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Terror has many faces
Behring Breivik is different
and his spiritual fathers

“Individual perpetrators don't come out of nowhere.” - Richard von Weizsäcker 1993
"It is politicians, bloggers and publicists who have fueled the climate in which someone like Anders Behring Breivik was only possible." - Robert Misik


3.8.2011 Broder vs. Brevik - Which weapons does this fight allow? - Broder's words help determine the tone in which people talk about migration and Muslims in Germany. They are the milestones of debate. - Christian Bommarius - The publicist Henryk M. Broder has neither called for violence nor can his writings about the allegedly threatened Islamization of Germany be used to justify massacres of Muslims or of "do-gooders" who are notoriously mocked by him. Having said that, on the other hand, it cannot be denied that the words and writings of a well-known publicist form part of the resonance space in which the debate on social issues takes place, that they determine the tone in which, for example, migration and Muslims in Germany are discussed . >>>

Verbal disarmament necessary - do the massacre in Norway and critics of Islam like the publicist Henryk M. Broder have anything to do with each other? "Yes" - says Christian Bommarius. - How does violence arise, terrorist violence that spreads fear and horror with relish? The considerations with which the experts come up once again after the anti-Islamic attacks in Norway read complicated and difficult for some to understand. The explanations provided by the publicist Henryk M. Broder, on the other hand, are much clearer - and therefore suitable for the media. Five years ago, the film "Valley of the Wolves" by the Turkish director Serdar Akar was released in German cinemas, an Islamic-nationalist agitprop flick that - before it was discontinued after a short time - found enthusiastic approval, especially among Turkish youth. Broder was outraged: "The kids cheer when Americans are cut into small pieces, and applaud when Jews are upset." These "kids" let off their frustration with their own situation and their hatred of "society" on the street, the "valley of the wolves" provides the "extra kick". Broder's summary: "A direct line leads from Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Intifada in Palestine to young people with a» migration background «in Neukölln and Moabit." >>>

Oh Henryk - our author has pity on Henryk Broder. Because Broder is not a real racist - just a shamelessly brazen opportunist. - I feel sorry for Henryk Broder. Because it must hurt to find your own ideas in the manifesto of a right-wing terrorist who slaughtered no fewer than 77 people. This is not the only reason I agree with Broder that we - despite the fact that the fact is incomprehensible - must differentiate. Even if this invitation is not devoid of unwanted irony. It comes from the mouth of a man who has built most of his career on indiscriminately hammering people who think differently >>>

Behind Norway's Kristalnacht - Eric Walberg - The massacre in peaceful Oslo was a replay of this earlier tragedy in reverse - no longer the Jews as victims but as the inspiration of terror against non-Jews - as Israel extends its wars not only to Greek ports and French airports but to Norwegian children's camps, complete with rabbinical blessings for the murderers, notes >>>


Anders Behring Breivik's key words and thought leaders come from the middle of society

- Sebastian Range - The terrible massacre in Oslo and Utoya, committed by the 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, triggered the usual reflexes. Shortly after the bomb exploded in the government district, al-Qaeda was already haunted by the media as the culprit, although the Norwegian authorities had not made any statements about the authorship. If it crashes, suspicions immediately fall on Islamists. And that despite the fact that Europol counted only three Islamists out of 249 terrorist acts counted in 2010. In 2009 it was only one of a total of 294, in 2008 also one of 515, and in 2007 four of 583 counted attacks or attempted attacks that were attributed to Islamists. Yet they always act as the "usual suspects". (1) >>>

A dangerous path - Dietmar Näher - Even a week and a half after the horrific terrorist attacks in Norway, it is apparently still necessary to explain why it is considered right and important not to give self-appointed critics of Islam a clean bill of health when it comes to the vitally important question of who is responsible for the terrible events exhibit. It is true that a very precise distinction must be made between guilt and responsibility, but that is what the serious critics of the critics of Islam do too. It would not occur to anyone here to accuse a Henryk M. Broder of complicity in whatever form, for example. Nonetheless, acts like that of Anders Behring Breivik are not committed in a vacuum, but in a climate of intentionally stoked hostility towards Islam, Muslims and xenophobia. However, it is by no means only the right-wing and the right-wing who are responsible for this unpleasant climate, but also conservatives, who are more likely to be in the political center. A Henryk M. Broder undoubtedly belongs to this kind of opinion and agitator. It is no coincidence that Broder appears in Breivik's insane manifesto, because it is publicists like him who give radical right-wing nuts a more than questionable pseudo legitimation. >>>

