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Sky Arrow Bridge

Sky Arrow Bridge
yes ス カ イ ア ロ ー ブ リ ッ ジen Skyarrow Bridge


Description on the card:
The largest and longest bridge in Einall stands on four pillars.

Sky Arrow Bridge in Einall
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This location appears in games, anime, and manga.

The Sky Arrow Bridge is a bridge in the south of Einall, which leads from the Eternal Forest to Stratos City. It is undeniably the longest bridge in the game and has a twist. If you cross it, you can see trucks moving under the pedestrian crossing and ships cruising in the sea. In addition, the camera perspective changes several times.

In the games

There are through houses at the ends of this bridge. In the house, near the Eternal Forest, you get the Swift Claw in Pokémon Black and White. But you can also get this item in black 2 and white 2, but in the house near Stratos City.

In black 2 and white 2 you can only enter after entering the hall of fame. Here one person sells table water.



Edition title Audio sample
SWS2W2“Sky Arrow Bridge” theme

In the anime

The Sky Arrow Bridge appears in the anime in the episode The lost world of morbidity !! when Ash and his friends tried to cross them. Just like in the games, the bridge is gigantic. The trees of the Eternal Forest can be seen from there and there is a small market with food stalls and a telephone system. From there, Ash sent his Strawickl to Professor Esche to receive Dusselgurr. You can also see pictures of the old ferry system that was built in front of the bridge in the market. Before the market was there, there was a warehouse there. There is a transport road near the bridge.

A morbidity produced fog that enveloped the bridge, which is why people did not want to cross it. When Ash, Lilia and Benny dared to do it anyway, they were attacked by Morbitesse. It created an illusion of his previous life with Sally and her father. The kids are confused when they see that the morbitess that attacked them used to be nice and kind. The illusion was very convincing, but Benny knew something was wrong.

They later followed Morbitesse, which attacks them again. Suddenly a significantly older Sally appears and calms it down. They hug happily and the fog dissipates, so Ash and the others can continue their journey. Then morbidity disappears.

In the manga

The sky arrow bridge in the manga

Black and white reach the Himmelspfeilbrücke in VS. Unratütox and Chillabell and are fascinated by their size and height. After crossing the Eternal Forest, Weiss would prefer to take a car that is already in abundance on a road under the accessible part of the bridge. But Schwarz persuades her to walk to train. The pedestrian part of the bridge is sparkling clean when you step on it, which is due to the caretaker Rasmus. He is furious that the two are making the bridge dirty again and challenges Black to a fight. In the process, his Unratütox and Chillabell lose against Voltula and Floink. Rasmus now identifies himself as the head of Kampf AG from Stratos City, before they say goodbye to each other and black and white enter Stratos City.

In the trading card game

Overview of the Himmelspfeilbrücke

The TCG has a stadium map called the Sky Arrow Bridge.

In other languages

language Surname
German Sky Arrow Bridge
English Skyarrow Bridge
Japanese ス カ イ ア ロ ー ブ リ ッ ジ Sky Arrow Bridge
Spanish Puente Saeta
French Pont Sagiciel
Italian Ponte Freccialuce
Polish Strzelisty must


  • It is the longest route without obstacles in Einall (with 402 fields) and in all other regions, followed by the groyne path in Sinnoh, which is 270 fields long.
    • Therefore, it is well suited for hatching eggs, as there are also no obstacles in the way.
  • It is similar to the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • In Pokémon Black Edition 2 and White Edition 2, a man near the Eternal Forest is terribly thirsty and wants bottled water, while a man near Stratos City sells bottled water for 300 Pokédollars. If you answer "No" to his question as to whether you want to buy bottled water from him, he keeps telling different stories about why he urgently needs money. (E.g. his daughter would be a trainer and he would be a bad father if he couldn't give her a hypertonic or hyperball.)
  • There is a model of the Sky Arrow Bridge in Pokéwood.