What does readiness to pick mean

What does picking mean?

Picking is the compilation of certain partial quantities (articles) from a total quantity made available (assortment) based on orders. You can find the definition and information on order picking in logistics. Good order picking is becoming more and more important and presents companies with new challenges.

In addition to good logistics, you need it. Which means, also pick the goods. June 2010Can someone give me the verb picking. Goods were picked - what does that mean?

Posts - AuthorsNo idea where to put this question. In any case, my order says hardware shipping. Look up the definition, spelling, synonyms and grammar of "picking" on Duden online.

Not everyone is familiar with the term “order picking”. Behind this are activities that we encounter every day. The multifunctional workstation enables order picking and goods storage work at one. Picking is the putting together of an order from individual goods.

We pick according to your wishes ”means that the customer can choose which units are put together and how. Picking: the process of assembling goods according to specified orders (order processing) from a complete range.