How did Rami Makhzoumi die

This chapter concerns all people. Hardly anyone can be found who has not experienced serious, tragic events: a serious illness, the death of his neighbor, material loss, etc. By and large, a person is born every day for a new life and dies every evening. A philosophical translation of the word "death" means loss, the end of something that has "survived". For example, we can say: "Your relationships have died", "He died for me," and by this we mean that relationships, a phase of life for us, are or are at an end.

And depending on how a person copes with it, his current and future life depends on it. As a rule, there are two variants here: either a person becomes wiser, ascends to a new spiritual level (for an educated person there are two uneducated ones) or he does not accept the situation, becomes melancholy, pessimistic, reproachful, etc. In this case, comes it very quickly leads to a decline on all levels: the physical, the mental and the spiritual ("The tragedy broke him ...") It is precisely in such critical situations that the question is posed with all determination: enormous progress or decline.

Granted, the meaning of the word "tragedy" depends very much on the level of spiritual development and the degree of selfishness of a person. For one, losing a small amount of money can be a huge tragedy. Another has a heart attack because of unpleasant words at his address. It may seem to someone that the world is collapsing because the dogmas and ideals on which he has built his life have turned out to be nonsense, etc.

Depending on how strongly a person identifies with his body, with this ephemeral material world and how many bonds he has, he will suffer through various "tragedies". By and large, the life of such a person is one great tragedy.

It is important to remember that “God does not give us trials beyond our capabilities.” One simply needs to be ready and know the ways to face the trials.

Success often spoils a person, and difficulty is the best teacher.

Who Said To Be Afraid of Death?

“One stroke of fate after another falls on our generation. To be widowed has become an everyday thing for us. I haven't had a child for many years and then with great difficulty I gave birth to one. But the head of the family died right after the birth. What is this all for, what do we need to understand? I'm stressed, but I have to raise my child. "

First of all, I would like to offer you my condolences. No matter how philosophically we understand and accept life, the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest tests of fate. I deliberately did not answer you right away because immediately after such a tragedy a person usually needs emotional support and not instruction, however reasonable they may be.

It is normal for you to be under stress now. The stress is justified in the first time after an unexpected accident, as it comes to a change in biochemical processes in the organism due to stress. The mind begins to work more clearly (or vice versa, it switches off completely when a person is completely carried away by this grief), the organism uses all its reserves. There are many known cases where people in such a state have performed miracles: lifted a huge weight, climbed over a high fence, etc. But if the stress lasts longer it can destroy all health and destiny.

And the main reason for stress is fear or an immediate loss experience: loss of money, loss of a position, loss of health, a breakdown of ideals, etc. But the greatest fear is fear of death, because death brings the loss of everything.

According to a study by modern psychologists, the fear of death is one of the main fears of people today. First and foremost, this is the fear of your own death and the death of people close to you.

We have discussed in detail several times that fear is the main enemy of love, that a truly spiritual person is fearless because he understands that he has an eternal soul and not a perishable material body, and everything that belongs to that body, all relationships and the whole world in general, are not permanent and it makes no sense to make yourself dependent on whatever and whoever in this world, in this world where everything is constantly changing. He also understands that the most important thing is inner calm and that one lives with unconditional love, since love is bliss. And only the wrong ego can take this bliss and calm away from us, because it is always afraid, becomes dependent, is jealous, makes demands, brings tension and avarice into our lives, etc.

Now let's try to examine the fear of death. This topic is taboo in our society. But in this we are like an ostrich trying to run away from a problem by simply sticking its head in the sand. And that only adds to the problem. It is much more useful to realize that death is natural like birth, that each of us dies at a predetermined hour - that may be in a few minutes, but maybe in a few decades. And when we accept that fact, then we stop mutilating our psyche by shifting that fear into our subconscious, which changes our behavior for the better.

An experiment was carried out at a well-known American university. The students were told: “Imagine that you will die in six months.” The behavior of this group has changed a lot. These students have become more polite, sincere, and good-natured. Later on, many of them spoke very warmly about this experiment. They said that thanks to this experiment they thought about the higher values, became happier and achieved a lot in their life. The Buddha already said: “Those who really understand that we are all going to perish soon stop arguing with one another.” But in our pragmatic century, many are trying to take advantage of this too. In many modern sects, with ever-shifting announcements of the impending end of the world, fear is spreading, increasing the number of members and collecting large donations.

