small hobby breed we got 4 small Djungarian dwarf hamsters. You were born on April 22nd, 21st and eat ...
€ 20 | 99091 Erfurt

5 trusting dwarf hamster babies in great colors

From now on, 5 funny little hamsters (Jungian dwarf hamsters) are allowed to move into a great home. You are super curious and ...
€ 20 | 12459 Berlin

Djungarian hamsters

Our little babies are allowed to move out from now on. They are hand-tame and very curious :) if you are interested, feel free to contact us, the ...
25 € | 12687 Berlin

Jungian hamster female

I am selling 2 more female dwarf hamsters. You are now 7 weeks old. You are both very tame. Pickup only
5 € | 04758 Oschatz

Young dwarf hamsters give up

We still have three young animals to deliver, one male and two females. You are now around 8 weeks old. The females could also ...
€ 10 | 59329 Wadersloh

Dwarf hamster babies

Our 8 dwarf hamster babies are now looking for a new home. They are food firmly and hand-tame, males and females are still too ...
€ 20 | 45968 Gladbeck

Dwarf hamster

2 small dwarf hamsters are still looking for a new home and will be able to move out next weekend. For pictures and questions I am happy to ...
€ 10 | 13156 Berlin

Dwarf hamster Sara from foster home is looking for a loving home

Little Sara is looking for a loving new home for life! She came to us from group keeping with 6 other dwarfs. She is approx. 9 ...
€ 20 | 58455 Witten, Germany

Dwarf hamster Stuart from foster home is looking for a loving home

Little Stuart is looking for a loving new home for life! He came to us from a group with 6 other dwarfs. He is approx. 9 ...
€ 20 | 58455 Witten, Germany

Cambpell baby dwarf hamster male / female

The hamsters are currently looking for a dream home. The little hamster children were born on March 24th, 21st and are now so old that they have a new home ...
€ 20 | 65599 Dornburg

Dwarf hamster

We give 5 babies from 1 beige 4 standard price per animal. Price expectations can also be written
€ 10 | 12627 Berlin

Dwarf hamster babies

2 little fur popos are looking for a species-appropriate home. The little ones were born on March 28th, 21st and can now move to their new home ...
€ 20 | 19288 Ludwigslust

Jungarian dwarf hamsters

I would like to put my sweet dwarf hamster young animals in loving hands in this way. You are now 7 weeks old and are looking for ...
€ 10 | 10963 Berlin

Djungarian dwarf hamster

Because of my move, I am selling my Djungarian dwarf hamster including terrarium and accessories. Pictures are still being added
€ 50 | 67433 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Deliver 3 dwarf hamsters

Young dwarf hamsters give up. Since we have already separated the sexes for safety reasons, the little ones can look forward to ...
€ 20 | 29479 Jameln

Campbell dwarf hamster is looking for a new home

Hello, my Campbell dwarf hamster offspring is looking for a new, loving home. The little male was born on April 6th, 2021 and is from ...
€ 30 | 53123 Bonn

Dwarf hamster boys

Dwarf hamsters available approx. 3 months old, if you are interested, there are 4 boys. As a private provider, no return is possible.
€ 10 | 74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Sweet little dwarf hamsters

Hand in loving hands with cute little dwarf hamsters, white or gray. Please make a reservation. Delivery only in species-appropriate ...
19 € | 84051 Essenbach, Germany

Hamster with complete equipment

1 tunnel system for hamsters 1 cage 2 corner houses 2 willow bridges 1 transport box 3 orange bowls 1 impeller 2 Hungarian ...
€ 100 | 40627 Düsseldorf

Dwarf hamster Roborowski hamster male

A small Roborowski dwarf hamster (born around the end of October / beginning of November) is available to convey! The previous owner had to take him out ...
€ 20 | 96103 Hallstadt

2 dwarf hamster babies

3 dwarf hamster babies 3 white, 2 black and two natural colored ones they are 5 weeks old. 1 male and 1 female are available. They are ...
€ 20 | 45968 Gladbeck

Small young Djungarian hamsters

Our Lola (mother animal) and our Pueblo (father animal) gave us 6 beautiful, lively babies on April 12th. You are…
15 € | 49565 Bramsche, hare

Young, hand-tamed Cambellhamster to deliver

Two cute Cambellhamster boys are still looking for their home, preferably both together. These dwarf hamsters also feel in a harmonious ...
€ 20 | 59320 Ennigerloh

Dwarf hamster give off young animal

The advertisement is aimed at all interested parties who are looking for a new little family member! The little shock ...
€ 60 | 30171 Hanover

Dwarf hamsters 12 weeks

I am offering two female gray dwarf hamsters because my children have already lost interest and I have little time ... I also give the ...
€ 70 | 51570 Windeck

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