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Calculate percentage in Excel formula

How to calculate percentage in Excel using formula?

Percentages are always calculated on a hundred bases. That means how high the percentage is per hundred. We need two types of numbers, one is the numerator and another is the denominator. We always dipped the numerator with the denominator and multiplied the result by 100 to get the percentage.

For example, suppose you were on vacation 15 days and spent 10 days in your hometown and the remaining 5 days in the United States. What percentage of the days did you spend in the United States?

Here the total number of holidays is 15 days. It is divided into two parts, one is 10 days in the hometown and 5 days in the US.

  • The Excel formula for the percentage is Portion Days / Total Days * 100.
  • Percentage of days spent in the US = 5/15 * 100 = 33.33%
  • Percentage of days spent in hometown = 10/15 * 100 = 66.66%


You can download this formula for the percentage Excel template here - Formula for the percentage Excel template

example 1

I have a specific assignment to work out the formula for the percentage of students in Excel based on the grades obtained in the year-end exams.

They gave me overall grades in every subject. Each subject carries a maximum of 100 points.

  • Step 1: To find the percentage of each student I need to calculate the total number of points they got under 6 subjects. Let me calculate the total score by adding up all 6 subjects for each student.

Now I have got each student by adding up all 6 subjects

  • Step 2: Now we have the column with the total marks, i.e. the counter value. The maximum number of points from 6 subjects is 600, ie 100 * 6 = 600 (denominator). Let me divide the grades achieved by each student by 600. Ie graded grades / overall grades * 100

  • Step 3: Now we have the numbers. To get to the percentages we need to change the formatting of the cell. Select all percent cells and press Ctrl + Shift +%. You can also change the format under Homepage and Number and then%.

Example 2

Almost all companies try to find out the efficiency percentage of their employees. Below is each sales rep's sales report based on the goals set. I need to calculate each employee's level of efficiency based on their goal.

Now we all know how to calculate the Excel formula for a percentage. Here is the formula Sales / target

We are tackling the efficiency levels but in the end we have two division errors in Excel ie # DIV / 0! .

We can get rid of this error simply by optimizing our existing formula with the IFERROR formula in Excel. The IFERROR formula is crucial here. When the calculation of sales / target returns.

The result as an error IFERROR function converts the result to zero.

Example 3

We can also find the Excel formula for growth or decrease for a percentage. I have monthly sales for two months January and February 2018.

January sales were 53250 and February 57500. It is clear that February sales are higher. But the question is, what is the formula for the percentage of sales increase compared to Jan.

Here we need to know what the additional February sale is compared to Jan, i.e. Feb - Jan, then divide that variance by Jan sales.

Conclusion: In February, using the formula for percentage sales in Excel, we grew 7.98% compared to January sales.

Things to remember

  • We get the error as # DIV / 0! When the counter is zero.
  • If we compare and find the percentage of growth or decrease, we get a negative percentage if the numerator or denominator value is less than zero.
  • With the IFERROR function we can eliminate errors in the percentage calculation.
  • We need to change the formatting of the cells to show percentages.