Plastimo liferaft tying instructions

Okay, so reef after all. "Basically not reefable" means, above all, that you normally don't do it to yourself, because there are more practical methods, such as a horny leash (horns that are used to violin). If you don't have a gaff sail, you will hardly know Geien. I would sew in a triangle at the bottom (!) To tie it in without any further aids, it would be better to reinforce it with eyelets so that the lower spar is no longer horizontal. The rig crosses better, even if the upper spar is a little steeper than you can see in the catalog. In order to maintain the profile, the leech has to bulge out a little between the corners. So attach the lacing accordingly.

It will be easy and it will be easy, if only because you have a small boat. Nothing is more uncomplicated, no dripping water heater, no false alarms from the gas alarm, no 45-year-old cracked cylinder head, no wobbling jib, no oar that you can't look into ... enjoy sailing.