What do costophrenic angles mean

Roof pitch - meaning, calculation and parameters

Inclined surface Rapid drainage of rainwater; Favorable behavior towards wind suction stress; Depending on the direction of the compass and the slope of the roof, it is well suited for aggregates for generating renewable energies Visible roof surface (5th and 6th facade); Diverse design options; Adaptation to the landscape and neighboring buildings; Adaptation to regional characteristics Proven deck systems; Additional usable space scaly cover Individual elements compensate for movements in the roofing and construction; There are no critical expansion joints; Air permeability protects the entire construction Great design variance of the roof surface by choosing from different materials with different profiles in different laying systems; The structures of the covering materials lead to a lively light and shadow effect; No annoying expansion joints Light, fast and weather-independent roof covering; Easy replacement of individual elements; There is no need for costly expansion joints Materials Various materials such as fiber cement panels, roof tiles, roof tiles and slate are available; Adaptation to climate and local installation techniques through the selection of proven deck systems; Wall cladding and roof cladding can be made from one material; Non-flammable; Safe for the environment Possible variations through color and shape; Flat and rounded surfaces; Ridges, throats A large selection of inexpensive cover materials with a long service life according to the climate and the building task The property "non-flammable" simplifies fire protection requirements flexibility Technically problem-free expansion options; Large range of system, installation and accessory parts tailored to the materials Flatter sloping to steep roof surfaces than desk, saddle. Folding and barrel roofs; Change from high and less high rooms with horizontal and sloping ceilings; Exposure as needed Additional roof space can be expanded immediately or later (living space reserve); Use as living room, bedroom or storage room; Use as air space in schools, restaurants, residential halls; Use as building services area (heating, air conditioning, etc.) drainage Safe external drainage prevents costly consequential damage to walls and inside the house Depending on the architecture, there are options for visible drainage with a large number of design options Standardized drainage systems; Inexpensive interchangeability; Noise protection measures are not required; Use of rain barrels and cisterns for service water exposure Transparent individual elements of the same format as well as loft windows that match the roof cladding Interesting lighting with transparent individual elements and loft windows in differently inclined surfaces Problem-free and inexpensive installation and replacement of lighting elements and loft windows ventilation Proven ventilation options in all areas of the roof covering and the roof construction or the roof space Ventilation elements can be integrated harmoniously into the roof area Standardized molded parts that fit into the roofing system Solar use Use of solar energy for heat and power generation New collectors and modules can be integrated into the roof covering; Roof design options Ideal slope for maximum system utilization; Easy construction; Diverse funding programs