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Academy of Shan dorei

info: This article describes an inactive guild.

The Academy of Shan'dorei is a blood elf academy and means that only elves can enter. Anyone interested can take part in the lesson itself.

Since it is still fairly new, there are of course a few missing who teach and students who want to be taught. There should be different directions of instruction - it wouldn't be bad if some of them would support me with their ideas. Combat lessons, songs and poetry evenings, history lessons, etc. there are certainly many topics for which you only need the right teachers.

You can apply at one of the guild evenings and of course only IC. (ooc would also speak to me beforehand so that I can tell the date when such an evening will take place.) You can often meet Xirones in Silbermond or speak to me if you want to talk to me.

The academy grants refuge and protection to everyone who needs it and is neutral.

The buildings were kindly made available by Silbermond.

The academy is located on the Royal Market (ooc: the building with the 2 green crystals, where the jeweler is located. The directorate and IC, these NPC's are not there)

There is also a cafeteria and regular students even get their own room or double rooms.

Drawn Highlord Xirones