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Romy Storm

Romy storm

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Works in a children's home in Namibia with cousin Lili
Romy storm(born Mint) was first portrayed by Nike Martens from episode 2036 to episode 2661. Sarah Ulrich later took on the role and played it from episode 2744 to episode 3708.

Series plot [edit | Edit source]

Romy Sturm moves to Schillerallee together with her father Rufus Sturm, her mother Ariane Minz and her half-brother Rene Sturm. Romy first wants to become a model and is very careful about her appearance. Her mother Ariane allows her to have a nose operation. But Romy is still unsettled about her appearance and eventually suffers from bulimia. She falls in love with Jan Gräser, which is a thorn in Ariane's side. She wants to keep Romy away from Jan, whereupon her bulimia worsens. When Jan and Romy run away from Schillerallee together, Ariane realizes her mistake and finally accepts the relationship between the two. Romy is successfully undergoing therapy for her illness. The relationship with Jan breaks down when she cheats with Mars Sommer and he later has an affair with Kim Ritter. However, they remain friends. Romy is going to New Zealand for six months to visit her friend Anna Weigel.

Upon her return, Romy falls in love with Easy Winter and the two get together. The relationship initially suffers from Easy's jealousy until he realizes that he has to trust Romy. Romy has to suffer hard from Rene's death, also because Rufus clings too much to her afterwards. Tobias Lassner falls in love with Romy. He tries successfully to relax and conquer them Easy. Her friends and Rufus disapprove of the relationship, which only drives Romy into Tobias ’arms. Under his influence, Romy takes part in drugs and illegal car races. Easy saves her life when she and Tobias have an accident in such a race. But instead of being grateful to Easy, Romy lets Tobias persuade him to mistakenly attach sexual harassment to him. Only when Easy faces a prison sentence does Romy admit the truth. She separates from Tobias and tries everything to make up for her mistakes. She arranges a reconciliation between Easy and his father Michael. She and Easy almost get back together, but both realize that they only have friendly feelings for each other.

Shortly thereafter, she begins a passionate relationship with Mars. The two separate and reconcile often, but when Romy falls in love with her new teacher Henning Fink, Mars ends the relationship. Because Henning wants to get her a scholarship in the USA, Romy thinks that he reciprocates her feelings, but he makes it clear to her that he is only interested in her as a student. After graduating from high school, she was given the opportunity to work as a teacher in Namibia for a development aid project. Although she fell in love with Malte Winter, she accepted the offer. Before she leaves Cologne, Malte and Romy sleep together. Romy goes to Namibia and leaves Malte a romantic farewell letter on the mirror.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

Romy: "The finch is a bullhorn!"
Rufus: "No, the finch is a bird!"

Tobias: "Jan is gossiping everywhere."
Romy: "Jan doesn't gossip!"
Tobias: "Oh, and how do I know then?"

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