In the Mahabharata (an ancient Indian epic) there is an interesting parable about how a great righteous tsar came to a brook and saw his dead brothers there. Suddenly he heard a voice that came from heaven, telling him that if you now do not answer the question: "What is the most wonderful thing in this world?", Then you too will die, to which the tsar replied without thinking has: “The most wonderful thing in this world is that we see death every day, all our neighbors can die, but we will still think that we will never die. And that is precisely what I think is the most wonderful thing in this world, that people think about things and behave as if they will never die. ”And the divine voice said:“ You are really wise and you have given the correct answer. "

But why do people refuse to believe that they will die? The point is that we know in the depths of our soul that we are immortal, that we have nothing to do with this transitory illusory world. The soul literally cries out: “Stop identifying with this sack of muscles and bones, stop living according to the laws of the wilderness, stop giving up love at every turn, there is only love and that Serving God can bring the bliss that you seek so much. "

But we, who have already lived many lives in this world, identify more and more with the current body, plunge more and more into the hectic pace of this world, get tangled up more and more, and our consciousness is always growing through greed, anger, desire and envy more desecrated. And instead of becoming aware: "My spirit is eternal, a part of God", the view begins to dominate with us: "I am this body, a part of this transitory world." to do everything around us "for eternity".

“Swear eternal love to me.” “I want to get money so that I will never be in need (forever)” etc., since we refuse to accept this obvious truth: “In this world everything is perishable: the bodies, homes, relationships, civilization, climate, moral and religious dogmas, etc. Our consciousness is becoming more and more obscured by ignorance and permeated with fear, this terrible enemy of love. We begin to constantly develop fear of loss, which unfortunately is not so rare in this world, but a natural and necessary attribute. More than that, very often everything is organized by the universe in such a way that in life we ​​lose that which we are most attached to, of which we have made an idol. We get the problems by and large when we start to think that happiness is outside of us: in a person, in work, in the house, and when something happens to this object, it seems to us that we are being robbed of our luck. For example, a woman thinks her happiness is her husband. You can even call it: "my happiness". And

when this man decides to leave the family, she starts to whine: "Where are you going, my happiness?"

I am consciously engaged in this profound philosophy. By and large it is the case that as long as a person does not understand the laws of this world, he cannot really cope with a difficult situation. The most possible is to "numb" this pain with the help of psychological techniques, active occupation and alcohol, to free yourself to forget it. But if you do not accept this situation on the deep psychological level, if you have not become aware of it, if you continue to complain and offend someone, for example: "What for, my God, did you send me this?", Then everything is negative to the level of the subconscious, and the person can suddenly age, develop a serious illness or develop a new serious illness.

But if a person correctly overcomes severe strokes of fate, which he has actually drawn himself with his thoughts and behavior and which are the best lessons for him, then the person becomes wise, reaches a higher level, becomes more peaceful and loving, and is Fate takes a completely different course. On the external level, a person can cry and be sad for a while. But this is normal because we are living people and we have feelings, and the suppression of feelings and emotions is very dangerous. The correct way to cope with a situation is that a person should understand the truths described above and therefore see a realistic picture of the world and for this reason accept every situation as the grace of God. He makes no demands and does not become melancholy (melancholy, by the way, is one of the main sins in Christianity).

In the present case, it is very important to understand, as there is a recognition of life as a divine power, great fear of death, deification and attachment to whoever supports them (husband, father) among women of this generation. , to a complete lack of love in the soul, and, instead of love, to a strong bond that kills on the subtle level as well as strong hatred. Therefore the men in your generation will not be older than 45 years and you yourself have had serious problems with conception. The fate of your child also depends heavily on how you can solve this karmic task.

Instead of grieving, feeling moody, and crying, start working on yourself. By the way, with your melancholy and sadness you send a concentrated charge of negative energy to the souls of the deceased, causing them a lot of suffering.

Practical recommendations for those who have experienced or are currently experiencing great stress

1. One always has to occupy oneself with something, not linger a minute on one's thoughts.

2. You have to force yourself to walk straight (not stooped) and smile more often or, at least, avoid a sad expression on your face.

3. Never to use words filled with pessimism, fear and compassion. Conversely, one has to repeat emotional assurances (there is God's love for everything; everything passes and that also passes), repeat prayers, mantras or at least sing one's favorite melodies.

4. You have to be outdoors and in the fresh air more often, especially on sunny days.

5. One must do various physical exercises (especially swimming, running, ice skating, jogging) and yoga as they are more necessary and useful than ever.

