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How to Convert MKV to MP4 Without Losing Quality [MiniTool]

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The MKV file is not compatible with all devices, so this video format may not work on your phone. To solve this problem, it is very necessary to convert MKV to the most universal format - MP4. This post will show you 5 best MKV to MP4 converters and how to convert MKV to MP4 for free.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 without Quality Loss?

When downloading a movie from the internet, you might come across an MKV file. If so, there is a good chance that the movie will not play on your device. Or you may find that the MKV file is too large and you want to reduce the file size.

In such circumstances, we recommend using MiniTool software, MiniTool Movie Maker here, which will help you solve these problems by converting MKV to MP4.

Convert MKV to MP4 for Free

MiniTool Movie Maker is a free MKV to MP4 converter with no ads. It supports file types and their formats: video (MKV, RMVB, 3GP, MOV, FLV, MP4, MPG, VOB, WMV), photo (JPG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, PNG, GIF), audio (Wav, MP3, FLAC , M4R).

Besides changing the file format, you can also play the MKV file on computer, trim and split this video to keep your favorite video clip, and add music to the video.

In addition, it supports exporting video to multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, App TV, smartphone and other devices.

Get it now.

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In this part, we will show you the steps to convert MKV to MP4.

Step 1: Download and install MiniTool Movie Maker on your computer. Then launch the software to access its main interface.

Step 2: Tap on Import media files and choose the MKV file you want to convert and then click the button OKto import the file into this program.

Step 3: Drag and drop the MKV file onto the timeline. You can also click the play icon and watch the imported video.

Step 4: Choose export in the toolbar and a window will open. In this window, you can see that the MP4 format is enabled by default. If you want to change other formats, click the arrow icon and choose the video format you want.

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  1. Save to: The save path is selected by default. If you want to change the default path, tap the folder icon and choose a storage path that you like.
  2. Resolution: Move the mouse to the box behind Resolution and click on it. Then you can change the video resolution. To reduce the file size, you can reduce the resolution of the video.

Step 5: After everything is done, tap in the lower right corner of the pop-up window export. It will take a few minutes for the conversion to finish. When the process is complete, choose Close to close the pop-up window, or choose Find targetto find your file.

Step 6: Quit this MKV to MP4 converter and find the video you just converted to make sure it can be played on your device.

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Batch conversion from MKV to MP4

If you have downloaded a lot of MKV files from the Internet, you can convert MKV to MP4 in bulk at one time. Here we recommend you an MKV to MP4 converter - VLC.

VLC is a powerful media player. It supports all video and audio formats. VLC also lets you convert MKV to MP4 for free. Unlike other media players, it supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

To batch convert MKV to MP4, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install VLC Media Player on your computer or on your mobile phone. Then run this software to get its primary interface.

Step 2: Choose Media in the toolbar and select Convert / Save ... from the pop-up menu or press the "CTRL + R"-Button.

Step 3: click on Add choose MKV files you want to convert or drag and drop MKV files into the box under the tab File Selection.

Step 4: Choose Convert/Saveto go to the window Convert to get.

Step 5: On the tab Settings H. 264 + MP3 (MP4) is activated by default. If you want to change it, click the arrow icon to find the file format you want from the drop-down list.

Step 6: Tap on begin. When the conversion is done, open the folder where the MKV files are and you will find the exported files.

You can convert your video using other converters, but you find that your video has a watermark in it. See this post: How to Remove Watermarks From Videos and Photos Efficiently.

MiniTool Movie Maker vs. VLC

The differences between MiniTool Movie Maker and VLC are listed in this part. Hope this can help you choose the right tool.

MKV to MP4 converterMiniTool Movie MakerVLC
  1. It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  2. It is extremely easy to use for beginners.
  3. It allows you to edit the MKV file before converting.
  1. All video formats can be played by VLC on your devices.
  2. You can batch convert MKV to MP4.
disadvantageIt does not support batch conversion of videos.
  1. It is not the right choice for beginners.
  2. You cannot change the save path when batch converting MKV to MP4.

As can be seen from the graphic, while MiniTool Movie Maker doesn't support batch conversion, it is still the best free MKV to MP4 converter.

Top 5 MKV to MP4 Converters

If you don't want to install third party software on your device, online video converters could be a good choice for you. This part introduces the 5 best MKV to MP4 converters.


Keepvid is an online video converter that supports 150+ different video and audio formats. In addition, it fully supports Chrome and Firefox on the computer and allows you to choose the video resolution before converting. You can convert MKV to MP4 for free without worrying about the number of files, the file size, the quality of the input video, and the quality of the output video.

Also, you can convert MKV files quickly without logging in.


CloudConvert supports over 200 video, audio, document, e-book, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. As the name suggests, it can convert files in the cloud like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. There are a few editing features you might like like adding subtitles, changing the video resolution, and changing the frame rate.

