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American Idol favorite Momo Chahine: that's what he says about the relationship with Alicia

Momo Chahine is among the top 8 for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". He spoke to GALA about his support for the live shows and his relationship with fellow campaigner Alicia

Momo Chahine, 22, is allowed to continue living his dream with "DSDS". After the soulful introduction with the DSDS song "We Have a Dream", written by pop titan Dieter Bohlen, 65, in person, Momo convinced his fans and went one round. In the second motto show, the remaining eight candidates sing retro hits. This time the 22-year-old wants to inspire with the song "Fresh" from "Kool & The Gang" and continue to live his dream. In the GALA interview, he reveals how he is preparing for the show and what his relationship with fellow campaigner Alicia, 21, looks like.

How did you get into music?

Momo Chahine: So i love music. I really enjoy listening to music and most of the time I sing in the car. I just enjoy switching off. I definitely associate joy with music.

How did it come about that Pietro Lombardi was on your side even before DSDS?

Pietro always makes livestreams on Instagram. And so he invited me by chance and then I asked him if I could sing. And then I sang something to him on the livestream and since then he has known me a little - only by sight, of course. And he knows me through my videos on Instagram, which he likes or comments from time to time.

I read that you don't speak English. How are you going to make it into the music industry without English?

I can already speak English, just weak. So not so good. I just have to learn the pronunciation, of course. I can translate the rest bit by bit using Google translator (laughs). That still worked out well in Thailand. I had to sing in English twice and fortunately that was still well received by the jury. So I'm not worried about that.

You have a lot of posts with your niece on your Instagram account. What does family mean to you?

I love my family. I love to hang out with them and when we are all together and eat together it is simply one of the nicest feelings. I enjoy every moment with my family.

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Who will support you in the live shows?

My entire family (laughs). My closest friends and a couple from work.

Many of your fans suspect that you and Alicia are together. What is your relationship like?

We are definitely very good friends. We do a lot together, sing together, practice together. Since you see so many contributions from us together, people just think that we are together. But Alicia and I are just very good friends.

What is your ritual before the live shows to switch off?

Hop (laughs) and swing your hips. I have no idea, I always do weird "fidgeting things" before my gig.

How do you prepare now in the days leading up to the live show?

So I actually practice all day. Go specifically to the individual things, where I am perhaps a little weaker. Practice, practice, practice.

In the recall and in the casting you put a lot of feeling into the songs. Where do you get this feeling from?

So for me it is like this: Every word I sing, I mean that too. And that's why it comes across very real and that's the important thing about music.

If you could only pack three things in your suitcase, what three things would it be?

Difficult. So I like chips (laughs). I eat chips every day, I love chips.

But you can't tell by looking ...

Yeah, I don't know where it's going either. Funny.

Do you exercise a lot?

Yes, I play soccer or go to the gym.

What is your favorite club?

Actually Dortmund. I hope I'm not losing any fans now.

Two more things for your suitcase?

That is a difficult question. I have to think deeply. Toothbrush is also important. I'm just brushing my teeth. If I don't brush my teeth before going to sleep in the evening, I won't be able to cope and so it definitely has to be in my suitcase. And then my toothpaste (laughs). Eat chips first, then brush your teeth.