"Native informers" and the Norwegian mass-murderer - Dr. Ludwig Watzal (...) There is probably not a unique explanation for the Norwegian incident. But can rampant islamophobic discourse spread daily by mass media in the U. S. and Western Europe be one of the main causes for the Norwegian terror attacks? Breivik’s so-called Manifesto includes numerous quotations from serious philosophers down to the most primitive islamophobic writers, chosen specifically to justify his weird worldview. But what does the following sentence tell us? "So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists against all cultural Marxists / Multiculturalists." Does not this militant neo-fascist Christian-Zionist raise questions about the growing links between the Far-Right, the “mainstream media”, the Norwegian police, Israel and rightwing terrorism, asks - With a revealing picture about Henryk M. Broder >> >>
Also published here >>> and here >>>
The Norwegian Massacre, the State, the Media and Israel - James Petras - 'So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists against all cultural Marxists / Multiculturalists'. - Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto. '. . . two more cells exist in my organization… '- Ander Behring Breivik in police custody (Reuters 7/25/11) - Introduction: The July 22, 2011, bombing of the office of the Norwegian Prime Minister, Labor Party Jen Stoltenberg, which killed 8 civilians, and the subsequent political assassination of 68 unarmed activists of the Labor Party Youth on Utoeya Island, just 20 minutes from Oslo, by militant neo-fascist Christian-Zionists, raises fundamental questions about the growing links between the legal Far-Right , the 'mainstream media', the Norwegian police, Israel and rightwing terrorism. The Mass Media >>>

Better turn around, the Mossad is going around? - Today (2.8.2011) I received another "love letter" - One of Israel's false friends believed he could threaten me. A little brother of Anders Behring Breivik, an alleged tailor Tobias, sent me an email with a you tube link:
and commented:

"Very important INFORMATION for you. This is what happens to the enemies of Israel. D"

You can find out something about the film he linked here:

"Munich (Original title: Munich) is a US-American-Canadian-French feature film directed by Steven Spielberg from 2005. - Munich is based on the true story of the Israeli reaction to the hostage-taking of Munich (1972), in which a command of the On Black September eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team killed.Mainly the activity of a unit of the Mossad is shown, which on behalf of the Israeli government kills those directly and indirectly responsible for the attack."More >>>

I think you can take that as a death threat, right? Does this alleged Tobias Schneider want to do the work for the Mossad?

The fire that these honest men and arsonists kindle now spills over to Germany?
Has there been any connection since I started reporting on the hunt for the left, have I been getting more and more hate mail like this?

Whoever thinks he can intimidate me with this will only achieve the opposite. I will report even more intensely on the hate preachers, honest men and arsonists, and expose them. He's a sick guy. He covers racist, fascist settlers and rabbis, covers daily crimes in Palestine and then also seems to support the murder of the Mossad in foreign lands. Israel has strange "friends".

To show what rubbish our German arsonists spread, I have collected some evidence on a hazardous waste page.
Certainly none of the arsonists, from Broder to Stawski and Buurmann (although he apparently loves violence) gave murder orders.




The arsonists and hate preachers are still on their way! - A letter that reached me today:

The arsonists and hate preachers are still on their way again. - Erhard Arendt - No reflection, no period of reflection, it will be thrown further, the spiritual complicity is shifted to others and the racism that one carries within is attributed to others, (see the collage) I will certainly not publish every hate mail, even less Threats of violence are about to go to the criminal investigation department. This letter - anonymously of course, "which reached me today demonstratively shows what our arsonists achieve with their agitation, demonization, dehumanization. The letter was posted in Bonn Troisdorf. If anyone knows the handwriting, I ask for information.

Henryk M. Broder, visibly agitated, tries with his texts to defend himself on the axis, but immediately provides examples of his lack of level, his special kind of dehumanization: "Bad, bad, Misik" it goes on as usual.

