What happened to Finn's mother

What happened to the soldiers & quest;

I read that Leopard 2 tanks were destroyed. What happened to the soldiers? If they were still there, there was a high probability that they were dead or wounded and trapped. However, I think it is more likely that the Turkish Le

What happened to my girlfriend & quest;

For me it is a really serious question that sometimes made me cry. I had a best friend from the 7th grade onwards, we all went through all of them together, the first bra and everything that happened between the ages of 12-13 that was the turn. ^^ There

What about my mother & quest;

I don't know what's going on with her, but my mother is suddenly so weird. My brother allowed me to sleep in his room again today because he's camped somewhere else today. My mother is completely against it. She says that I am own Z

What happened to Islam & quest;

Hello first, I have dealt intensively with the subject of Islam and Sharia and came across a big question mark: In the Koran there is nothing about the stoning or hanging of homosexuals or any punishment and in the period from

What happened to the ice cream & quest;

Hello, I just discovered that there was still ice in the freezer and then I wanted to eat it. When I took it out I noticed that it had a very strange consistency, it was very soft, fluffy and sticky. I have a bit of pr

What happened to my music system & quest;

Hello, I have a Philips HI-FI system FWM387 sound system. I have used this for several years (approx. 5-8), but rarely (possibly 20h). Now I have moved and have it on or under my desk. I've been using it since the day before yesterday

What happened to Barby Kelly & quest;

You can find current information about all Kelly Family members, just not about Barby Kelly. What has become of her? Schizofren, depressed! I heard that ...! And according to rumors she is ...! It sure doesn't help Barby if we talk about her

What happened to Kc Rebel & quest;

Where his song "Hearing" came out, or at that time I found it really nice, meanwhile the "Are you real" ...... what's wrong with that ?! from now on he only wants 10-14 year olds with his music

What happened to the Birdbabies & quest;

I'll try to describe the situation: About a week ago (maybe longer) we discovered a bird's nest in a bush in the garden. Since we have a hangover and I was afraid that he would rob the nest, I never left him alone

What happened to my laptop & quest;

When I just started my laptop, everything on the desktop was gone, except for the trash. I was frightened that everything was suddenly deleted. But luckily everything was still there (when I was looking at my documents, Down

What happened to Edward Snowden & quest;

What about him now? I haven't heard from him for a long time. He still has a residence permit in Russia until at least 2017, he's fine :)

The last two years of my life have been like flying & quest; I run on the spot & quest; What happened to the time & quest;

Moin people I am 16 years old and stayed seated 2 years ago. At first this felt like a deep hole into which I fell, I had to wait another year, waiting for everything. My entire life would have been another year

What happened to Sarazar's videos & quest;

I subscribed to Sarazar about a month ago and was particularly fascinated by the late shift game, which is why I checked out lets play. But now it was over after 3 episodes and Sarazar has announced possibly other decisions in d

About 3 & sol; 4 years on sick leave after an accident at work & comma; what happened to my vacation & quest;

I had an accident at work on March 3rd, 2016. After that I was on sick leave to this day and will soon receive my notice of termination. Now to my question: What happens to my vacation that I could have taken during the time? Vacation that is away

What happened to Marina Joyce & quest;

I just looked around on Youtube and saw that something happened to this Youtuber Marina Joyce. Have seen a lot of videos called "help marina joyce" or "marina joyce horror". Does anyone know? Wü

What happened to my Windows & quest;

The following happened to me about 10 minutes ago: I am currently surfing the internet comfortably and then BUMM blue screen with the error message: Video_TDM _Failure. All well and good but now the real thing: complete documents Odrdner gone, all downloads,

What happened to my speaker & quest;

3 days ago my cell phone (Iphone 6) fell into the water since my speaker doesn't work anymore but when I want to adjust the volume it says headphones although my cell phone is not connected to headphones what should I do?

What happened to my money & quest;

I went to the bank today and printed out a statement ... I had exactly € 62.08 in my account. At the moment I still have a negative PayPal account balance. In PayPal it says that you make deposits. What does that mean?: Note: This single

Please & comma; what happened to the earth & quest;

We are living in 2016 and there is still so much suffering going on on earth. Please explain to me why people like Donald Trump are celebrated? Why is there still such terrible animal testing? Animal testing is not a "fashion". Why must