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New mobile phone with contract - How to transfer your mobile phone data

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How do cell phone data move when changing cell phones?

When buying a new cell phone, there are options to back up your old data.

The average German buys every two years a new mobile. During these two years, however all kinds of data accumulated on the old device that you may not want to lose. But how do you get this data on the new cell phone? The "Data move"can be done in a number of ways and is actually quite simple.

Transmission of telephone numbers and contact details

Most of all that directory of the previous telephone should be transferred. All Numbers typing it in individually would be much too cumbersome and so most cell phones offer the function all numbers on the SIM card save. If this function is included in the Settings activated, the SIM card only has to be inserted into the new mobile phone and all of them contacts are available again. Some Smartphones also offer one synchronization with the Pc, e.g. about Microsoft Outlook on, so is one Contact transfer of course also possible.


You can transfer the data to another device with a SIM card.

Transfer via SIM card

As mentioned above, the Cell phone data via SIM card transferred to a new device. However, it is Transferring data via SIM card is often problematic because you don't have one Provider can change: You have to return the SIM card if you have your old one contract quits. Besides, the Data transfer not possible via SIM card, even if the data such as Events, music and Videos next to the Contacts should be copied with.




Transfer via SD card

Many cell phones have a slot for Micro SD cards. This is often found through Open theCell phone case, below the Batteries. If you change the Location of the files, so they can easily be transferred to the SD card saved and to the new Mobile phone transfer become. You didn't have an SD card as a Main memory is used, the files can also postponed without any problems become. This method is also suitable for Transferring larger files. If you don't have a Micro SD card (e.g. from a Digital camera ), you have to buy one, which can be expensive under certain circumstances. However, this SD card can also be used for other Data moves or for the simple Memory expansion of the cell phone.


Transmission via Bluetooth

If both cell phones have a Bluetooth connection, it is one Transfer of larger files such as. images or music,possible. To do this, a wireless connection made between both phones and the files can free of charge be sent. Every file sent must be on both phones beeing confirmed. However, some cell phones also allow one Direct access after one-time confirmation. This means that the data on the old cell phone can be searched directly from the new one. The Transmission speed is however relatively low, which is why other transmission options are preferable to this.


Use of synchronization software

It is also possible to save old data with the help of data synchronization.

Most newer cell phones have a normal one Mini USB port, or are directly with matching USB cables delivered. This allows the cell phone to Data transfer connected to the PC. Often you need a Synchronization softwarethat the manufacturer has already included. It can, however Problems come as these programs come frequently not formacintosh or Linux Computers are designed. In most cases, however, there are comparable open source programs. Otherwise, this option provides the Optimal solution because they are fast Transmission speeds and clear handling to guarantee. All files can be downloaded directly from the mobile phone saved on the PC and later transferred to the new mobile phone. However, this only works if a USB connection and cable are available. Many PCs also offer the option of Transmission via bluetooth, whereby the advantages of fast data transfer are lost and a Direct transfer from cell phone to cell phone would be preferable.


List of synchronization software.  

  • Ovi Suite (Nokia)
  • USB driver or Samsung Kies (Samsung)
  • Moto Helper (Motorola)
  • Sony Ericsson PC Suite (SonyEricsson)
  • First install LG Mobile Updater and then download software or firmware updates (LG)
  • Benq-Siemens - Mobile Phone Manager
  • Blackberry - Blackberry desktop software

Software for synchronizing Android smartphones and Sony Ericsson mobile phones

  • My Phone Explorer (synchronization for Sony Ericsson and all Android phones)
  • My Phone Explorer client for smartpones (synchronization via WLAN)


Software for the synchronization of cell phones from all manufacturers

  • Mobile Master Professional Edition

Note: Before you install Mobile Master, you have to install the respective PC suite or the USB drivers from the mobile phone manufacturer, which are usually included with your mobile phone as a CD-ROM.


Transfer contacts through Google

We explain how you can synchronize your contacts with your Google account

Another possibility of data transfer is the Google account. Indeed this is limited to the Android smartphone. To transfer the data from one cell phone to another you should first log in with your own Google account, which you can access the same Google contacts with both smartphones.


Step 1.

Open the contacts on your mobile phone - search for the import / export function in the settings or options menu and select it - select "import from USIM"- Select your Google account - When the saved contacts from your SIM card appear, then check the box for" Select all ".


Step 2.

Log in on the PC in their Google account - The imported Data from your mobile phone now appear under "further contacts"- Move the Android data to" My contacts ".


Step 3.

All addresses appear twice, both on the SIM card and on Google in your address book. To prevent this from happening, the Check mark for "SIM" be set in the display options (display settings).


Step 4.

You can the contact details on your cellphone automatically with your Sync your Google account to let. For this you should use the "Contact type“On Google when you create a new contact. So the synchronization works automatically.


Help from a specialist

Of course, the exact handling differs from cell phone to cell phone and can also lead to problems. Many mobile phone providers offer help for this reason. However, this is often not free of charge.


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