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Tina Cohen-Chang

Tina Cohen-Chang



Tay Tay, Tina Ting, X-Tina, Lady, Tina Cohen-Crazy (Blaine)
Asian, Tina Cohen-Loser, Cohen-Chang, Asian number one (Sue)
Blue eye (rachel)
self-hating asian girl (mike)
Miss Cohen-Chang (Figgins, Blaine)
Girl chang (santana)
Tina Blowin'-Wang (Sebastian)
the girlfriend (Mike Chang, Sr.)
happy drunk (finn) asian horror movie, asian girl (roz washington)
Tina Cohen Troublemaker, Memories of a Lame Geisha (Kitty)
the not hot girl (Sam)
Vicki (Jake)
Asian Persuasion (alter ego)
Gay mom (herself)
Kimchi Cohen-Barf, the Asian girl from the Glee Club (Bree)
Queen T (Unique, Blaine)
Rose Tokyo, Chang Chang (Becky)
McKinley's Biggest Bitch (Artie)

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2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Regionals (3rd place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)
the first annual McKinley High School Diva Award
2013 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2013 prom queen
2013 Showchor Nationals (2nd place)

Series information

Tina Cohen-Chang was a student at William McKinley High School and one of the earliest members of New Directions. She was also briefly a member of the Cheerios.

Tina is very shy at first, but unlike others in the Glee Club, she gets along very well with most of the members. In the next few seasons she seems more confident than at the beginning.

In the first season she was with Artie Abrams, from the second with Mike Chang. However, the two split because Mike graduated and they failed a long distance relationship.

In New Directions she graduates and is accepted into Brown University.

In dreams come true you learn that she became an actress and is back with Artie.

She is from Jenna Ushkowitz shown.


Season one

Tina made her first appearance in overturewhen she signs up and Artie for New Directions. She applies with the song I Kissed A Girl. She makes it to the Glee Club, just like everyone else who applied. She goes to Carmel High School with the other Glee Kids and their director, Will, to see a performance by their competitor, Vocal Adrenaline, that leaves all members speechless. After Mr. Schuester decides to leave the club, Tina sings along with the rest of the Glee members Don't Stop Believin 'what convinces Will to stay.

In Beyond Gut and SueLike the other Glee Kids, she is not enthusiastic about the song Le freak and sings with Push it With.

Tina and Rachel notice in Acafellasthat Mercedes has feelings for Kurt, who they think is gay, and they try to convince them, but Mercedes doesn't believe them.

In Children of lies Tina dances with Kurt and Brittany to Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) and get caught by Burt. When Burt asks Kurt if one of the girls is his girlfriend, Kurt puts an arm around Tina's shoulder and says that he can't commit himself to that yet. She also claims that Kurt's outfit is now popular with football players. She gets her first solo Tonight out West Side Storybut Rachel is angry about it. Will is enthusiastic about Tina's singing and that it makes her seem much more self-confident and hardly stutters anymore. Tina insists that Rachel get the solo and she sings in the choir with the others. Finally she dares to sing the solo in the end.

In April April April Rhodes joins the Glee Club, who teaches Tina and Mercedes the best way to steal, which is why the two eventually agree to April joining the Glee Club. At the school assembly, she performs with New Directions LastName and Somebody To Love.

In Excited organisms Tina later takes the vitamin D tablets from Terri just like the other Glee girls, which increases her performance Halo / Walking on Sunshine, for which, like most girls, she did not want to practice properly - significantly improved.

In Spoilers gamesbecause of her Asian origins, she is divided into Sue's group and sings with Hate on me and Ride Wit Me With. At the end of the episode, she performs with the New Direction Keep Holding On.

In Remixshe is always afraid, like most of the other members of the New Directions, of having to endure a slushie attack.

In Fear and blameshe learns from Artie how he came to be im

Wheelchair sits and he tells her he thinks her stutter is sexy. Later, the two of them "race" with their wheelchairs and then Tina kisses Artie. Then she tells him that she was just pretending to stutter so that she wouldn't have to give a presentation in sixth grade and people would leave her alone. Artie is disappointed because I thought he and Tina had something in common and leaves her.

In Balladsdraws her as her partner "other Asian", by which Mike Chang is meant. She later calls Mercedes and tells her that all of the Glee Kids are going to sing a song for Finn and Quinn. For this they select the song Lean on Me.

In Splitting hairs Tina sings along with some of the songs and sings along True Colors her first real solo at the Glee Club.

In Who is in the picture? Tina, like most New Directions, is against a yearbook photo of the Glee Club. Like the other New Directions, she is there as an advertisement for Mattress Country Jump to perform.

