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Ms. Bachmayer is in her mid-30s and a teacher. She loves her job - but of course her students and colleagues sometimes really annoy her. At BILD, she chats from the sewing box every Friday.

Since she would still like to keep her job, she blogs anonymously as Ms. Bachmayer. Her stories, however, are real stories from a guaranteed real teacher - who often sits between stools.


I always feel embarrassed when some of my colleagues complain about their students in the worst possible way and always refer to them as idiots, idiots, idiots or something worse.

Of course there are students who are less gifted than others in some school subjects. Vicky is not good at math, for example, but linguistically. Ali, on the other hand, is more interested in mathematical-logical thinking. Unfortunately, some students fail completely and have bad grades in all subjects. Like Yegor. Nevertheless, he is a very creative mind. "The founder of Facebook did not finish his studies either and is still extremely successful," he announced quite confidently when awarding the grades.

What Kinds of Intelligence Do Students Need?

At school, we primarily care about the intellectual development of our students so that they can be successful in their professional lives. The focus is on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of cognitive skills. Many students - like Yegor - fall by the wayside, even though they are intellectually easily able to cope with the workload.

The reason for this is that, according to education and brain research, there are different forms of intelligence. In addition to cognitive skills, z. For example, feelings and emotional intelligence can also have a decisive influence on how we think and act. Unfortunately, these intelligences are not given enough attention in school.

If you get bad grades, please stay calm

There can be many reasons for bad grades. For many of my students, the eternal drumbeat is too much. "You should study all the time and you are under pressure of grades," complains Azra when discussing grades. Even my good students Emil and Sophie see it similarly: “At some point you really lose motivation!” I also believe that some students don't even know how to study properly and don't get any support at home. “Or you have to go to tutoring three times a week!” Complains Samira.

Some of my students fail at school because they feel uncomfortable there, need more appropriate forms of learning, are stuck in puberty or only reach their top form at a later point in time.

Bad at school and still successful later?

Good students are often adapted students. But not everyone can and does not want to adapt. In addition, my students are so different, but should all learn the same thing. That just doesn't fit! Pupils with bad grades are immediately given a stamp and attested laziness. Instead of encouraging and motivating these students, we block them. And that's why Yegor will “only” get a secondary school certificate, although he could do so much more.

“I don't care, then I'll be a cook!” He tells me. I tell him about my mediocre secondary school leaving certificate. “At your age, I wasn't motivated either, and I didn't feel like studying,” I confess. And so it was for many of my schoolmates at the time. Nevertheless, something has become of us all. “That's why I'm going to be a celebrity chef,” says Yegor with a grin. And I would bet on that.

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