When someone you love is very sick


Enforce the consequences.As painful as this may be, it is important that you enforce the threatened consequences if the person concerned refuses therapy. Allowing the person to continue as they did before the intervention is never helpful. Until the person is in full control of their addiction, there is always the risk of a crisis.[4]Your best option is to stop financially supporting them, parting ways with them, or doing something else that you know will mean such a critical change in their life that it could lead them to embark on a new path.
  • If there is another crisis later, use it to your (and ultimately his) advantage. For example, if the person is arrested or has to go to hospital, use this experience to show them that they really need therapy. A second intervention could also be helpful.
  • Never forget that you are helping that person get better. Sometimes we need to hurt a loved one so that they can get the help they need to get back on their feet.