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Ariana Grande

Biography of Ariana Grande

The singer and actress was born on June 26, 1993 under the full name Ariana Grande-Butera in Florida. She grew up there with her Italian-born parents in her birthplace, Boca Raton. She and her brother became interested in show business at an early age. While her brother becomes an actor under the name Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande first studies singing. But the American woman is also interested in acting, so that she began to take part in small pieces as a child.

In 2008 Ariana Grande made it to Broadway. For her role in the musical 13 she received the "National Youth Theater Association Award". Since her job as an actress prevents her from attending normal school, Ariana Grande gets a private tutor. In 2009 she got the role that made her better known: As Cat Valentine, she played in the Nickelodeon series from now on Victorious (with Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III and Matt Bennett) a leading role for which the hair is repeatedly dyed red.

Ariana Grande starts her music career

Ariana Grande is not only successful as an actress, but also as a singer. She performs in front of an audience together with other musicians, but she is also successful solo. Her first studio album was released in 2013 Yours Truly. Besides, she continues to play in Victorious as well as the spin-off Sam & Cat With. In this country, however, the actress is still known for something different in 2013: Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are said to be very interested in each other. However, a relationship is never confirmed.

Your second album My everything appears in 2014, storms the top ten worldwide and contains hit singles such as problem, Break Free and Love Me Harder. Thanks to this album, Ariana Grande is also showered with awards, such as a Bambi, the American Music Award, various MTV awards and many more. At least now, Ariana Grande is one of the greatest pop stars in the world. In 2016 her third long player was released with the title Dangerous woman, the album was just as successful as its predecessor My everything.  

Ariana Grande between terror and love-out

In addition to fans, success can unfortunately also bring a lot of unhappiness. So the concert becomes theirs Dangerous Woman Tour on May 22, 2017 in Manchester overshadowed by a serious terrorist attack. Shortly after the concert, a man blew himself up in the foyer and dragged 22 other people with him to their deaths, and 512 visitors were additionally injured. Ariana Grande immediately postpones all tour dates and on June 4th, 2017 she will give a benefit concert under the motto "One Love Manchester".

Her private life is also becoming more and more public: After a relationship with "The Wanted" singer Nathan Sykes, Ariana is with rapper Big Sean for about seven months. From September 2016 she starts a relationship with the rapper Mac Miller, but the couple split up in May 2018. She is particularly in a hurry to get engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, she will follow in June 2018. But although she has her new one Herzblatt once even praised her as a soul mate, the love only lasts for four months, in October the US media reported unanimously about the termination of the engagement.