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Contact block in the Corona crisis: What we humans miss most

Much that makes our life more beautiful is currently not possible. A visit to the football stadium, a wild night of partying or a meeting with the family. What do people miss the most?

The Corona crisis is a time of privation for all of us. Contacts are to be reduced to a minimum, restaurants, bars and many shops are closed. We currently have to do without a lot of things that are part of everyday life for us. Not all of them miss the same things. The potential candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet, for example, misses the meetings with his friends and said in a radio interview: "It's a little too quiet for me."

The editors of t-online.de are also suffering from the current situation: Here they report what they are currently missing the most.

Football is more than a sport

"There are people who think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure you that it is much more serious," said Liverpool coaching legend Bill Shankly once. This is nonsense, of course. But for me, football is much more than just a sport in which 22 people chase a ball. Football is coming together, football is emotion, football is after all: life.

A lot of my friendships and relationships are based on the weekly spectacle game day, the mutual tremors during the radio conference and teasing each other's favorite team when the results are bad. All of this is currently taking the corona crisis away from me and leaving me behind in a hole that I am trying to fill with nostalgia and hope that the ball will soon roll again.

Family ties - the struggle for familiarity

My family is very cohesive and we see each other regularly. This has not been possible for a few weeks now. Sure, we're on the phone. But the meetings are very missing. My three little nephews are getting bigger every week and are learning new things. I am not there. I also haven't seen my grandmother, who lives in a dementia flat share because of her Alzheimer's disease, for over a month.

Will the familiarity we still had outlast the corona crisis? It is unclear. I am now writing her letters in which I put photos of us. They should remind them who we were not long ago.

At the end of the crisis there is dancing

The crisis has already changed something in me - suddenly I am missing strangers. Things that were everyday life before Corona are no longer possible within a very short time. As a result, I now approach past normalcy with more appreciation. On the one hand, it is the encounters with foreign perspectives and experiences that regularly shift and expand my horizons. These are conversations that enable me to think outside the box of my own social contacts on a regular basis. This is often the foundation of my creativity.

On the other hand, I simply miss the distraction from the chaos of everyday life. My batteries recharge when I'm in the cinema or theater in the evening, when I'm with friends in a bar or club. This frees my head for other things. Therefore, at the end of the crisis, I will dance, surrounded by haze, spotlights, loud music and strangers. Without any stress, even if there are many people.

Dear readers, We can't meet our friends, go to the movies or go to concerts - in times of the corona pandemic, we all have to do without things that are important to us. What are you currently missing the most? Write it to us by e-mail to [email protected] We will publish a selection of the submissions in a separate article with the abbreviated name.

The spontaneity falls by the wayside

"Shall we meet for a beer in half an hour?" Oh, those were the times when you could meet at short notice for a pub crawl. When you decided ten minutes before the start of the film to go to the cinema. And when you woke up at the weekend and could spontaneously drive to the Spreewald. I miss this spontaneity in everyday life - because not even my walk to the supermarket is really spontaneous.

Memories will be missing

I feel locked up - not in my apartment, but in Berlin. I love to travel. The uncertainty about how long I won't be able to explore other countries wears me down. For six weeks I wanted to travel with my backpack from Armenia via Turkey and many other countries back to Berlin by land. I was looking forward to the smells, noises, moods and memories. I was only recently in Lesbos, not on vacation, but to learn something about Greece, the EU and the world. It hurts to miss these experiences indefinitely.

For me, travel is the best way to understand. To broaden my own horizons and to question myself, my life and my work again and again. I miss the world

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