However, you can only convert 1GB file and do 25 minutes of conversion per day.

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is a powerful tool. With it, you can crop video, change video effects and add watermarks before converting. This converter also offers an application for Windows and Mac OS. However, in order to convert MKV to MP4, you need to download a launcher before starting the conversion.

Online video converter

Online Video Converter is compatible with all web browsers and supports many media formats. There are no restrictions on conversions and downloads. In addition, there is no need to register an account or install any software.

Actually, the online video converter is not only a MKV to MP4 converter but also a YouTube downloader. If you want to know how to download music from YouTube, you can have a look at this post: How to Download Music from YouTube Videos.

Video Converter

Video Converter has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It's completely free and supports 17 input and output media formats. However, the maximum file size you can upload is 100MB. If you want to convert large files, it also offers you a premium desktop program that allows you to batch convert files of unlimited file size. The desktop converter also supports over 180 media formats.

What is MKV

MKV, a Matroska video file, was first released in 2002. It is a free container format with an open standard, i.e. it is open source and can be freely used by anyone.

The MKV file is also a multimedia container format based on the Extensible Binary Meta Language (EMBL) instead of a binary format. The Matroska file has four types of files: MKV (video format may or may not contain audio and subtitles), MKA (audio only files), MKS (subtitle files only), MK3D (stereoscopic video).

Generally speaking, the MKV file is not a video compression format, but rather a file format that supports an unlimited number of video, audio, picture and subtitle tracks (including soft-coded subtitles, SSA and ASS).

Hence, it is widely used for storing movies and TV shows.

Key Features

  1. It can contain video, audio and subtitles in a single file, even if they are in different types of encoding.
  2. The menu system is similar to that of a DVD.
  3. Its error correction function can restore playback of the damaged file.
  4. It supports multiple subtitles (hard- and soft-coded) and up to 16 audio tracks. For example, an MKV file can contain both English and Spanish subtitles.
  5. It supports a variable frame rate which allows the frame rate to be actively changed during video playback.
  6. It allows you to quickly search for chapter marks.
  7. It supports online streaming.
  8. It's open source and free.

MKV vs. MP4

So what are the differences between MKV and MP4?

File formatMKVMP4
descriptionMKV is a free, open standard container format.MP4 is the most popular digital multimedia container format.
developerMatroskaMoving Picture Experts Group
Video qualityHigh quality and high definitionGood video quality
Supported media playersMost major media playersAlmost all media players
Supported mobile devicesIt can be played on some mobile devices.All mobile devices
Video encoding supportedAlmost all video codingMPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, H.263, VC-1, Dirac and more.
Supported audio codingAlmost all audio codingMPEG-2/4 (HE) -AAC, MPEG-1/2 Layers I, II, III (MP3), AC-3, Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, Vorbis and more


  1. MKV supports almost all video and audio encoding. It also has better video and audio quality than MP4, which is widely used for storing movie files.
  2. MKV supports multiple language tracks and subtitles.
  3. MP4 is compatible with almost all media players and mobile devices, which has better format compatibility than MKV.
  4. MP4 file tends to be smaller than MKV file.

Why does MKV need to be converted to MP4?

One might wonder if there is a need to convert MKV to MP4. It is essential. Here are the more specific reasons for it.

  1. MP4 is more compatible while MKV is not compatible with all devices.
  2. iTunes only supports MOV, MP4, M4V. If you want to import MKV file to iTunes, you need to convert MKV to MP4.
  3. The MKV file is too large and takes up a lot of space on your phone. You can change the file format to free up some space.

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After reading this post, you need to know the differences between MKV and MP4 and how to convert MKV to MP4 for free. If you have a tendency to use online video converters, this post also covers the 5 best online video converters.

If you can't play a video, there may be a compatibility issue. In that case, you can convert the file format to MP4.

If you have any questions about converting MKV to MP4 and MiniTool Movie Maker, please contact us at [email protected] or leave a comment on this post.

(FAQ) MKV to MP4

What's the Best Free MKV to MP4 Converter?
Here are the best free MKV to MP4 converters. Choose the converter that you like.
  1. MiniTool Movie Maker - is absolutely free and has no ads, no watermarks.
  2. VLC - works with all operating systems including Android and iOS.
  3. Handbrake - supports exporting videos to various devices such as PlayStation and Chromecast.
How do I play MKV files?
  1. Launch MiniTool Movie Maker and import the MKV file.
  2. Drag and drop the MKV file onto the timeline.
  3. Click the play icon under the screen to play the MKV file.
  1. MKV supports all types of audio and video encoding.
  2. MKV supports ASS and SSA with closed captions, whereas MP4 does not.
  3. MKV can only be played on certain media players, while MP4 supports all media players.
YouTube doesn't support MKV. If you're not sure which format to use, here are some common file formats that YouTube supports:
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