Atherossvc what is it

Atheros Client - what do you need it for?

The Atheros Client is a program for using hardware from the manufacturer of the same name. We'll tell you whether you need the client and how you can reinstall it if you have problems.

What is the Atheros Client and what do you need it for?

Atheros is a company that manufactures computer hardware. These mainly include WLAN, Bluetooth and Ethernet adapters.

  • Function: The Atheros client ensures that the network adapters from the manufacturer Atheros can be used under Windows. Your computer will then be able to connect to the Internet. The program is not absolutely necessary if the connection to the Internet works that way at the moment. However, the connection can be configured with this.
  • Caution: Under no circumstances should you uninstall the "Atheros Client Installation Program" or other programs that contain the name "Atheros". These are mostly the drivers without which the hardware no longer works.
  • Installed hardware: To check whether you have installed Atheros hardware, you need to open the Device Manager. Press the "Windows" and "R" keys simultaneously, enter "devmgmt.msc" and confirm your entry with "Enter". Under "Network adapter" you can now see whether Atheros hardware is installed (see picture). In this case, an Atheros Ethernet adapter is installed. This can be used to establish an Internet connection via a LAN cable.
  • If you have uninstalled the program and are now having problems, read the next paragraph on how to reinstall the client.

Install or repair the Atheros Client

Reinstalling the Atheros client can help with connection problems. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only offers information about the hardware on its website. Unfortunately, you cannot find the associated drivers here. However, this is usually still on your hard drive.

  1. If the program has not yet been uninstalled, read this practical tip to find out how it works with your Windows version.
  2. The driver is hidden somewhere on your hard drive. You should find it in a folder named "Driver" or "Driver". Here, look for a folder named "Atheros", "LAN", "WLAN" or "Bluetooth".
  3. If you have found the correct folder, you will find an installation file there. This is usually called "Setup.exe". Open this and follow the further instructions.
  4. After restarting, you can start the Atheros Client and click on "New" under "Profile Management".
  5. Name the network and enter the IP address of the router in the "SSID" input field. This is usually below the device.
  6. It is best to choose "WPA2" as encryption if your router supports this standard. Then click on "Configure" and "OK".
  7. Access to the Internet should now work again.

You can read in this practical tip how to find and uninstall old drivers.