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Film & series - «In nowhere»: criticism of racism and character study

There is a shortage of space on the set of the new SRF television film “Im Nirgendwo”. A large part of the 30-strong crew gathers around the kitchen, where the actors Ursina Lardi and Marcus Signer are talking to their director Katalin Gödrös.

Good mood on the set

You try not to hinder each other with the respective equipment. Still, the mood is good. The owner of the village shop in Gadmen, which is being used as a filming location during these days, regrets that the film crew will soon be moving on again.

An ominous death

The main actress is Ursina Lardi. She plays a disaffected, worn out journalist. As such, she was given the task of investigating an ominous death: a young African was found frozen to death in a mountain hamlet. Who was the man

Charlotte is supported by the village policeman Bruno, played by Marcus Signer. The Bernese actor was taken with the refugee theme of the story. In addition, he always wanted to play a cop.

Ursina Lardi in constant stress

Ursina Lardi cannot complain about too little employment in this production. The leading actress can actually be seen in every scene in the film.

“That is really extraordinary,” says the native of Graubünden. But it would suit her. Because this eliminates the usual waiting that is otherwise common with film work.

Excellent script

The story of “Im Nirgendwo” is inspired by true events that happened a few years ago. The script was written by Simone Schmid, who has also been a member of the team of authors for the SRF series “Der Bestatter” since 2015.

It has polished characters, it's about racism, about dealing with the strange. The story not only won over director Katalin Gödrös and her main actors: Simone Schmid was awarded the “Script Talent” prize for her script at the Munich Film Festival two years ago.

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