6. Learn to see and trust God behind everything that happens in your life. Sincere prayer goes a long way. Philosophize more often about the impermanence of everything in this world. Read more historical literature. It helps to feel the impermanence of everything that happens, no matter how much people or civilizations achieve, how interesting they have lived, if they had to die at some point, disappear from the surface of the earth.

7. Read scientific literature confirming the wandering of the soul, clinical death, hypnotic regression, media sessions, children's memories of previous lives.

8. Recall how many people in this world suffer, suffer and have lost everything and everyone in a war, in the context of natural disasters. This helps us understand how relative our grief is.

9. Think about it, think about it, whether our moans and wails are pleasant to those who have gone to another world? Imagine that you have gone to another country to study and you are constantly receiving news that your relatives are in a deep depression as a result of this separation from you. How will you feel

The soul doesn't die. We are forever

“The last two and a half years have not been a very easy time in my life. There have been many changes, and recently I had a great grief - the death of my mother, who was a particularly close and dear person to me. What is my karmic task? I know that everything is in God's hands and I try to accept with love and understanding every fate that is destined for me, but I turn a completely new page and do not want to stain it. "

“You have a time of great change ahead that will last until October. This period affects practically all areas of life. And most importantly, that these changes take place on the psychological and the spiritual level, and that is the basis for all changes. And what we have in us we also get in outer life. While these changes are, by and large, very beneficial to you in the end, the time of change itself is always difficult. But only in the face of difficulties do we grow. The extent to which a person is not afraid of difficulties and can cope with them ultimately depends on his success in life.

I would like to come to the subject of death and the subject of the loss of a loved one. You have to deal with this because if you do not accept the death of your mother internally, you do not let go of her, your life will not be right. You need to clear the following, and these are pretty profound philosophical truths. Our soul is everlasting and incarnates from time to time according to its karma and desire in a particular family, nation and country. When you think and act in a certain way, the soul creates karma for itself. Karma is the result of our thoughts and actions that we acquire as a result of certain consequences. Whether or not these consequences are pleasant depends on our original actions. The word “karma” is often understood to mean fate.In this way the soul passes from one body to another according to the karmic reactions. It happens that she is born into a happy, rich family and has a healthy and beautiful body, and it can be the other way around. In this way the soul is at the height of material energy and enjoys matter. But after that she is down and suffers. The whole material world lives in rhythms. There is nothing constant here. But the sufferings dominate in this world. Because even if a person has reached a very high position, he will lose it at some point, and, even more, he will be confronted with old age, with diseases and death in this world and, as a result, will be born again. Likewise, other creatures, natural disasters, your own mind and body also bring suffering. And the aim of this whole divine drama is to help the soul purify its consciousness, restore its relationships with God based on unconditional love and the spirit of service.

The great master of Eastern psychology Swami Vishnu-Devananda wrote: “The great philosophers, prophets and religious leaders agree that a clear understanding of man's connection with God and the universe is the only way to escape the fear of death and in the spiritual sense of the word, to escape death itself. If a person clearly understands that the immortal soul and the supreme soul or God are identical, then what is death and where is the fear? One of the main themes of Devananda is the pursuit of the union of the soul of a single person with the soul of the universe or God. And when such a union takes place, then there is no longer any place for fear or death. "

Tears are a sign of self-pity

So it is obvious that the soul does not die when the body becomes obsolete. But why do we cry at funerals? We feel sorry for ourselves ... tears are an expression of self-pity. We complain, “What should I do on my own?” Well, first of all, nobody left anyone. There is a body there. The soul has already left him. When the soul leaves the body, it begins to decompose ... And the more we depend on this person, the louder we cry. Actually, it's natural to mourn when you say goodbye. But deep depression, the loss of meaning in life, aggression and reproaches to the address of God and humans are very dangerous emotions that are capable of destroying us and stopping the journey of that soul that has left the body.

Unfortunately, in our childhood we were not taught how to become a person of integrity, how to be happy and successful regardless of external circumstances.

And, in fact, we were not given any more true deep spiritual knowledge. At best, we got the rules of secular morality and adherence to some religious one

Rituals taught. And that's how we grew up and got used to looking for happiness everywhere and in everyone, just not in us. We have become accustomed to striving to shape our lives in such a way that we get as much out of ourselves as possible.

