What does Ooms mean in the text

: o,: d,

With texts in chat, in forums, WhatsApp, SMS and other messages that are entered via mobile phone or keyboard, there are numerous abbreviations and characters that cannot be assigned at first glance. If you read one of these characters in a message and ask yourself "What does that actually mean?", You will find an explanation of common chat symbols such as: o,: d,: p or ._ ..

The meaning of the smileys quickly explained (video):

With such a string of punctuation marks and letters or numbers one can assume that it is a smiley face and also an “emoticon” or emoji. These are symbols that are used to express certain feelings.

: o,: D and <3 in the chat: What does that mean?

Especially with non-verbal and asynchronous communication, it is not possible for the counterpart to read the expression and the emotional state from a statement using facial expressions or voice. Irony, sarcasm, but also fear, surprise and other feelings cannot be expressed using loose words. This results in the use of smileys, which appear as placeholders for a real emotion in the text on a digital level, for example in the chat, forum or in a WhatsApp message. In the last few decades, a number of symbols have become established, so that characters such as “: o”, “: p” or “: 3” can be found on a regular basis. Below is an overview of the meaning of important emoticons:

: o,: OShocked, astonished, surprised, "wow", smiley with an open mouth
<3A heart
._.Amazement, anger, amazement
T_TAmazement, anger, amazement
: d,: Dgrin
: p,: PStick out tongue

What is the meaning of: o, <3 and Co.?

To understand the meaning of ": d", ": p" and Co., it is usually sufficient to simply turn your head 90 ° to the left. Then imagine that the colons represent two eyes and the sign behind them the facial expression or a mouth. Originally the characters were written with a capital letter.

  • With a “P”, for example, the semicircle can be interpreted as a tongue and the line as a mouth.
  • Together with the colon, “: P” results in a mouth with an outstretched tongue and thus a cheeky or happy face.
  • "-.-" means that the other person squints their eyes and is angry or annoyed.
  • The same applies to the "D" in ": D". Here you can see a wide grinning face when the head is tilted accordingly. With the smiley “: O”, on the other hand, the mouth is wide open, which indicates a shocked, astonished or surprised facial expression.
  • A semicolon instead of the colon indicates a wink:;)
  • Instead of the dots, lines can also be used for the smiley face. That doesn't change the meaning: =)
  • If an "x" is used for the eyes, squinted eyes are shown: xD

With us you will also find the meaning of the Snapchat smileys. You can also find out from us what the WhatsApp abbreviations are called.

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