Where is Jisoe now

What is the difference between “now” and “now”?

In the answer I limit myself to the word meanings of and, which can be translated with.

relates to processes and actions, to the state of the present.

To illustrate this, I'll use examples from the Wiktionary entries: now, now

What will now happen?

refers to the present as the beginning of a future process.

That has now happened.

here refers to the present as the conclusion of a past process.

What do we have now? (As opposed to just as opposed to equal.)

refers to the present as a step in a process that leads from the past into the future.

Now we tighten the screw.

refers to the current step as a consequence of the previous step.

Well what's your decision? Well it is true.

refers to the present or current situation as part of a larger process or factual context.

I do not have time now.

It is not about a process or a larger whole, but only about the current state.

I think about it differently now than I did before.

refers to the present that lies after an earlier point in time. This is not about the process that led to the shift in thinking.

Now we can still eat chicken without being poisoned with chlorine.

refers to the present that lies before a future point in time. This is not about the process that leads to chlorine poisoning.

Both words denote the present and separate it from the past and the future.

but is limited to the temporal order of the past now for any duration from to.

on the other hand denotes exactly the relation of the three times. How does it come from the past to the present? How does it get from the present to the future? How does the present relate temporally but also procedurally with the present and the future? In this sense, it only works for periods of time that are typical for the process (minutes and hours in baking, years in political processes, and millions of years in cosmological periods).