And to the question “Where is your happiness?” We answer with conviction - in work, in relatives, in eating, in observing religious rituals, etc. But when something happens to the source of our happiness, we mean that the world collapses.

And it is obvious that we do not accept death at all. However, the correct way of dealing with the death of our neighbors is expressed by accepting it as the highest will, observing all religious rituals because of this person, by visiting the cemetery and sincerely thinking of the moment when we too, earlier or later, we will experience our own funeral ceremony. When we really become aware of this, our life changes quickly for the better.

Understanding this is one of your karmic tasks.

The best gift for ... the deceased

1. The best help and support for our relatives is our spiritual development. Energetically we stay connected to the one who passed away earlier. The stronger the bond, the stronger the bond. They can get support from us and even their karma can change for the better if we live harmoniously. In the Vedas it is said that for a person who is enlightened and lives in divine love, seven generations before him and after him are set free.

But if, instead of living in love, we choose the path of sin and live in melancholy, anger and envy, then we cause a lot of suffering and pain to our deceased relatives. Her condition or fate may even worsen in the next incarnations after her soul has left her body.

It is said that we can only change our karma while we are in our physical body. Once we leave, we can only reap the fruits of what we deserve.

And in this case the souls depend very much on the relatives and neighbors who have stayed behind on earth, since only they can correct and improve their position after leaving their outer shell.

In all advanced civilizations it used to be believed that it was important to have spiritually evolved children, especially sons, because after death they could perform cleansing rituals and rid them of bad karma.

2. In many cultures, even modern ones, there is a knowledge that grief and grief bring much pain to the deceased, so funerals are held in a carnival mood, everyone is happy and funny. Maybe it doesn't always and not everyone, but it has something to offer.

We always have a choice: to make a comedy or a tragedy out of our life.

One day an old monk was asked how does he manage to always be so happy and cheerful?

To which he replied: “I know that we ourselves make our life a paradise or a hell, to be happy or unhappy. Every morning I step in front of the mirror and ask myself where I am going today: to paradise or to hell?

How do I run around today: happy and fun-loving or sullen and dissatisfied? Every morning I decide to go to paradise. "

Death becomes condemnation only in the case of suicide

Death undoubtedly only brings tragic consequences, and that in the case of suicide. Even just thinking about it or, God forbid, planning this crime against the universe is very psychological and worsening karma. The one who did this becomes a spiritual criminal. Imagine a warrior throwing away his weapon in the middle of a difficult battle on the grounds that he is tired, afraid, has no desire and deserted. In any society such a person deserves to be punished and condemned.

So even a person who has committed suicide is condemned for a long time to the most difficult forms of existence and he becomes a curse for his neighbors. A person has to live 78 years according to his fate, but he commits suicide at the age of 30. The remaining 48 years he will wander around in the subtle body of an evil, discontented spirit and bring misery to those on whom he was dependent during his lifetime, and he will spend the next incarnations in unbearable forms of life.

Some Methods of Neutralizing Suicide

If anyone of your neighbors has punished you in this way, then it is very important for you to seriously engage in the spiritual life with one religious theme - visiting holy places and temples regularly. At home, you need to have scriptures (the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Bhagawadgita), religious attributes, and images. It is desirable that a candle be lit and prayers or mantras chanted as often as possible. It is desirable to have with you some religious attribute - a prayer book, a cross, a rosary, a tula necklace.

One must sincerely ask God for forgiveness for this person and donate something in his name on his birthday and, preferably on the day of his suicide, for the building of places of worship and for the spreading of true knowledge.

It is appropriate to burn the body of such a person and throw away all his belongings or burn them as well. It is highly recommended that you move out of the apartment where the unfortunate person lived, especially if this wrong act took place in it ...

The great insight

A parable

A woman came to the Buddha. Your child passed away. She stood there and cried. Her husband passed away a long time ago. For her, the child was her only joy, her love and her life. Buddha smiled gently and said to her:

- Go into town and ask for some mustard seeds in a house where no one died. Then you come back to me and I will help you.

The woman has left. She went into every house and no matter where she went she was told, "We can give you as much mustard seeds as you want, but many have died in our house."

She walked like that all day. She was told there were no such houses, but she has not given up hope.

Towards evening the important realization came to her that death is a part of life and not something personal. With this knowledge she came back to Buddha. He asked:

- Where are the mustard seeds?

She smiled and said:

- Let me know, I want to get to know that which never dies.