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Work surface - tables

All tables and detailed views can be adapted to your needs and internal processes. The adjustments are user-specific and therefore only apply to the workstation on which they were made. Once you have made an adjustment, the settings are saved in your user profile.

The user-defined settings can be exported as a so-called "application profile" and transferred to other workstations. How to do this can be found under Exporting / importing an application profile.


The tables consist of a table heading and the content area. Right-click on the table heading to get to the context menu with many useful functions:

  • Add columns
  • Remove columns
  • Group content according to a specific column
  • Automatically adjust all column widths in a table
  • Filter by content

These functions are described below.

Explanation of the symbols for test status (green, yellow and red)

Add columns

  1. Right-click anywhere on the table heading to open the context menu.
  2. Select the option "Add column ...".
  3. In the following mask you can add, remove or change the order of columns:

Remove columns

  1. Right-click on the column heading that you want to remove.
  2. Select the option "Remove column".

Move columns

  1. Click the column heading that you want to move.
  2. Drag the column with the mouse to the right or left to the desired position.

Adjust column widths

Adjust width for individual column

Move the mouse over the edge of a column. The mouse pointer turns into an arrow and you can adjust the column width:

Adjust the width for all columns in the table at the same time

  1. Right-click the heading line.
  2. Then select the option "Adjust all column widths" in the context menu.
  3. Dr. Tax checks the space requirements of each column and adjusts the column width accordingly.

Sort columns

Simply click on a column heading to sort it in ascending or descending order. The sorting is indicated by a triangle symbol in the column:

If you want to sort several columns in ascending or descending order, simply hold down the CTRL key and click with the mouse on the column headings you want.

Group columns

By means of column grouping, for example, tax returns from the same canton or the same clerk can be displayed more clearly. There are two ways of grouping the contents of a column:

You can (A) make a grouping directly via the "Grouping" selection box in the title:

To reset the grouping, simply select "Grouping (none)":

Or (B) click with the right mouse button on a column heading according to which you want to group and then select "group by this column".

To reset an existing grouping, click with the right mouse button again on the column heading that was used for grouping and select "Ungroup":

Filter columns

  1. Click on the column heading according to which you want to filter your list (e.g. canton column, clerk, processing status, etc.).
  2. Select one or more filter criteria in the context menu:

  3. If a filter is set, this appears on the one hand Filter icon in the corresponding column. In addition, an orange bar for the filtered view is displayed above the table:

  4. You can reset an existing filter by clicking on "reset filter"click:

Search in tables

  1. Enter the desired search term in the search field. The upper / lower case is not important.
  2. Dr. Tax provides you with the search results in the table and highlights the search term found in orange:

  3. To reset the search, simply click on the "x"on the right in the search window.