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What I will change in my business in 2021

If you believe the MBTI, the Myers-Brigg-Type-Indicator, I'm more of the creative, chaotic type. That's why I don't experience myself as planning, in other words, I don't have an Excel spreadsheet in which I write everything down and check every day whether I'm still on the way to my destination, as I admire with colleagues. I always have a rough direction of what I want to do, because my experience is that, as mentioned in the Beatles song “Darling Boy”, life turns out differently than you think. And that's exactly what happened again yesterday.

My new domain wasn't planned in the morning


My plan for 2021 is under the star "Visibility" and it is always recommended to have the domain under his name. In the last few years I had always given it up because my namesake Renate Schmidt is a German politician whose posts and mentions fill the first few pages on Google.

My feeling was that I myself can only be found on page 50. For me that was always a good reason not to look any further, especially since all domains related to your name were always bought. Until yesterday. Yesterday told me Judith Peters, I'm at least 16th after the politician, which surprised me.

And I found a free domain with my name that I immediately bought: renate-schmidt.com. I couldn't believe it, and when I got it confirmed, I was emotionally deeply touched.

"Now I'm free", I thought, and at the same time wondered where the thought was coming from. Now I'm no longer tied to rich business, I can do what I want. Feelings and thoughts are not always logical, but since I have outed my mediumship and now finally integrate it into my business, this is probably also part of my new freedom.

I have a wonderful friend, Markus Kämmerer, who knows a lot about IT, who I have booked to set up all redirects and whatever else there is to do so that the domain can go online with my name. That will probably be the case by the end of January. (Addendum: it is already online). I came to a new domain last night, so to speak, like a virgin to a child. Quite unplanned and yet surprisingly correct.


My focus: minimalist marketing


After the admittedly sometimes tiring activities on social media, I wondered what a good strategy that would be right for me. In this context I am on that Minimalist Marketing came across from Jessica Barnes, which really appealed to me because I myself Simplicity find a great concept of life. Simplicity, similar to minimalism, is about simplicity combined with beauty.

Jessica Barnes says, and basically that's not new, but fell on well-prepared ground with me: Lay yours 3 main themes (Content Pillars) firmly. The 3 are with me: Business strategy, Personality development (Mindset work) and modern spirituality.

Then, she says, just write around these 3 topics and don't let yourself be distracted by all the other beautiful possibilities that are still there. You notice that this is where the obvious focus topic can be heard. And at the same time, that it's good to know who you are and what makes you special. To filter this out and to penetrate deeply was my actual job.

the next steps are basically to commit to a topic per week, to post to it and to give a live at the end of the week. So now you can turn me around every Friday 1.30pm - 1.45pm on FB live experience or watch the video afterwards. Just come to the Facebook group and you will always be up to date.

Of course, there are a couple of other steps to be taken, but I can say that I was won over by the concept. I find the first steps that I have taken with this in mind promising and not exhaustive.

A small but not insignificant side effect is that several people have already written to me that they have me as their role model. For me this is an indication that minimalist marketing leads exactly to this: to become visible with what is close to your heart and with what you can bring the most added value for another person.


My next book that is still untitled


In my planning for 2021, I included the messages from the Spirits who said it would be their turn to write a new book this year. That's why I already have a paper with the title: "Book". I have only a faint idea what the content of my next book will be, but I've already made the space for it through Dropbox Paper.

Right now I'm wondering if I can Case stories from true business channeling arise, write down, of course without naming names or traceability to a specific person. It could be the essence of the stories. What the customers' questions were, which messages and images the spirits conveyed to me, how the customers dealt with them and which strategies, e.g. B. derived thereby.

I have to admit, although I have had access to this spiritual channel for over 30 years, I am always surprised by the images and insights that come from the spirits.

And if I have learned one thing, it is to take the messages seriously. So I will probably write a book again this year.


The wild wise woman's deck of cards wants to go out into the world


I hope it's ready by Easter. The deck of cards for personal development "Rise & Shine: The Wild Wise Woman"that I develop together with a friend and artist.

Annemarie Singer give her pictures for it, I channel the texts and tasks that go with each card. We already have, for example Times, the Archetypes, the elements, the Spirits and others and also already developed the logic behind it.

We are currently looking for a publisher.

If you have a good idea who would record something like this, along with an accompanying book, let me know right away and send me an email.

I'm excited to think that the deck of cards will see the light of day this year.

We have z. B. dealt with what the archetypes mean today. If you z. B. think of a wise woman, who can you think of? Most of them are characters from older history. Hardly anyone answered our question: “I”, or “my grandmother” or “Ms. Merkel”. And that's what it's all about - about appropriating your own creative power and size, which in the end can also contribute to making the world a slightly better place.


