How to use a lush magnaminty mask

Natural hair mask

At all times, beautiful and luscious hair is a sign of true beauty. However, not every woman can boast about the health of her hair. To combat this problem, cosmetic companies produce thousands of different remedies of hair care products. Of particular popularity and effectiveness in these funds, natural mask. In addition, like hair mask based on natural ingredients and can be done at home. But we are not going to give up recipes, they can be easily found online, we are going to explain what the different types of natural hair masks are and how to use them.

There are two basic types of masks: nourishing and warming up. As a supplement can be identified and preventive medical masks, caring, strengthening and restoring hair. Additionally, masks differ in the type of hair for which they are used.

Natural moisturizing masks are more common. In addition, these masks deliver to improve metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. Such masks not only strengthen the hair roots, but also have a good effect on the structure of the hair. As part of such a mask are various plant extracts, vitamins and proteins.

A good result will be obtained from the protein mask in applying it for performing the deep cleansing procedure and then applying Revitalizing Mask. If you adhere to a certain schedule with masks, the nutrients penetrate the hair much deeper and will be there for a long time.

The period between the application of the different masks: sometimes it is necessary to wait a few days, sometimes weeks. Everything must be chosen and in moderation. When abuse masks rather than the desired result in the form of performance available messy, greasy hair.

Nutritious masks make it possible to feel at home. To make use: oil, eggs, milk and other dairy products, honey, henna, bread, clay, yeast (burdock, olive, castor and others.), And it is not a complete list of products. Mask was easy to use, its consistency is desirable to make a homogeneous and a little stretching to mask was very thick as cream.

Warming masks add to the temperature of the scalp, so the hair follicle rushes and blood is their stimulation. Use these masks when necessary to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. This is due to the fact that the loss or slow growing hair is often caused by low activity of the hair follicles. When using these types of masks should be careful because the skin on your head is very delicate and can easily cause damage.

Masks for moisture - it is very easy for the mask, in a sense it is the universal mask. As part of such masks are vitamin complexes that support healthy and beautiful looking hair.

The nourishing mask is necessary for the health of the hair: the hair is naturally shiny and easy to comb. Apply this mask is very simple: after washing your hair, apply the mask, and after a few minutes, rinse off with warm water.

Reduction masks are most needed very damaged hair: dry, brittle, often subjected to coloring. The reducing composition masks the same substance as in a nutrient mask, but its concentration is slightly lower.

Reinforcement mask contains contain vitamins, UV filters and conditioning elements. These mask complete a process that started the mask restoration. The result from the use of such a mask - straight hair, which is easy to comb and well keep its shape.

Hair mask based on clay. Since the clay has a pronounced drying effect, then make a mask only on the basis of clay to a girl with oily hair. Other women should only use it as a clay component.

There are different types of sound that have different effects:

  • yellow clay used in shed;
  • white tone used in hair loss and fragile;
  • green clay used in anti-excretion;
  • blue tone cleanses the hair;
  • red clay can be used to soothe the scalp.