In Everything is at stake Tina learns through a conference call with Mercedes, Artie, Kurt, Brittany, and Santana that Puck is the father of Quinn's baby. She sings with the Sectionals on "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and, like the others, is very happy about her victory.

In Hello hell Like most glee kids, she's not in the mood that Rachel is in a relationship with Jesse.

In The Power of MadonnaTina is angry with Artie because he asks her to change her dress style if she wants to be with him, later she freaks out and makes Artie realize that there is no way she will change. Artie later apologizes to her and the two kiss.

In Love is a long way she doesn't play a big role and sings along with some of the songs.

In Bad reputation Tina (just like Kurt, Artie and Mercedes) is not on the Gliste, which annoys her. So they decide - together with Brittany - to create a bad name for themselves and sing the song in the school library U Can't Touch This, but this plan goes wrong and that's why they decide to tell Sue that they uploaded their video of "Physical" to the internet. Sue is not angry with them, she is grateful.

In Good reputation she can only be seen at the rehearsals and the songs of New Directions and performs at the end of the episode One.

In The dream makes the music Tina is quite depressed by Bryan's speech as he tells them that a career in show business is unrealistic and starts to cry. She later confronts Artie, first he lies to her and says that he also wanted to get started in showbiz. Tina tells him that he wants to become a dancer and that she would like to help him with it. Later, when Artie tries to stand, he falls and is so embarrassed that he asks Tina to leave him alone. Later they both apologize and kiss, afterwards

Tina tells Artie that there will soon be methods to restore a damaged spinal cord. Then the two of them go to the mall and Tina buys Artie a pretzel. Meanwhile Artie has a dream sequence in which he dances to "Safety Dance" and Tina also dances in this performance. Artie decides to let Tina dance alone and just sing at the performance that Tina and he have planned for the next Glee rehearsal. When Will asked Tina if she had a dance partner, she said it was Mike Chang. Tina dances with Mike while Artie Dream sings a Little Dream.

In Lots of theater! Rector Figgins forbids her to continue to dress like a Gothic, because he thinks that all students who dress like this are vampires. As she walks through the hallways with Kurt in her Lady GaGa Ourtfit, she is pushed against the lockers by two football players. Kurt is horrified that the boys pushed Tina, but the only laughing answer is that they don't see any difference between him and her. At the end of the week Tina wears her "normal" clothes again because the night before she scared Director Figgins by claiming she was a vampire and that Asian vampires are the most vicious and if he doesn't let her walk around in her clothes, her vampire father would cause him harm.

In the beat of fear she doesn't play a big role, can be seen at rehearsals and sings along with some of the songs.

In Triumph or sadness? New Directions learn that Sue will be one of the jury members for the Regionals and are concerned about ending up in last place. At the meeting for the Regionals, Tina starts crying and says that before she became a member of New Directions she only had her parents as friends on Facebook and she thought the Glee Club was special and therefore felt special. Nevertheless, she has a good feeling after the Regionals is like the other members also very disappointed that they end up in last place

She sings along with the other members of To Sir, With Love and remembers that she stuttered at the beginning of the school year. Like the other members, she is very happy that the Glee Club is getting another year and while Will and Puck sing "Over the Rainbow", she holds Artie's hand and the two smile at each other.

Season two

In New faces and meanness she works with Mike in a summer camp for Asian children. They teach art and music together. She and Mike have always been attracted to each other and eventually come together. When Tina dumped Artie, she called him a "bad friend" because she didn't want to do anything with her during the summer vacation. Jacob, the blogger, heard that and asked Tina and Mike if it was true that they were together now. They respond that it is racist to assume they are together just because they are both Asian and they walk away and you can see their hands come together. Mike and Tina later tell Will that Rachel wanted to get rid of Sunshine because she sent her to a crack house. Tina and Mike explain to her that the Asian community is strong, and their friends in that community have informed them of Rachel's act. They say Rachel should fix this again. At the end of the episode, as Rachel What I Did for Love sings, Artie looks sadly at Tina and Mike as they dance together in the classroom.

In Britney / Brittany Mr. Schuester wants the Glee Club to sing a song by Christopher Cross. When Will asked if anyone knew who he was, Tina said to Mike: "Never heard of him, never wants to hear from him," and she also agrees with Kurt's suggestion to perform Britney Spears. Mike and Tina are sitting next to each other in the Glee Club when Carl comes to visit. When the two find out that they have no dental plaque, they give each other an "Asian kiss." Tina and Mike are in Brittany's fantasy too Me Against the Music seen in the background. Tina later appears in Artie's Britney Spears Fantasy, too Stronger, and he tells her that he is stronger now. She sings with New Directions at the school meeting Toxic.