How to stop clinging to them

You can't please everyone ... So learn how to stop caring!

You have been invited to a life changing seminar that you have been waiting for months. When you enter the event you manage to keep a calm look outside, but inside you are a bubbling cauldron of uncertainty and panic.

'I shouldn't be here ... I feel a betrayal' ... "What if nobody talks to me ... I have to look like a mockery"

The torture continues; You agonize and squirm with worry about what others might think of you.

The same thing happens every time you're at your computer screen anxious to type the opening of your novel, but distracted by the imaginary whispering about what other people have to say about you.

Sounds crazy? Or are you all too familiar with these examples?

Whether you are thinking of starting a new blog, want to go back to school, are a profitable businessman dreaming of escaping your desk, or just someone who finds the courage to be ourselves, we all live up to to some degree in fear of what others think of us.

It can be easy to hold us back from fear of what others might think; The fear that we will be laughed at, judged or even avoided.

In a society where we find it difficult to give up control, controlling how others think of us cannot drive us to the point of madness.

But why? What are we so afraid of?

If you've ever let fear of what others think of you hold you back, keep yourself small or change your spending in some way. You will undoubtedly have noticed two things:

) 1. You felt even worse when you compromised yourself.

) 2. Nobody cared about it.

Reality is really as harsh as it sounds. nobody really cares!

The reason why?

Everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves and their opinions. So nobody really thinks about anyone.

Is not it crazy?

It's totally crazy! But when something is really important to us - a project, a new business, a big decision, and the people around us - it can become nearly impossible to avoid those dizzying self-doubts and insecurities that can paralyze us with fear.

However, try to think of it that way - once you have embraced the mind-altering, liberating realization that nobody really cares that much about what you are doing - it shouldn't stop you! You can live your most authentic, passionate life and be sure that nobody cares!

Who knew that realization like this could feel so good?

So, now that you know that all eyes are not on you, how are you going to live differently from today?

How to stop caring about what others think

1. Focus on yourself

Show yourself some love and compassion. This can help you feel more confident and comfortable.

When you show love to yourself, it doesn't matter what others think of you.

2. Realize that everyone else has their own life

This is hard to see at times, but try to understand that other people have things to do in their own lives and are too busy to judge or focus on you and your life.

You may also be worried about what you are worried about.

3. Understand that you cannot please everyone

Not everyone will like you, and some people may even like you to judge, but what matters is how you yourself react to that judgment. Realize that some people just won't be happy with what you have to offer them, and that's fine. You can move away from these people and focus on yourself.

4. Realize that you only have one life

When you think about your life, I assume you want to be happy and live your life for you and nobody else. If so, please stop bothering about it!

Once you realize that you only have this one life, you should realize that it doesn't really matter what others think about as they have their own lives and are not responsible for your life. So live your life for yourself and try not to focus on people who are judging you as they don't matter.

Eliminate any negativity in your life and take care of yourself ...

It can be difficult not to think about what others think of you, especially when they are negative towards you. However, you shouldn't let others stop you from living your life and achieving your dreams.

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However, there are times when you come across negative people and negative moments when you may feel that way.

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