Thoughtful, critical voices are belittled by the old Islamophobic front-line fighters. This is what our Christian fundamentalist writes Bernd Dahlenburg "Editor" of Honestly Concerned about Broder's friend and Axis member Hannes Stein: “Now I don't understand Hannes Stein at all anymore. And after his last

Interview with the taz To be quite honest, it is getting more and more on my mind with its pastoral ethic of opinion. Hopefully he'll regain his senses soon. ”Http://castollux.blogspot.com/2011/07/schade-um-die-buchstaben-hannes-stein.html

At least he still uses his real name. "Liza's world", actually Axel Feuerherdt and his anti-German world is titled: “Paranoia with parallels” continues: “Numerous media in this country pounce on living people quoted by Breivik, above all Henryk M. Broder,>>> more

"The economy decides" - Islamophobia - Knowledge helps against racism, especially about economic contexts - Interview with Sabine Schiffer - Ines Kappert - Ms. Schiffer, you sharply criticize Islamophobia in the reputable German newspapers and magazines. What are you up to? Sabine Schiffer: It's about the stereotypical connection between Islam and violence, Islam and terror, Islam and regression. All phenomena found in the Muslim world. Naturally. You have to criticize that too. But terror and violence or misogyny are not Muslim phenomena, but a global problem. So the problem is generalization? Exactly. It is the automated link between the headscarf, Islam and terror. >>>

The Muslims are our misfortune - Knut Mellenthin in 2007 about: "Henryk M. Broder: Hurray, we surrender! The pleasure in buckling. ">>>

Are we different - Martin Staudinger and Robert Treichler - The German publicist Henryk M. Broder mocks in his book “Hurray, we capitulate! From the desire to buckle "the, in his opinion, much too indulgent treatment of Muslim immigrants, using among other things the term" hostility towards foreigners ". Breivik argues similarly when he writes that “human rights” are being used today to “wipe out an entire civilization in the name of tolerance and diversity” and that “residents are expressly prohibited from protesting”. So how crazy is Breivik? Judging by the proportion of the population who would agree with his political analysis (if you hide the fact that the Norwegian terrorist is the author), he suddenly seems completely normal. After all, the paranoia of the individual perpetrator has long been collectively made socially acceptable. There are four minarets in Switzerland, and the French domestic secret service suspected 367 burqas across the country. That was enough to make the Swiss and French, and then the entire European public, think in panic about how to counter these dangers. Prohibitions were always decided. Breivik is no less alarmed that, in some hospitals, meals are prepared for Muslims in an Islamically correct manner, ie “halal”. Such alarm signals of the unstoppable Islamization of the western world also rob Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff >>>

After the attacks in Norway - isolate the spiritual arsonists! - Right-wing populist politicians, bloggers and publicists have fueled a climate all over Europe in which a madman like Anders Behring Breivik could get the idea that one must counter the "Muslim danger" with spectacular acts. A comment by Robert Misik - (...) Assembled, that is to be understood literally: he simply has large parts of his "Confessors" manifesto in the Copy-and-paste-Procedures compiled from blogs of like-minded people. In several passages, second-hand passages from Henryk M. Broder, the German anti-Islamic author who some good citizens are even today considered to be an award-winning writer, came into the text. >>>





The new anti-Semitism - Uri Avnery - THE NAZI Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels calls his boss Adolf Hitler on the hell telephone: “My Fuehrer,” he exclaims excitedly, “new news from the world. It seems we were on the right track, anti-Semitism is conquering Europe! ”“ Good! ”Says the Führer,“ That will be the end of the Jews! ”“ Hmmm… well… not quite, my Führer. It looks like we chose the wrong Semites. Our heirs, the new Nazis, are in the process of destroying the Arabs and all the other Muslims in Europe. ”Then with a giggle,“ After all, there are many more Muslims than Jews to be gassed. ”“ But what about the Jews? ” Hitler really wants to know. "You will hardly believe it: these new Nazis love Israel, the Jewish state - and Israel loves them!" THE CRUCIAL act of the Norwegian neo-Nazis in Oslo - is it an isolated incident? Right-wing extremists from all over Europe and the USA unanimously declare: “He does not belong to us! He's just a loner with a confused mind: there are madmen everywhere! You can't indict an entire political camp for the actions of a single person! ”That sounds familiar. Where did we hear this before? After the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, of course. There is no connection between the Oslo mass murderer and the Tel Aviv murder. Or is it? >>>

