What does mmm mean in medical terms


Gluten is also known as glue or gluten. The name actually suggests that gluten is composed entirely of one protein molecule, which is not entirely correct. In fact, gluten is a whole mixture of proteins. This is contained in many cereal grains. It occurs in high concentrations in wheat, closely followed by spelled and rye. However, gluten is also found in modified form in other types of grain such as oats and spelled.


Speaking of the name: The word gluten is similar to the word glutamate, which is why it sometimes gives the impression that it is related to substances. In fact, gluten and glutamate have nothing to do with each other from a nutritional point of view. Gluten is a natural protein that is found in many domestic grains. Glutamate is the salt of glutamic acid. It is mainly used as a flavor enhancer in condiments and ready meals.


Back to gluten. What is gluten made up of in detail? Gluten consists of protein molecules called glutenins and prolamines. To make it a bit more complicated: Prolamin is the collective name for gliadin and glutenin, also two specific types of protein.