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"The Life of Brian": These actors have already died

"The Life of Brian" is a classic - especially at Easter. The comedy is about the naive "Brian", who is born on the same day as Jesus and is mistaken for the Messiah by unfortunate coincidences. The idea for the film came from the British comedy group Monty Python. Unfortunately, some “The Life of Brian” stars have already passed away.

© imago images / Everett Collection Graham Chapman and Terry Jones in "The Life of Brian"

At the end of the sixties, the six-member comedian group Monty Python was founded. At the end of the eighties they had their last joint appearance with all members. A short comeback followed in 2014 and the group completely disbanded.

"The Life of Brian" was released in 1979. Many years have passed since then. How has the cast fared?

"The Life of Brian": These actors have already died

Terry Jones († 77) starred in the comedy as mother "Cohen", "Hermit" and "Simon of Cyrene". The actor, screenwriter and historian died on January 21, 2020. This was preceded by dementia and a language disorder resulting from it.

Graham Chapman († 48) is one of the founding members of Monty Python. In the comedy he played "Brian", "Schwanzus Longus" and a sage from the Orient. He died in 1989. Chapman was an alcohol addict and a heavy smoker for years. Ultimately, oropharynx cancer was the cause of death.

That's what became of the Monty Python comedians

The remaining members of Monty Python are still alive and some of them are really successful in show business. Eric Idle (78) was last seen in a film in 2016 and published his autobiography "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" in 2018. In “The Life of Brian” he played “Stan” / “Loretta”, “Mr. Cheeky, ”the beard seller, a prison guard and many more.

John Cleese (81) is still very active as an actor and was most recently seen in series such as "Hold the Sunset" or "The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee". In the controversial comedy he was seen in the following roles, among others: "Reg", "Centurio", high priest and sage from the Orient.

Terry Gilliam (80) tends to work behind the camera. He was even J.K. Rowling's preferred director for "Harry Potter" was turned down by Warner Bros. In the 1979 film he was seen, among other things, as a blood-and-thunder prophet and prison guard.

Michael Palin (77) is an actor, writer, singer and was even president of the Royal Geographical Society. In “The Life of Brian” he mimed Pontius Pilate, “Francis”, the ex-leper, “turnip nose”, the boring prophet, “Nisus Wettus” and a wise man from the Orient. He should play in the new series "Time Bandits".