Assassination attempt in Norway Spiritual arson: word and murder - Peter von Becker - After the assassination attempt in Norway, the discussion about the ideological charge of the perpetrator Breivik has flared up. Peter von Becker describes how Thilo Sarrazin and Henryk M. Broder now come close to him. >>>


A sheep in wolf's clothing - Abraham Melzer - Statement on Ulf Porschardt's contribution in Welt-Online. - Mr Porschardt, I can understand that you want to stand by your colleague Henryk M. Broder. I also understand that because of this you must turn some truths upside down. But I don't understand why you are doing it so stupidly that everyone notices or has to notice it. To turn Broder into a “combative humanist” who also has “anarchist humor” is not only absurd and funny, but borders on a story tale for small children or old women, to whom you can tell everything and who also believe everything because they want to believe it.
Do you mean by “anarchist humor” the kind of humor that always makes fun of itself at the expense of others, if possible the weak who cannot defend themselves, and laughs itself to death when others are actually dead? For Broder it is then, “They didn’t get it!” To die for! It's neither anarchist nor black humor, it's not humor at all, but pure cynical contempt for human beings. >>>
Anders Behring Breivik's key words and masterminds come from the middle of society - Background to the massacre in Norway - Sebeastian Range - In Germany, of all people, (former) leftists have proven to be particularly zealous champions of the neoconservative cause. The first foundations for this ideology were laid 20 years ago in magazines such as Konkret. Leftists, or those who believed themselves to be so, gathered under the label "Anti-German" and launched a major attack on everything that was generally considered to be the left until then and was now identified by them as being right: the opposition to wars is viewed as "appeasement" denounced “Islam fascism”; Anti-imperialism is the division of the world into good and bad peoples and is therefore close to Nazi ideology; Anti-capitalism is suspected of being "structural anti-Semitism". And behind criticism of the politics of Israel and its most important ally, the USA, the tradition of "eliminatory anti-Semitism" is hidden.In the period that followed, the “left” “anti-Germans” made careers in the (neo) conservative mainstream. Concrete writers like Thomas von der Osten-Sacken found accommodation with the Springer press, while former members of the Communist League like Mathias Küntzel found themselves in transatlantic think tanks. A political cross font has formed - from the left to liberal to conservative and Christian fundamentalist - on the basis of a common enemy image and a common conspiracy ideology, according to which “Islam” strives for world domination. Breivik's ideological Kulturkampf brew can be bought at many counters: strongly spiced at the one of the right-wing propaganda blog PI-News (Politically Incorrect), a little bland at the house bar of the conservative Springer press - unless Henryk M. Broder separates the world from one of his hateful tirades - and with a little Antifa sweetener stretched at the counter on the left, for example at the newspaper Jungle World or the Israel Hurray patriots from BAK Shalom in the Left Party. The rhetorical readiness to use violence on this spectrum is enormous. No war of the “western community of values” that is not drummed about >>>


Affected only briefly - On July 26th: "German Free Riders" - The crimes of the anti-Muslim and Christian fundamentalist motivated assassin are not only the result of a racism à la Thilo Sarrazin, Henryk M. Broder and Geert Wilders. Above all, they are the consequence of the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab propaganda of the Western aggression community and its media, who use their daily terrorist bombs and the murder of thousands upon thousands to secure their access to raw materials in the Muslim and Arab countries as a »war against the (› Islamic ‹) Justify terror «. The responsibility they bear for anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism, they have now demonstrated with their Pavlovian reaction in an exemplary and downright embarrassing way. And now the court journalists look at us innocently on TV, as if they had not immediately located the Muslim "enemy". The embarrassment will be quickly forgotten, because news that does not fit into the propaganda of the "Western community of values" is quickly no longer news. The politicians are briefly “affected” and will quickly dismiss the assassin as a single “madman”. Doris Pumphrey, Berlin July 26th, 2011: German free riders >>>