How to change the classic media player skins



Skins are items that can be equipped to change the look of your weapons.

To equip a skin, or any other item, click on the "Customize" button where you would normally change classes in the main menu.

Ways to Obtain

  • Purchasing / Redeeming spins (Starter, Elite, Heroic, Valor, Free, Twitch Drops) in the store.
  • Buying a skin from the Marketplace. (Level 20+ Required)
  • Receiving a skin from a trade. (Level 20+ Required)
  • Receiving a skin from an in-game drop. (For example: The Halloween Raid event dropped an item upon defeating a boss)
  • Buying skin from the limited item shop
  • The devs have mentioned in the future, skins can be obtained from completing challenges.


As of v3.2.9, the amount of KR spent / drop chances, for each spin:

Spin type Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Relic Contraband UnobtainableCosts
starter 75% 22% 3% - - - - 50KR
elite 50% 30% 15% 5% - - - 100KR
Heroic - 48% 35% 14% 2.49% 0.5% 0.01% 500KR
Valor (Unavailable) 43% 33% 16% 6% 2% - - -
Free - 50% 35% 13% 2% - - Free
Free KR 50% (5 KR) 39% (10) 10% (20) 1% (500) - - - Free

Occasionally during a new update, a Free spin is available. The requirement is to visit and subscribe to a Krunker content creator on YouTube, then the spin will be unlocked for a one time use.

The Free KR spin is used only for when claiming Free KR. After completing a public match (reaching the endgame leaderboard) Free KR can be claimed when the next game begins. You can claim Free KR once every hour.

The Hunter spin only dropped sniper skins, however, it was removed in update v2.6.0, due to its unpopularity.

The Attire spin only dropped character cosmetics such as hats, backs, dyes, waist, and face items. Remember, attire items can be dropped from the other spins too. In update v3.0.1, the Attire spin was replaced by the Valor spin. Valor is part of Ranked, and is still a work in progress.

The results dictate that for uncommon or rare items, the starter spin has the best value. Then, for Epic or Legendary items, the Elite spin has the best value. As for Relic items, the Heroic spin is the best value. For Contraband items, there is only a very slim chance in the Heroic spin, so try your luck!

Usually the unobtainable items for each season are vaulted before a new season starts, to limit the amount in circulation and to keep the "unobtainable" feel to the items.

For major holidays and events, like Twitch drops or Christmas, there are special spins for a limited time only, costing 750 KR. These spins are available for a week or so, around the corresponding holiday / event.


As of version v3.0.2, there are 7 rarities of skins that can be obtained by anyone: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Relic, Contraband, and Unobtainable skins.

The developers have mentioned that Contraband skins are obtained through winning tournaments, and being very rarely listed on the market. But later on, Contraband skins became available in Heroic spins, and Unobtainable items are available from Heroic spins for an extremely small chance of 0.01% from time to time.

The numbers below, (Number of cosmetics for each rarity is up to date as of Update v3.6.4.
Rarity Description
Uncommon441 different skins. The easiest type of skin to obtain. These skins have very basic patterns on them. Most players deem these skins as ugly and useless. However, the majority of sprays are this rarity, and some skins that are special and unique fetch a higher price. Most don't sell well on the market, usually for 1-10 KR.
Rare666 different skins. Slightly harder to obtain than Uncommon. Like the uncommon sets, these are often nature-themed, and have a pattern all over the weapon. Rare skins have slightly nicer patterns. Expect to sell these for around 5-50 KR.
Epic577 different skins. Reasonably detailed skins that are substantially harder to get than the previous tiers. On the market, expect them to sell around 100 KR.
Legendary599 different skins. These are highly detailed skins, with multiple different and unique patterns. The prices of these guns are in the hundreds, as low as 100, and can reach to the thousand mark. Usually, how good the skin looks determines the price.
Relic368 different skins. These are high quality and detailed skins. Most skins feature a glow effect or have an animation. Relics can go for thousands of KR, the AK Mortal or dyes fetch for around 20,000 KR or above!
Contraband152 different skins. Contraband skins have unique and distinct patterns, which make them very special. But the main appeal for them are the highly detailed and sometimes animated skins. Prices for these skins go over 10,000 KR, and can reach all the way up to 100,000 KR for the more elusive skins. You can either get these by winning tournaments, buying one off the market, or you can test your luck and spin the heroic spinner. Although it is extremely rare to get contraband weapons in the Heroic spin, it is fun to try!
Unobtainable13 different skins. The Holy Grail of skins. The Devs have mentioned that these can be obtained by winning tournaments and events. In rare instances, an Unobtainable skin is released to the Marketplace for 1 Million Krunkies, most notably, the Frostbite. However, unobtainable items have dropped from heroic spins for limited time periods. The prices of these skins are insanely high, going for millions of KR. If you were to buy one with real-world money, you would need to spend hundreds, and maybe thousands of dollars. So far, there are 11 skins of this rarity. These skins are Frostbite, Jagdfraust IV, Coroller, Vertigo, RGB, Disintegrator, Anti-Matter, Exotic, Scouts Honor, Moonfeather, Raid Unob, Ghostie, and Pumpie.

