Bcg 120 mg is how many ml

Convert mass and weight units

How many hundredweight is there in a barrel? How many grams are in an ounce? And how do you convert English to German pounds? With this online calculator, a wide variety of mass or weight units can be converted into one another (converting).

Simply enter the original weight including the unit of measurement, for example 1 ton. Then select the unit of measurement to be converted into: In the setting All the conversion takes place in all available weight units. Alternatively, a single weight unit can be selected for conversion.

You can choose from the internationally common weight units gigaton, megaton, kiloton and ton, kilogram, hectogram, decagram and gram, milligram, microgram, nanogram and picogram, as well as the older weight units pound, hundredweight and quintal (as is common in Germany). It can also be converted into the mass units common in English-speaking countries Long ton (British tons), Short ton (American bin), Stone (English stone) and Pound (English pound), as well as in ounces (English Ounce) and into the atomic mass unit used in the natural sciences, also known as Dalton.

The result can be displayed with an accuracy of up to six decimal places.

Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.