The Vision Quest on the Baltic Sea


The sky over Heiligenhafen on the Baltic Sea


There will come another time, at least I very much hope so, when you can meet in person without knowing people who, as the saying goes, do not belong to the virus community. Last year I had already planned to hold business retreats with some customers on the Baltic Sea. Well, I don't need to tell how the story ended.

I realized that I would like to convert this offer into a Vision Questwant to transform in contact with nature.

A vision quest is a kind of contemplation at important junctions in life.

This can be reorientation after illness or separation, reorientation for the professional or private future or simply a spiritual time to meet yourself.

The Vision Quest has different phases, which I, as a shamanic practitioner, will accompany with creative tasks, searching for power animals, soul reading and other offers as required.

The Vision Quest is a very sensual experience because it takes place in conscious contact with the elements. It has a life-changing effect in a positive sense because it creates meaning.

And meaning arises when we are aware of our own task, feel connected to the world and follow joy - all things that can arise through the Vision Quest.

In the background I'm already setting up the information page for it. If you are interested, just write to me.


The TED talk is still pending and your heart pounds


As I write these words, my heart starts beating harder. A friend said I was ready for it and I have to say I felt like I was expanding my comfort zone quite a bit. But who knows what will happen by the end of the year.

In any case, my weekly FB-Live and the confrontation with me will certainly help to get closer to this goal. I know when i get this Fixed star, besides the others mentioned, with my annual firmament, my course will lead to that. That is the Art of manifestation.


The true business channeling shows amazing solutions


My customers are always amazed at what that Channeling gives them for insight. It opens up spaces that were previously invisible, but that are very important for private and / or professional development.

I am always amazed when I ask the customers questions to the Spirits and how helpful the answers that I could not have come up with are for them.

I myself have the attitude that spirituality needs a base and is not an end in itself. Feeling comfortable with the messages is one thing, but what you actually do with them is another. I combine both in my work as a business mentor.

Lately had z. For example, a customer has moderate sales that she generated from a number of different business areas. She got clear pictures and messages about what to focus her business on. She started to concentrate on one field, even if it was not easy for her, worried that she might lose customers. And then the customers really stood in long queues, at least virtually, in front of her door, exactly as the Spirits had shown her. Sometimes something has to be healed so that you can develop yourself without further blockages. That too comes out through True Business Channeling. And for one or the other, the mastermind from 2the Point is a good place to successfully expand their business.

I am always very touched and grateful when I can work like this and would like to let this area grow even more in this financial year.


The Rauhnächte course will be an evergreen


At the end of the year I'll be my travel companion through the Rauhnächte, which I created and updated last year "Out of the silence", relaunch. I had a lot of fun developing it and the feedback after the first run is great. The idea of ​​accompanying him in a telegram group was also well received.



I went through the course myself in the Rauhnächten and was amazed, even though I knew it, how deep insights it gives and how much fun it is. That was once again the difference between creating and thinking how it could be good and experiencing how beautiful it is. It led to inner peace, it would have inspired, one would have become more aware of one's powers, including those that one has from one's ancestors, and many more were the feedback. My dream goal for 2021 is to be able to accompany at least 100 people through the rough nights, the time between the years, the holy nights from December 24th. until 4.1.


My trampoline - a worthwhile new acquisition

I am a person of movement and think that my own Health part of business assets is. For most of the self-employed that I know, health is a guarantee of being able to generate sales, even if I work with most of them to change this high level of dependency. B. so-called "passive income" is built up.

I first consciously saw a film about Tony Robbins that he was jumping on his trampoline in preparation for a lecture. Now I use the part every day and I can say I'm amazed how much fun it is and how much energy it brings, even if my workout is only 20 minutes long.


Beginning of March: The start with my virtual assistant


She says she has what I don't have: the desire to organize, organize, structure. Probably having a J. A J preference in MBTI means you tend to be structured and organized. I call this type the master of Excel tables.

I already have someone for my office, but the VA (Virtual Assistance) will help me to work harder where my Zone of Genius is, namely in the creative area. And she does the other thing, which means I can happily record my podcasts, which she inserts into the structure at Podigee.

I can write the text for my newsletter, the shape of which she will refresh. I can start a new project while she creates the technical links between the various systems in the background.

I can do all of that, but I have decided to work harder where I am really good and what no one can do for me. And that will rather increase my creative flow and bring greater added value for my customers. I'm already looking forward to Stefanie, my new VA.


And finally my dream: Holy4

I would like to accompany 4 - 8 people in a tribe whose names I have already received: Holy4. It is a group for self-awareness and personal development, which is based on the annual festivals and their themes.

Even if the group meetings will be online, I would like to include nature experiences, the power of plants, shamanic journeys and channeling, among other things. This group does not have to have a business context, but it can because, especially when we are self-employed, we ultimately maintain a lifestyle business in which life and work are not separated.