How did Andra Akers die

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It is possible to lose 23 kg in just 2 months, even if you are over 40. I'll show you my story and how I am overjoyed with my new character. Hello and welcome to my blog! 3 months ago I was a fat pig, but thanks to my daughter I had lost weight and found the love of my life. An unusual green drink helped me lose weight and overcome my depression after my husband died. But one after the other. I am over 40 years old. My husband died a year ago. I have a son and a daughter. Alex studies sports and Bea is married and lives in another city. They rarely come to see me. After my husband died, life had lost its meaning to me and I felt like a robot. I went to work, came home and just ran out of energy to cook. I only ate fast food and junk food that I ordered at home. When Bea me after a few months