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107 incredibly cute and funny corgis that show us why the Queen has them too

Šarūnė bar
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You are weird, cuddly and cute. And for a while now, the internet has been full of these plush animals. I'm talking about corgis, of course. With the sometimes very absurd behavior that these balls of fur display, it is hard to believe that they were originally the animals of warriors. The first Corgi breed was born in 1200 BC. Brought to Cardiganshire, Wales by Celtic warriors. 3000 years later you seem more like comedians than like warriors. They drive cars, slide through the snow and walk around in costume. And let's be honest, we prefer that to proud war dogs. We at Bored panda prefer to spread joy anyway, so we've put together a list of the funniest Corgi moments for you. Don't forget to vote for the best pictures as always!

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