Guys who like curves tumblr quotes

“I don't want to turn 18 - it's not getting older in and of itself, but everything that comes my way with getting older, which I somehow want to slow down. I don't see why I should sacrifice myself to this society and offer it my services. A society that destroys people and dreams bursting or not allowing them to arise at all! All you have to do is turn on the television and you will be overwhelmed by the limitless human stupidity. Sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating. I ask myself: WHO OF US IS SICK? Do I have to see a psychiatrist because I would rather be dead than become a traitor to myself, or are you all disturbed because you are walking around with blinkers, not seeing what is going on in this world and your happy appearance lives? This is a prison! At the latest when you are old and about to die, it should become clear that everything you have achieved in life is no longer worth anything in the end. NOTHING. Bitter old people whose life was never hers. No life is worth more than anything else. On the other side of the world children die of AIDS and famine and here people shovel meat from factory farming into their greedy throats. Stuck in their offices and only let themselves be sprinkled in the evening so as not to have to think about how SUCK it all is. Yes, in the end we are all the same and nobody cares how much too much you have earned or how many carts were in your garage, these are not the things that remain, this is just more irrelevant garbage that suffocates our world. But egoists are rewarded in this system; just think and save yourself, you are at the top of the pecking order and everyone else has to suffer from it. (not ur problem) Yeah, I don't care that you don't know me. Yes, maybe something is broken in me because I am not interested in you and your life, but why should I pretend it is just so that you are better? I hate people. If only because I would never strive for this life, which you love so much, you will only continue to be angry with me. You don't understand me. "

- Forgotten Children ~ Luna Darko