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  • Alexander Zverev comforts the sad Roger Federer.
  • Roger Federer looks confused.
  • Federer sits in the cloakroom like a pile of misery.

In November, Roger Federer (38) toured with Alexander Zverev (22) through Latin America on an exhibition tour. Your show match in Colombia has to be canceled at short notice due to a curfew. Federer is devastated and returns to the cloakroom crying, as an ESPN documentary show shows the moving moment.

The rejection does not leave the Maestro without a trace. Federer sits on his chair like a pile of misery, weeps and looks into space. «I had a little breakdown. I felt everything fall apart, ”says Federer. The pressure and stress was just too much.

Zverev's reaction was also impressive and emotional. He takes the sad Roger in his arms and comforts him. He holds Federer's head tenderly. A scene for the ages. The entire documentary called "Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home" aired ESPN on December 17th. (red)

  • Roger Federer - His titles in pictures. Click through the slide show! Milan 2001 - The first title for great talent. In the third final of his career, Federer defeated Julien Boutter 6: 4, 6: 7 and 6: 4.
  • Sydney 2002 - Roger Federer wins the tournament in Sydney right at the start of the season. In the final, he leaves the Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela no chance. 6: 3 and 6: 3 for the Basel bidder.
  • Hamburg 2002 - the greatest success up to this point in time. Federer wins his first Masters tournament in the Hanseatic City, defeating Marat Safin (Rus) in the final 6: 1, 6: 3 and 6: 4. From now on, Federer will be traded as the future Grand Slam winner.