How has Mexican food influenced Australian cuisine?

Australian cuisine

The cuisine of Australia is mainly influenced by the British eating and drinking traditions and the kitchens of immigrants from Southeast Asia or Greece. Aboriginal culture has had little impact on Australian cuisine. In the last few decades, Australian cuisine has become very international and native Bush food also plays a more important role. Bush food refers to native plants and animals that were used by the Aborigines and the first British settlers. The animals that were hunted by the indigenous people include kangaroos, possums and the bag-hunter wombats. The natives also incorporated reptile meat, insects or birds' eggs into their diet. The use of some animals and plants is now experiencing a renaissance in Australia's modern food industry. Traditional Aboriginal foods are sold in supermarkets under the name Bush tucker. Bush bread is the name given to the original Aboriginal bread, which has a long tradition among the indigenous people and is considered extremely healthy. The desire for one's own national cuisine has been very important for the self-image in Australia for years and has led to modern hybrid forms of the kitchens of Europeans and Aborigines. Lamb dishes have had a high priority in Australia since the British settlement period. In the 20th century, lamb replaced mutton, which was traditionally eaten by farmers.

Roast lamb, steaks and sausages are very popular with Australian barbecues. Barbecues are extremely popular in Australia. However, meat consumption has decreased over the past few decades. When it comes to take-away snacks, puff pastries with sausages and meaty pies are very popular in Australia. Finger food is extremely popular in Australia. Fish dishes are very popular on the coasts. There is actually no typical Australian national dish. Australians love to eat the salty Vegemite spread, which tastes like Maggie or a stock cube. Above all, Vegemite is very rich in vitamin B and is spread on sandwiches, bread or toast. The Australians are big beer fans. Beer is the national drink par excellence in Australia. The most famous Australian beer in Europe is certainly Foster's lager. A typical fruit in Australia is the kiwi, which came to Australia from China. In both Australia and New Zealand, the cake with cream and fruit, pavlova, is seen as a national dish. A popular hot breakfast meal is porridge, an oatmeal porridge with milk. The oatmeal porridge originally came from Scotland and is still very popular in England today. For breakfast, the Australians eat more hearty with sausage, ham and eggs. Coffee or tea is traditionally drunk for breakfast. Above all, the European coffee culture is trendy in Australia. One likes to drink coffee with milk, for example.