What is imitative realism

Era of realism: what are typical features?

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In order to be able to analyze and interpret literary texts well, you have to know about the Backgrounds of the time and the features be informed about different epochs. Let's look at that here realism at.

Features of realism - overview

First of all, we have the most important ones for you features of the epoch clearly summarized:

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5 characteristics of realism

  1. Realism begins in 1850 and ends around 1890.
  2. The literature is not political or critical of society, but claims to be real.
  3. Ballads and thing poems are frequent works. Dramas were very rarely written.
  4. Often, descriptions of a character or feelings are represented indirectly through descriptions of landscapes, objects and the weather.
  5. Well-known authors of realism are Theodor Fontane and Theodor Sturm.

Now let's look at the ghistorical background and the epoch of realism more precisely:

What is the realism?

The realism as Epoch of literature lasted from 1850 to 1890.

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The term comes from the Latin term res - thing.

The is typical for the epoch clear, simple language, which focus on the Concentrated on the essentials. We find them in many countries, although the German era of realism and we often do too poetic realism call. In contrast to pure realism, reality is represented artistically here.

Historical background of realism

The Era of realism begins in the second half of the 19th century. At that point it was March Revolution failed and the Era of restoration over. The progressive industrialization made sure that a lot of the work was done by machines. Simple workers in particular became unemployed, leaving many People from the countryside to the cities migrated. The increased social differences yourself. With the creation of the Social laws by the then Chancellor Bismarck should these be weakened, which is why his policy is often referred to as the "carrot and stick policy". Traditional and Christian values ​​continued to be questioned, and people doubted the benefits of industrialization.

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It was historical Restoration failed and the social inequality continued to rise. To stop this course, were Social laws introduced.

What are the characteristics of realism?

The literature of realism was neitherpolitically still socially critical and thus differs greatly from that of the Vormärz. In terms of language and content nothing embellished or idealized, the most important characteristic in the literature of realism it was Claim to reality to raise. So she wanted as possible realistic his and is clearly differentiated from everything supernatural. Most of the time it is Content on a few people and a small space, for example a village.

In realism, a narrator is almost never recognizable. The Descriptions of landscapes, objects and the weather are often indirect descriptions of a person's feelings or character.

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The authors of the time turned away from the embellished works of Romanticism and Biedermeier as well as from the political works of Vormärz and Young Germany. With their Works raise them Claim to reality.

Genres in realism

The most common literary genre of this era epic lyrics. Especially Ballads were popular at that time. The authors Theodor Fontane are particularly well-known hereEffi Briest,John Maynardor Theodor Storm withThe Pale Rider. 

In the Poetry there was above all that Thing poem. It is about an object, i.e. thing, which it describes exactly. In doing so, the author leaves out everything that is unimportant, does not decorate anything and yet describes precisely. A common example of a thing poem isThe Roman fountainby C. F. Meyer.

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Especially often be in realism Ballads and Thing poems composed.

Dramas were rarely written in realism.

Now you know that Most important about the epochofrealism. Your Knowledge you can with our tasks check. I wish you a lot fun while learning!