Kastenlauf Schlachtensee how to get there

Pedal boats, canoes and the like - with the S-Bahn to boating fun

Water and forest wherever you look - the tour takes you on hidden paths and turns the hike to the boat rental into a little adventure. On the Langen See, where you set sail, you can expect great views of the Müggelberge and inviting bathing bays.

The green tour starts right at the Grünau S-Bahn station. The S46 and S8 S-Bahn lines take you to the south-east of the capital every 20 minutes. If you have crossed the eagle frame, you are already in the middle of the forest and follow the soft forest path until you come to Krumme Lake. From here the path becomes narrower and more winding. The likelihood of having it all to yourself is very high. The path meanders idyllically along the marshland and only shortly before Richtershorn, where the boat rental is located after about five kilometers, do you turn towards Langer See.

Here you are spoiled for choice: do you opt for a classic two-person kayak, a romantic rowboat or pedal boat? Or do you prefer it to be motorized? Then you can borrow one of the many different license-free motor boats. If you want something special or are traveling in a larger group, there are even pontoon barbecue boats and adventure rafts! So you can stand it on the water all day. You can find more about prices and boats here: bootsverleih.bootsjunge.de

If you have decided on a boat with muscle power, you can, for example, sail the Long Lake, which is also known as Dahme, to the north. From the water you have a wonderful view of the Müggelberge and passing sailing boats. On the west bank you can dock at the Bammelecke bathing area or on a small sandy beach on the east bank and jump into the cool water. Once you've let off steam on the water, there's hearty food on the table in the western restaurant right next to the boat rental.

The way back is through the forest to the Grünau S-Bahn station. If you don't like hiking anymore, you can also take tram 68 there, which meanders along the edge of the forest near the shore.