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Longboard tricks: The 5 best tricks with video at a glance

Where are the best Longboard tricks? In this post we show you the best videos that we could find on the net.

But first things first: Are these longboard tricks suitable for beginners?

Before you step on the board to try these tricks, you should be able to longboard safely and don't forget your equipment. A longboard helmet and joint protectors are mandatory. After all, no master has fallen from the sky and a fall happens faster than you think.

The best longboard tricks

If you have mastered the basic techniques, you can start. Even if it looks spectacular, with a little practice you can do it too. Even if you're not a skater: sit back and enjoy the cool videos.

Trick # 1: the manual

The manual is the classic among longboard tricks. The point is to shift your weight so that you stand with the longboard on the rear axle and only ride on two wheels. The front of the longboard has no contact with the road when driving.

This exercise is easier with a little swing than standing and you usually make quick progress.

If you like it a bit more difficult, give the one a try Nose manual. Instead of standing on the back of the board, you stand on the front and the rear wheels are in the air. In this video you can see both tricks and learn step by step how to do it:

Trick No. 2: Pivot the 180 ° rotation

At the Pivot If you stand on the front axle (nose), lift the rear axle and turn the longboard by 180 ° by shifting your weight. This rotation with body and board looks easy, you need practice as always to create the movement so smoothly. The video shows you how to shift your weight and what role your shoulders play when pivoting:

Trick No. 3: Turn once in a circle with the G-Turn

Whoever masters the manual and the pivot can venture to the next level. Because these longboard tricks are prerequisites for the G-turn. You turn your board once in a circle. As with the manual, you stand on the rear axle, drive off and slowly shift your weight backwards. When the front axle of the board rises, you turn your body by 180 °. After the board has turned 180 degrees, slowly shift your weight forward. This is how you manage the second half and turn around a total of 360 ° with the longboard. The G-turn is done. And it looks very spectacular.

You can find out in the video how you succeed in the G-Turn exactly and what possibilities there are to further develop this technique:

Trick # 4: The Cross Step

It continues with that Cross step, the basic step in longboard dancing. Dancing on the longboard is one of the most elegant longboard disciplines. Simply put, this technique is all about crossing your feet at a 45 ° angle. The video with instructions for this basic longboard dancing step can be found here:

Trick No. 5: The Shovit - jump with a 180 ° turn

At the Shovit you turn once in a semicircle as with the pivot. Only that you also make a jump. The Shovite looks really cool, but if you dare to try this trick, you should be able to pivot first. In contrast to the pivot, the shoulders of the Shovit stay in the direction of travel, and you just let the board turn 180 ° and then land again in the same direction on the longboard.

Step by step to the Shovit? Right this way:

The most common problems

Often start longboarding Beginners too ambitious and start with complex tricksbefore they really have the basic techniques under control. You should avoid this mistake and only start accelerating and braking. Because without balance goes longboarding little and that can only be improved with regular driving and training.

It also comes up with longboarding Body tension and body control at. Often are too little balance and body tension are the reason why tricks do not work as expected. who not sure is out on the longboard, does not accelerate sufficiently and has too little momentum. Too slow or too fast speed are common sources of error. In addition, it often fails at the technology, either one is standing incorrectly, or moving incorrectly or too rigidly.

Too often longboarders don't practice enough and give up too soon. The rule here is: stay on the ball, and practice, practice, practice. It is worth it ..

7 longboard tricks for beginners in one video


You now have an overview of the most popular longboard tricks and practical guides on how best to do it. No matter if manual, pivot, G-turn, cross-step or Shovit: with practice you will also succeed in the best tricks. Not only do they look spectacular, they also improve your balance, motor skills and body control. Avoid the most common sources of error and with a little practice you will quickly make progress too.

Note that you need a good board for the coolest techniques and search through the best longboards in the test.

Which longboard trick do you like best? Leave us a comment with your favorite or share the post.