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HTG - Howell Technology Group partners with Login VSI to support customers, reduce risk and ensure business continuity by ensuring application and desktop performance

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With the help of a customer-oriented approach, the professional and trustworthy IT consultancy services from HTG enable customers to maintain sustainable operations and achieve efficiencies that result from the transformation of their IT environments into modern cloud-based workplaces.

This partnership will focus on delivering custom solutions and services as part of the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) ecosystem. Thanks to the close cooperation with Microsoft as a gold partner, HTG is already able to deliver WVD to some important accounts as a cloud-based remote working solution. The addition of Login VSI to this combination offers HTG the unique opportunity to join forces with the market leader in testing with the help of synthetic users.

Kevin Howell, CTO at HTG said, “Sizing end-user computing solutions to deliver the best user experience and performance can be complex. The use of Login VSI enables us to provide our services in a highly effective and efficient manner. "

For Login VSI, this partnership offers the opportunity to work with a highly respected consultant. By using its special capabilities, HTG will be able to efficiently include Login Enterprise in its customer base - in order to enable customers to carry out application compatibility checks, load, performance and availability checks in a single platform.

Since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, the demand for corporate IT organizations to support a global remote working model has increased. The assessment of a more comprehensive remote infrastructure is therefore of crucial importance. Login VSI offers extensive testing and validation of the entire technology stack, from the core to the endpoint. It maximizes the scalability and availability of applications and virtual desktop environments, including the cloud. Login Enterprise, Login VSI's flagship product, enables companies to quickly identify potential performance or availability by measuring and comparing application load and response times. This know-how offers added value for the services of HTG in the digital workplace and in particular in the context of the WVD ecosystem.

Graham Wight, CEO of HTG, commented on the development: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Login VSI. With the recent shift in demand for technologies that enable a smooth and safe transition to remote working, there is an increased need for performance and availability testing. This additional service as part of the partnership can further improve and further increase the value of the services we offer our customers. "

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with HTG," said Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. “With the global shift towards remote working, there is an increased need for performance and availability checks to ensure business continuity. With their unmatched knowledge of the QVD market and their unparalleled experience, we believe we are well on the way to a long lasting relationship. "

About HTG

HTG is a leading global IT solutions company that offers a range of disruptive technologies and excellent products. We work very closely with our customers from a wide variety of industries to achieve efficiency gains by transforming their IT environments and simplifying the way in which our IT services are provided to them. Our digital knowledge and our competencies in the field of state-of-the-art technologies enable us to support our customers in realizing their digital vision and strategic roadmap by bringing about real and sustainable change..

For more information, visit or contact us on the phone number 0191 481 3446.

Via login VSI

Login VSI is the only solution on the market that guarantees the maximum end-user experience for digital workplaces. We reduce risk and ensure business continuity by ensuring application and desktop performance. We achieve this by using synthetic users to carry out automatic checks and validate the effects of the change on physical, virtual and cloud-based workplaces.

Our flagship product Login Enterprise integrates application compatibility testing, load testing, and application and availability testing into a single platform. Login Enterprise also includes pre-built standard application workload templates. Login VSI has more than 400 customers in 50 countries. More information is available at

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