Egt test how far back

How long can the coronavirus be detected in the body?

He reports on patients in whom the pathogen was found in the airways - especially in the nose and throat - four weeks after surviving the illness, "in the stool even four to six weeks".

Virus fragments detectable even longer

Zessin explains to us that the detection is done by RT-PCR, a complex molecular biological method. “With RT-PCR you can detect structures that you are looking for. In the case of the coronavirus, there are certain sequences of the virus genome. These can also be in fragments and do not necessarily have to come from an intact virus. "

In the current phase, the RT-PCR would search for sequences that prove a virus attack and thus serve diagnostics. "Over time, the body also breaks down those fragments of inactive viruses," the expert knows.

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Detectable does not mean contagious

Proof of this does not necessarily mean that the viruses can still be transmitted and are infectious. This was shown not least by the presence of viruses in the stool of the patients. Because: "A fecal-oral transmission has not yet been described and is rather unlikely."

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Is it possible to prove an infection with the coronavirus retrospectively?

That's fine. "You will be able to detect antibodies in the blood months, if not years,", explains the molecular biologist. In this way, it can be concluded that a corona infection has occurred.

One more reason to be up-to-date if you suspect Covid 19 disease just get tested if you belong to the risk group.

If you have noticed (tolerable) symptoms or if you fear infection for other reasons (contact with infected people), please stay at home and clarify the further procedure by telephone with the health department responsible for you. As soon as calm has returned - and then still some time has passed, you can also shed light on the darkness afterwards.

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