Number Of Skins

As of v3.2.9 there are a total of 2871 Krunker items. This number includes weapon skins, hats, backs, sprays, dyes, waists, faces, and shoes.

The total number of weapon skins is 2097.

305 Sniper rifle skins, 307 Assault Rifle, 16Pistol, 267 SMG, 203Revolver, 193 Shotgun, 165LMG, 164 Semi-auto, 97Rocket Launcher,97 Akimbo Uzi, 30Desert Eagle, 6 Alien Blaster, 16Crossbow, 189Famas, 10Sawed-Off, 22Auto Pistol, 10 Blaster, and 64Melee.

For more detailed information on skin and item counts, visit the item page here.

Skin Availability

Most items released in the previous seasons / events have been vaulted, therefore they cannot be dropped from spins anymore, but people can still sell and trade them on the market. However, some items from season 1 have been migrated over to season 2, such as the Intervention sniper rifle skins. Season 3 did not have any migrated skins from season 2, however.

A. limited skin / item means it will only be available from spins or from the limited items market for a short amount of time. All items on the limited market are vaulted after seven days.

At Easter skin / item means that it was available during the period of Easter. These items will not be available again.

A. Twitch (1-3) skin / item is only available from opening drops, which were available for a limited time.

A. Raid skin / item was only available from Halloween Raids.

A. Clan Wars item is only obtainable from Clan Wars.

A. Poison item is only obtainable as a gift from the developers, currently the only weapon that has this attribute is Frostbite.

A. Debug item is an item used for testing purposes, the only skin that has this attribute is Nova Pump.

A. Canteen item is an item given away during the Canteen Charity live streams, as twitch drops.

A. Charity item is another item given away during miscellaneous charity live streams, as twitch drops.

A. Christmas item is an item only spinnable from the Christmas spins.

List of all skins / items

View all the in-game skins here.


  • 0.9.999991 - New skins added. Relic's font color was changed to red (from yellow).
  • 1.1.2 - New SMG model and textures. Added 5 new SMG skins. Renamed some SMG skins.
  • 1.1.7 - New shotgun model. Renamed some shotgun skins.
  • 1.1.8 - New marksman model and skins.
  • 1.1.9 - Assault rifle remake. Fixed marksman skins.
  • 1.2.2 - Added animated skins. Added the 1st contraband SMG (x0n-voX). Removed uncommon chance from heroic spins.
  • 1.3.3 - Added the 1st contraband Sniper Rifle skin (Raynb0w)
  • 1.9.3 - Season 2 skins was released.
  • 1.9.9 - Remade Shotgun model. Added 30 new Shotgun skins.
  • 2.0.0 - Added several new community skins. (2 new Unobtainable items and now they are available from Heroic Spins)
  • 2.0.1 - Added more community skins, 3 sprays, and 1 dye.
  • 2.0.2 - Added new skins. Added first S2 contraband skin for Submachine Gun
  • 2.0.6 - Added new skins. Changed unobtainable color to rainbow (from yellow).
  • 2.1.1 - Added new contraband pistol skin, and a sniper skin.
  • 2.2.0 - Easter Event adds several Easter-themed cosmetics.
  • 2.2.2 - Easter event ends, and the skins along with it no longer drop.
  • 2.2.5 - New hat added, named U.F.O.
  • 2.2.8 - New Pistol skin named "Raynb0w", and unobtainable dye named "RGB".
  • 2.3.9 - 2.4.0 - Added trading.
  • 2.4.8 - Season 3 arrives with several new items like skins.
  • 2.6.0 - Removed Hunter Spin.
  • 2.6.1 - Added new Twitch Drop skins (Twitch # 1)
  • 2.6.2 - Added more Twitch Drop Skins (Twitch # 1)
  • 2.6.3 - Twitch Skins vaulted, can only be traded now. (Twitch # 1)