How do I get an archive tablet fragment teragram

Archive and undo Telegram Chat

How can you archive a chat at Telegram? Where can I restore the archived chat and display it again in the chat list? If you often chat with friends and other people via the Telegram app, the chat list can get a bit confusing. To make the chat list clearer again, older chat histories can be archived and hidden at the same time. The chats are not deleted, just archived and hidden in the list. The archived chats can of course be restored and made visible at any time.

Archive and hide chat

If you want to archive a chat in the Telegram app and hide it at the same time, then you have to proceed as follows.

  1. Start the Telegram app and open the chat overview.
  2. Tap Chat / hold it down briefly and then tap the three dots and "Archive" in the top right corner.

The archived chats are displayed at the top by default. If you swipe over the entry from right to left, you can hide the chat.

Undo archive chat

If you want to restore the hidden and archived chat, you just have to swipe down in the chat overview. Then the "Archived Chats" appear again at the top, which you can "Show" again by tapping and holding on the context menu.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the chat overview.
  2. Select the "Archived Chats", tap / hold and "Show" again via the context menu in the top right corner.

Incidentally, the chat partner does not notice anything if a chat is archived or hidden. You will continue to receive new messages from the person even after the chat has been archived.

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