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Said and done! - game box
Brief description:

The annual puzzle tournament starts again at the royal court.

The king selects the shapes to be guessed and hides them behind a guessing board.

The corner points of this shape are indicated by crowns, which the guessing team moves on the other side of the board. The move is based on the instructions of the king.

Finally, the king gives instructions about lines to be drawn between the crowns, gradually creating a shape that the guessing team must guess.

Said and done! - game material
Game material
  1. A box bottom as the basis of the rate structure.
  2. An hourglass.
  3. A pen.
  4. An advice board.
  5. A cloth to wipe away the lines drawn with the pen.
  6. 16 magnetic crowns (8 pairs of different colors).
  7. 44 terms to be guessed as an illustration on 22 double-sided A4 exercise sheets.
  8. A set of instructions in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

Said and done! - Exercise sheet
Assignment sheet

Each exercise sheet shows a shape.

The circles indicate the positions to which the king will later navigate the crowns.

Lines are drawn between the points, later crowns, so that the depicted shape is clearly recognizable.

Said and done! - game setup
Game setup

The guess board is put in the bottom of the box and the king puts a task sheet in the guess board.

Only he sees the picture. In the game, he lets the crowns move to the points based on his navigation instructions, then draw lines and hopes that the players will guess the term they are looking for (illustration).

Said and done! - Magnetic crowns
Magnetic crowns

The 16 crowns are divided into 8 pairs, each pair having its own color.

A magnet is attached to the center of each crown. When setting up the game on the guess board, the players place one crown on their side and one on the king's side.

The two magnets also hold the crown pair together through the advice board.

If a crown is moved in the course of the game, the crown on the other side of the guessing board moves with it.

The video shows a complete playthrough with moving, drawing and guessing crowns.

Video length: 2 min. 41 sec. (MB)

Game preparation:

- Put the guess board in the game box.
- Attach pairs of crowns to the advice board. 4 on the left and 4 on the right.

Game flow:

- A player is named king, he gives up the riddle.
- The king puts a task card in the advice board, viewing window to him.
- The hourglass is turned over.
- Phase 1 "Move crowns". The king gives instructions on how to move the crowns.
- If all the crowns are in place (round dots on the picture), then phase 2 "Drawing" begins. The king says from which crown to which a line or semicircle should be drawn.
- The players can propose a solution at any time; the maximum number can be agreed upon before the start of the round (X to infinity).
- The round ends when the hourglass runs out or the term has been guessed.
- If the term was not guessed, the exercise sheet ends up in the box lid. If it was guessed, the player who guessed it gets it.


- The game ends with 2 or 3 players after each player has been king twice.
- The game ends with 4 to 6 players after each player has been king once.
- All players win together if a maximum of 2 exercise sheets are in the bottom of the box, otherwise they lose together.

Game information according to the manufacturer

2 – 6



board games report rating Said and done!
Division of the game box: 17
Quality of the game material: 19
Scope of the game material: 4
Entitlement to the players: 4
Pictorial presentation: 13
Interaction of the other players: 16
Complexity: 3
Long-term fun: 18
Price / performance ratio: 16

Opinion board games report:

"Said and done!" is a really nice game idea, in which the players can train their imagination and painting skills in addition to paying attention / listening to commands (left, right, ..., perfect).

The objects to be guessed are usually known to children and different levels of difficulty can be found. On the one hand when drawing (only straight lines or semicircles), and also when guessing (crown light or diamond ring heavy).

When playing, the children always enjoyed both roles: King or member of the guessing and drawing teams. The point of winning or losing together also contributed to the motivation of everyone involved.

So that it doesn't get boring, you can also develop your own motifs and add them to the game.

When guessing, it has proven useful to limit the number of solution words so that terms are not constantly shouted into the room and the players are more focused on the matter.

"Said and done!" is a nice drawing and guessing game that can be used as a family game as well as with children, as there were also one or two adults who enjoyed the game.

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